Steve Kornacki Explains What Formed Modern National Partisan Politics

Published on November 13, 2019

Steve Kornacki talks about the nationalization of media and his failed game show aspirations.

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  • princessc1986 5 months ago

    Guilliani and the impeachment pit
    Cuz he look like a peach oit??

  • Çay Specialist 5 months ago

    please ınstall my app for watchıng the best shows

  • DisProveMeWrong 5 months ago

    Blame Newt Gingrich

  • Chris Draughn 5 months ago

    I blame AM talk radio for brainwashing the Baby Boomers.

  • P Halliwell 5 months ago

    Jesus, I love this guy.

  • freedom1234573 5 months ago

    Too funny, the only folks whose job is outlined in our countrys founding documents, who then dont do that job, are gonna lecture the rest of us on why our country is in the shitter. Hey stevie, how many minutes, combined, did you and your millionaire-minions-for-billionairres spend on income inequality and climate change last year? If you get your news from stevie and Chrissy, and joy and rachel, congrats, you’ve supported corporate bullshit. Thanx for ruining the country


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