Sturgill Simpson Reflects On Meeting John Prine, And How He Honors His Mentor’s Memory

Published on November 11, 2020

Sturgill Simpson met John Prine while mixing a song at Prine’s studio The Butcher Shoppe, and the two became so close that Prine left Simpson his prized Porsche 911 Turbo when he passed away this year. The first part of Sturgill Simpson’s new bluegrass album “Cuttin’ Grass Vol 1 – The Butcher Shoppe Sessions” is out now. Watch the next clip in this playlist to see Simpson perform “Breakers Roar.” #Colbert #TheButcherShoppeSessions #SturgillSimpson

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  • Rill Music 1 year ago

    Sturgill is in the house!!!!!

  • Noplay 1 year ago

    I can hear that twang.

  • Download Deodeo 1 year ago

    Hello 😀

  • TheBudoGeek 1 year ago

    I have a fever too and the only cure is more bluegrass.

  • Tarheel Billy 1 year ago

    Remember this.
    We did not riot, burn down anything when all the MSM called Biden the winner.
    When Trump is sworn in to his second term,dont freak out.
    Y’all know Biden ain’t no president material.
    He’s compromised by Ukraine, China and who knows how many other countries.
    You know about Hunters laptop from hell,right?
    You know how Biden quid pro quo the Ukraine to fire the investigator looking into Hunters dealings.
    And you hate Trump so bad,you’ll take that.
    It ain’t happening.

  • keevee09 1 year ago

    Kiwi in Nepal here. Sturgill, you are what I like in America. RIP John Prine. I so liked that my countryman Marlon Williams covered The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness with the beautiful, the talented, Pieta Brown. Keep safe, all the best in these turbulent times.

  • Ward Lewis 1 year ago

    hey john the piano man your fade out tag sounds like you are channeling the late kenny kirklamd I could listen to you doing that for an hour you rock the monk too keep it up you and your band are quite fine!!!!!!

  • Eriz Folkz 1 year ago

    John Prine said some hella racist shit at Bonnaroo few years back.

  • Puppy Pi 1 year ago

    I’m 10 years old again, back in the pickup truck at night with my Dad taking me home :”)

  • Puppy Pi 1 year ago

    _She’s picking a fiddle but it’s an electric guitar_ 8)

  • Ayad Ali 1 year ago

    😄😄😄Four and a half years ago according to the date of that clip, guys!😁😁😁

  • Generic Username 1 year ago

    He seems like such a laidback, cool guy.


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