Stevie Van Zandt: Unrequited Infatuations | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 1, 2021

The “E Street Band” guitarist and “Sopranos” actor joins Bill for a conversation about finding his identity in political activism.

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  • ANsOn II 3 years ago

    Steve is too good for Bill

  • Jo Po 3 years ago

    Stevie’s nickname should be Scarf Ace.

  • Scriptease123 3 years ago

    Why does Bill keep calling him “Stevie”. He’s Steve or Steven, always has been.

  • Troy Parfitt 3 years ago

    Hey, when will Bill have Canada’s foremost neo-Nazi on again? You know, Jordan Peterson.

  • S T 3 years ago

    It all makes sense now why he produced Majek Fashek’s Spirit of Love album.

  • Skip Fluck 3 years ago

    Another old liberal hack.

  • Dave North 3 years ago

    Silvio was definitely my favorite Soprano’s character.

  • Huizhe Chen 3 years ago

    Never heard of this guy. Not a Springsteen fan either. And his comment “It’s a look”, yuck. It’s as obnoxious as the “look” of someone covered in huge tattoos and sporting dozens of body piercings. Tasteless. No style at all.

  • JK 3 years ago

    Your personal stuff may just have sucked, Stevie. And that’s why it never caught on. But we’ll never forget the time you did Tone a solid by strangling the capo that was talking about making some changes at the top of the family.

  • Alec "Sandy" Mayo 3 years ago

    He’s an actor too? I only know him as a kick-ass guitarist and righteous hip dude. Never got off watching tv shows about criminals, sorry. Love ya Stevie, keep on rockin, man!

  • Michael Rigdon 3 years ago

    MAN tra Bill? It’s mon trah.

  • jimijackson 3 years ago

    Just when I was out….they PULL me back innnn!!

  • Syed Mostofa Monsur 3 years ago

    Just when I thought stevie was out, they pulled him back in.

  • alex pastor 3 years ago

    this gentleman is very very talented!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuckin Futs 3 years ago

    When I came in ta open up one mornin der you wuh, wit ya head half in tha toilet. Ya hair was in tha toilet wata. Disgusting.

    I said my piece, Chrissy.


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