Steve Kornacki Looks Into His Midterms Crystal Ball

Published on October 3, 2018

‘The Red and the Blue’ author Steve Kornacki, the authority on the 2018 midterms, anticipates how Kavanaugh’s confirmation process will affect the vote in November.

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  • Life Improvements 2 years ago

    I’m more looking forward to the pixel 3 coming out

  • Clayton Dreyer 2 years ago

    Steve Kornacki segments are the most exciting thing on cable television.

  • Mustafa Malik 2 years ago

    :O Am here so early. Hopefully I get some likes

  • Neilo 2 years ago

    Please Lord. Beto. Please. Love, Austin TX

  • Resist the Groper-In-Chief 2 years ago

    Steve Kornacki, the coolest EDUCATED gay dude on MSNBC! Anderson Cooper, the coolest EDUCATED gay dude on on CNN. Shepard Smith, the coolest EDUCATED gay dude on FOX — oh, nevermind! State-run, Fox News doesn’t let their employees be freethinkers; they work as a propaganda outlet for Trump.

  • Skylynd Meraz 2 years ago

    While the Senate is well known for its moments of bipartisanship, the House is unfortunately regarded as possessing the opposite traits. Newt Gingrich very much worked to make the House as partisan as it is today and it truly shows that when the Speaker is a member of which ever party, that one’s policies will dominate with little question.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    For the love of all that is good in the world, America… get out there and vote…. You can fix this mess!

  • enrique cortez 2 years ago

    This jackass talks about politics like it’s a ballgame. This is our lives that are being played with, like pawns.

  • Slaughter House 5 2 years ago

    I’ve never seen the personification of a coin-flip until now.

    Thanks Steve and Stephen, I guess.

  • LispyLeaf 2 years ago

    Best video

  • Daniel Romberg 2 years ago

    Steve is great, no matter when or where you see him he’s rocking the same shirt and pants everyday. Really everyday. It’s that blue button down shirt and those dark style khakis all the time. Don’t believe me, ok. Go watch any old clip off msnbc, and you’ll see. I’m not throwing shade or demeaning him, it’s just really odd that it’s the same shirt and pants. Everyday. Look for yourself

  • Karan Gera 2 years ago

    This guy’s talking about the midterms like a soccer game. I love it.

  • zealman79 2 years ago

    I learnt more about the recent history of American politics watching this clip than I have watching the news in years

  • NoJusticeNoPeace 2 years ago

    Amerika isn’t hard to understand. It’s a nation ruled by spite. People will gladly suffer anything as long as they know the people they hate are getting it even worse. They’ll go without healthcare, watch their children starve, endure police death squads, grinding poverty, and openly corrupt politics as long as they know that the Jews or blacks or homosexuals or Hispanics or young people or old people or cripples or whatever group they despise is getting ground under the boot twice as hard.

  • Dursun Sahin 2 years ago

    as a non-American, i found that oddly interesting

  • CastAway_Dave 2 years ago

    Voting machines in NAZI held republican districts, vote for Beto that vote will go for the freak no one likes.

  • BartJ583 2 years ago

    I just lost a ton of respect for Kornacki.
    Why did everyone get it wrong about Trump’s chances in 2016? Because of Buchanan. If you look at Buchanan’s campaigns, you will find that he said lots of things that could just as well have been said by Trump in 2015/16. Buchanan tried almost the exact same approach, and he got clobbered. That’s why reactionaries and white supremacists resorted to dog whistling instead, and that’s why everyone thought Trump could not win in 2016 – because he used a losing strategy. And then it turned out that the times had changed, and that now, way more people on the right were open to extreme right wing propaganda – enough to get Trump 63 million votes. –>

    What does that have to do with Kornacki? Well, if you listen to this interview, he talks about Newt Gingrich. But nothing that is happening today has anything to do with Newt anymore, and everything with the emergence of the racist Tea Party Movement. We all underestimated their pull – and by “all”, I mean all, even right wing extremists themselves.

  • Hylian Ticipated 2 years ago

    Colbert’s trying not to laugh. This guy’s a nerd. Go to ESPN, bro.

  • I'm Elfo 2 years ago

    Why is the election on a Tuesday? In real democracies the elections are always on a Sunday.


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