“Strange World” Star Jake Gyllenhaal Feeds His Sourdough Starter Every Single Day

Published on November 24, 2022

One of our all-time favorite guests, Jake Gyllenhaal, returns with an update on his sourdough starter and a sneak peek at his new animated film, “Strange Worlds,” which is in theaters now. Stick around for another segment with Jake! #Colbert #JakeGyllenhaal #StrangeWorld #Disney


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  • Dennis Tokarsky 6 months ago

    Donnie. Fn. Darko

  • Michael 6 months ago

    My favorite is Donnie Darko.

  • Tom Furgas 6 months ago

    It’s not “Jill-en-hall”, it’s Gee-en-hail, hard “g”.

  • Manuel D G 6 months ago

    Did he shower?

  • Ganiscol 6 months ago

    I’m with Daniel Craig. Just cook the bird and eat it. No need to violate and abuse the carcass!

  • Douglas E. Block 6 months ago

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  • New Message 6 months ago

    So did he shower tonight or what? What’s the skinny there, Stephen?

  • thebuccaneersden 6 months ago

    great actor but TIL he likes butt jokes heh

  • David Elligott 6 months ago

    As a man who loves cooking and comedy, this was extremely entertaining.

  • scottsmyth87 6 months ago

    These two could pull off a cooking show lol

  • Like Bot 6 months ago

    Later last evening Stephen sat on his sofa, went to watch some streaming on his new Amazon Firestick and found the temperature of his HD-TV. Meanwhile Jake decided to do some late baking and opened his gift to find it was… a Firestick.

  • Comoane B 6 months ago


  • Derek Reuter 6 months ago

    This year’s Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for friends that don’t scam or steal, but are real friends by paying fairly for work received. Stephen Colbert and The Late Show have not paid for work received. Labor theft, slavery, stealing, call it what you will. When they pay, I’ll be happy to share that instead. So we can all be thankful, these comments have ended.


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