Stevie Wonder To Congress: Stop The Bull-tish | Mexican Newscaster Goes Off On Anti-Vaxxers

Published on January 18, 2022

American treasure Stevie Wonder urged senators to protect voting rights in a video released yesterday, and a newscaster in Guadalajara sounded off against anti-vaxxers in a fiery rant on live TV. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • MusiciansReflib 2 years ago

    “if I only had a brain” – reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz. Awesome 🙂

  • jim Schleich 2 years ago

    Kyle from across the street has never steered me wrong, except for that one time and that other time.

  • Sylvie Walker 2 years ago

    The ‘so-called democracy built upon slavery’ lives on. Yikes.

  • Lanwarder 2 years ago

    Today I’m incredibly thankful for Stevie Wonder, Leonardo Schwebel, and as always Stephen Colbert and his crew (Including mister Batiste and his awesome band.)

  • twisted view labs 2 years ago

    just a few things. Stevie Wonder proving exactly why he’s a national treasure. That Mexican newscaster is my new spirit animal and we need more newscaster like him. Lastly, we need people like Gary Chambers in the Senate…fr.

  • Akumako Cross 2 years ago

    That’s just how you get a population of VERY angry corvids.

    A murder of crows indeed.

  • FalloutJack 2 years ago

    On a purely astronomical scale, that is close, but it is essentially like trying to hit Dallas with a bomb, but it impacts a point 12,000 miles outside of Moscow, instead.

  • Michael Johnson 2 years ago

    Democrats are the party of slavery and segregation. Everyone in the party owes black people reparations.

  • Kaspers Liepins 2 years ago

    Yay! The Late Show cat references continue!

  • Elton Parks 2 years ago

    You know it’s bulltish if a blind man can see it.

  • j-wizz hathorn 2 years ago


  • julio bojorquez 2 years ago

    Right now I feel so proud to be Mexican.

  • The Long Khan 2 years ago

    Gotta flush ALL the BOOMERS out of congress, republican AND Democrat.
    Also manchin and sinema

  • Tracy Jewett 2 years ago

    Time to end Manchin and Sinema


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