Steve Kornacki Explains How the Midterms May Separate the Republican Party from Trump

Published on November 10, 2022

Steve Kornacki talks about covering the midterm elections, explains the possible reasoning behind several close races and discusses how the 1994 Republican revolution shaped politics in his podcast The Revolution.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Claude Charley 1 year ago

    Love you show please tell Steve he’s doing great and he’s one cool cookie under pressure thank you keep up the good work Steve

  • lindsey lefrois 1 year ago

    Yes, maybe these midterm elections will help the GOP to finally separate from Trump.

    We sure couldn’t wait for Mitch McConnell to do it.

  • Andrew Herman 1 year ago

    Trump fills entire venues, with 1000s more waiting outside. and these marxist aholes in dc can’t stand it.

  • Freddo Grosso 1 year ago

    Ok, how cute was that video?

  • Richie Tattersall 1 year ago

    In “The 80’s” there was nothing even CLOSE to streaming on “wireless phones”, think that MIGHT have something to do with it?

  • OLVSKN 1 year ago

    STEVE KORNACKI for President!

  • eternalfizzer 1 year ago

    It’s like baby Yoda, watching high school Steve analyze the house run. There’s someone who followed their passion to the pinacle.

  • Ben Brigham 1 year ago

    It’s odd, all this time I’ve never seen him sitting down.

  • Zakkrifice 1 year ago

    is Seth saying “Who are laymen watching at home” or is is “who are lame and watching at home”?

  • Deanne Williams 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed watching his live video on election night. I switched to a few others and went back to his. His was the best. Nice to see his younger clip!!

  • ferox965 1 year ago

    They should NOT be allowed to wash the stink of Trump off them. Rub their noses in it.

  • steve conn 1 year ago

    Kornacki is like a wholesome Jim Jordan.

  • GrotrianSeiler 1 year ago

    What a great guest


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