Stuart Stevens – The Evolution of the GOP | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on August 27, 2020

Stuart Stevens talks about fighting against the threat of Donald Trump from within the Republican Party and his new book “It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #StuartStevens

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  • SPEAK UP 1 year ago


  • PennyAfNorberg 1 year ago

    So if usa will have a universal health care insurenace in the future how and it not be single payer financed by taxes as all other?

  • Hawk The Traveler 1 year ago

    Stuart Stevens self reflection is something I have to respect at the end of the day. Answering, “both” on several questions is legitimate and truthful.

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    Well it seems as though at least there’s one Republican who can admit that they certainly made a mistake electing him. Now all I’m wondering is how will they rally the party together and convince those who are with Trump that he’s not good for the country? All I can say is these Never Trumpers are definitely a start to what I was saying some time ago about a sort of Republican revolution against Trump. But it will only happen if ALL join together and speak out.

  • Melissa Sullivan 1 year ago

    I greatly respect Stevens for OWNING his part (even indirectly) in his party overtly destroying the body republic.

  • Angela Hall 1 year ago

    they’re trying to portray themselves as not white nationalist by having very wealthy privileged black people in their administration and speak up for them. But clearly they’re using them as political pawns. Donald Trump keeps talking about how the Democrats are going to destroy the suburbs by allowing low income housing in to their suburbs, that’s racist

  • MrChillerNo1 1 year ago

    Good interview.

  • Tony Smith 1 year ago

    This guy is on point …..thank you !!!! Plain and simple 👍🏿

  • Scott Nunnemaker 1 year ago

    Nice to see a “regular” Republican for once

  • Gabi Douglas 1 year ago

    Yes…. Welcome to the Dark side (Republicans) * We have tea & 🎂 cake!

  • Matthew Coke 1 year ago

    Donald Trump has Scottish heritage

    The Republican party in general may not

  • LOCO JAZZ 1 year ago

    Republicans party has become (TWNP) Trump’s White Nationalist Party.
    *Trump only cares about Trump.*

  • Michael Humphrey 1 year ago

    The Republican Party’s inability to attract minority voters since 1964 was a deliberate choice on the part of the Republican Party because they’ve embraced the bigotry and the racism.

  • Dawn Adriana 1 year ago

    Or maybe, this is the logical conclusion to the ideology that what’s good for business is good for America. That a strong stock market means a strong America. That keeping wages low and profits high is justifiable if corporations say so. That funding the military is more important than funding schools. So now, these fine folks finally get it, as the country goes off the rails. But the rot set in years ago and they were happy to be riding that train all along.

  • Jeanne Bollweg 1 year ago

    Go Stuart Go!!!

  • Ariel S 1 year ago

    My only question: is he voting for Biden?

  • Ali Arafat 1 year ago

    National health will be determined by the Democrats, as Republicans just say no to everything.

  • Chad Clanton 1 year ago


  • Lisa Burton 1 year ago

    Great interview.

  • A FreeOne 1 year ago

    The Democrat Party went from creating the KKK and the 1994 Crime Bill….to nominating Hillary Clinton; a KKK protege and Joe Biden; author of the 1994 Crime Bill.

    they haven’t evolved at all.


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