Steven Yeun On Getting Cast In “The Walking Dead” | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on July 20, 2022

Steven shares how, in a matter of months, he went from being an unemployed actor eating alone at IHOP to starring in AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead.”

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  • ishmal 1 year ago

    You have to have a click and I have to change the life of the poor May Allah bless you in 2022, keep your father’s shadow safe on you. Give him a long life.a

  • zoperxplex 1 year ago

    Speaking from the heart because Conan knows what it feels to be knocked down.

  • Battle Rifle 1 year ago

    It feels so weird that he played in a predominantly horror based show but he doesn’t like horror.

  • Spun 1 year ago


  • Derrick Parker 1 year ago

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  • Robert Simonson 1 year ago

    That Steven Youewen is so funny… What? Realy it’s pronounced Youwn?? My bad

  • CT 1 year ago

    Eating alone at an Ihop? I wish. I used to eat alone outside 7/11. You don’t know pain, Steve.

  • KettySpikes 1 year ago

    I love bridges. What a line from Gourley. That’s why we love him

  • TheKijib 1 year ago

    don’t have kids, ppl

  • Mike Sanborn 1 year ago

    Steven really seems like a very sensitive and thoughtful person, I felt like perhaps their was some sadness coming through in this interview. He is a phenomenal actor and has such a loveable energy, I really wish him all the best.

  • zhao Li 1 year ago

    Their remote at the Korean spa was the funniest thing I have ever seen

  • JpaniK 1 year ago

    Whoever is running this podcast. If you make a Patreon that has full video podcast. I would pay for this. Just the expressions that Conan makes is worth the money.


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