Students vs. Climate Change & Oil Companies vs. Oceans | The Daily Show



  • Sharmistha Bhowmick 3 years ago

    Not funny

  • Swim ming 3 years ago

    Hmm with all this climate change biz I wonder if my bank mortgage will get approved

  • Breyon Thomas 3 years ago

    Ron brought the jokes

  • David Trout 3 years ago

    So ur telling me oil has just been spilling out of the earth for 15 years that we aren’t collecting and we have been looking in the ocean for more?

  • Rose Rob 3 years ago

    The world can go green with in months not years.. our greedy governments are fucking all of us

  • T luv 3 years ago

    Ronny was on fire with this one.. Best bit yet

  • Napes Weaver 3 years ago

    You introduce Mr. Ronnie, I thumbs up.

  • Nuraini Arsad 3 years ago

    If you don’t want oil to be such a critical national government priority, then change your consumer behaviour. It can’t be done unless as a society driving long distances has a less important place. It won’t happen if you still want the cheap fast fashion, makeup, and frequent lifestyle makeovers, a lot of which is possible only because of cheap energy and petrochemicals. It won’t happen for societies with an ‘i want’ and ‘i want it now’ culture. 

    All this high mobility, high turnover culture requires energy. Just counting the most optimistic time scale for renewables growth, which is limited by physics and human resources, you’re still looking at fossil fuels at least some places for a while. It will be even longer if this ‘i want’ culture spreads to countries that currently don’t have it because they’re currently too poor to desire trivialities. The transition has its best chance if the most consumerist nations hits the brakes on appetite, and slows down the demand for new energy. Otherwise, the system that places relevance and power onto fossil fuel companies, will continue keeping it there. Because whatever your signs say during the protest, when you go home your consumer behaviour says the opposite.

  • Jessica Smith 3 years ago

    Whales are natural carbon dioxide absorbers. Research it. Qhen they die in the sea! They become a natural carbon sink… and the the carcasses feed the bottom feeders.

  • tenacious645 3 years ago

    “We want advancements in renewable energy to stop climate change!”

    How are you going to do that?

    “We’re going to walk right out of our schools”

    Uh huh….

  • bannerlad01 3 years ago

    I don’t think they really want 100% renewable energy- what I think they want is 100% renewable at a cost that still lets them charge their iPhone. Oil companies, like them or hate them, have made the world the place it is today. Our quality of life has been built on oil and to change from it will cost a lot.

  • Philemaphobia 3 years ago

    Now ask yourself in which direction this segment is kicking. You did it wrong.

  • Nefarious 3 years ago

    i think the jokes talking about how kids are just finding a way to get out of school are just pejorative and contemptuous to the kids who are trying to seriously stand for something

  • lillian Rastetter 3 years ago

    America u r welcome. African oil producing countries like Nigeria ?? still can’t get the British and American companies out. Areas where these oils are found and drilled remains the most improvised in Nigeria, not to talk about the killing and youths carrying guns to saying they are protecting these places all gone wrong with kidnappings to top it all up. The states are a mess and I hear that lady say 15 years trying to clean the oil spill in the ocean? What will it take to get the American and European companies out of the countries producing oil off the African nations. I want to see solar panels use in place of gas for electricity and so on.

  • Delta V 3 years ago

    “Co-existing with marine ecosystems and not seen adverse impacts…” I bet this guy sleeps like a baby, what a (intentionally) delusional waste of life. This idea to scout the coast for new oil reserves is ludicrous; if we would use up all the reserves we currently have stockpiled we’d be well above the 2 °C temp rise pre-industrial levels which means irreversible devastating climate impacts… co-exist with that.

  • rgeezee 3 years ago

    This. Was. Fuckin. Brilliant!!! LMAOOOO

  • Nelson Bennett 3 years ago


  • Cait Kinnamon 3 years ago

    Coexisting with marine life? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in my life! Tell the marine animals that ‘we are coexisting with you’ as they drown in the oil that YOUR company has released into the ocean after a manic drive for oil ends in a malfunctioning oil drill, eventually blackening the coast with crude oil that harms marine ecosystems and drowns marine animals…. Idiots all of them. Adults really don’t care, either that or they are acting like children because they really don’t understand the looming threat of climate change and oil spill disasters!

  • Kristof Joseph 3 years ago

    The earth not dying, it’s preparing to kill us

  • Franklin Walker 3 years ago

    It must be scary to be a young person.


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