Straight Cakes: The All-Hetero Cakeshop

Published on June 5, 2018

There’s never been a better time to jump into the hetero pastry industry!


  • leif forrest 9 months ago


  • gunter quints 9 months ago

    Im gay and still belive If the baker want to say no to someone for any reason. Then ok it’s his right. I’ve said no to customers before though that’s cause they were dicks. But hey whatever. Just go somewhere else and let the bad publicity harm his buisness

  • demigodstatus 9 months ago

    I always thought businesses had the right to refuse service? Regardless of your stance on same sex marriage, I think it’s important to let businesses have their rights.

    I mean it’s not like that’s the only place they could’ve had their cake made. I still wonder why this became a thing..

  • Dom_90 9 months ago

    Religious Oppression: 1, Seperation of State and Church: 0

  • Benmore Peak 9 months ago

    Who can afford cake?

  • Karl Dupuis 9 months ago

    Well, i just found my new criteria for buying cakes. If I’m aroused by it, i buy it.

  • Nermeen Ragab 9 months ago


  • New Message 9 months ago

    When he refuses to make a cake for a seafood restaurant owner, I’ll believe his ‘religious convictions’ rag.

  • Benmore Peak 9 months ago

    Always the same: Those who tell us we’re obligated to respect their beliefs flat refuse to respect the beliefs of anyone else.

  • Adrian Duran 9 months ago

    This just means that shops that serve to gay customers will get more sales and the businesses that don’t serve gay customers will lose sales

    and those same businesses will wonder why no one is going to their shop and complain it’s all some liberal conspiracy

  • Jinx Dragon 9 months ago

    I am really curious how far this can be spread, as it overwrites State law:
    Can someone openly refuse to hire someone, or fire someone, based on religious belief?
    Can someone refuse to cater a Bar Mitzvah due to massive differences in faith?
    Can someone refuse a minority, based on a personal interpretation of a single line in the bible?

    Is this Christen only?
    Can my made up religion now… well, no, it doesn’t discriminate anyway….

  • Paul Ramos 9 months ago

    So sad, even SCOTUS takes this cake-thing so seriously. What’s next, CAKE WAR?!?

  • TarmokLP 9 months ago

    Isn’t everybody in a free market suppost to chose BOTH who he buys from and who he sells to?

  • RIP PEACES 9 months ago

    Would love to see a Muslim owned business refuse service to anyone who went against their beliefs and see the hissy fit people who supported the baker would have.

  • angel2901 9 months ago

    Can somebody tell me who this guy is? He is in literally every Colbert clip.

  • Too gay to function 9 months ago

    I will open an Italian restaurant and I will refuse entry to all christians because it violates my pastafarian beliefs.

  • Dule810 9 months ago

    We live in a horrible world…

  • Oric Vinton 9 months ago

    Be cool if they did their research, The cake maker never said he would refuse to make a cake for the gay couple. He refused to decorate it with words that went against his religious views. Whether he was in the right is negotiable but it is a constitutional right to be able to practise any religion he pleases.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 9 months ago

    You know what that town needs?

    Porn Burger.


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