Steve King: Couple Things



  • Krombopulos Michael 2 years ago

    He’s scarier than the Steve King who writes horror books

  • eng479 2 years ago

    Steve King has often been overtly racist for a decade. He just happens to have been overtly racist in an area where that is relatively acceptable and in a State that is incredibly important for Presidential hopefuls, so he generally gets a pass from the GOP. At best, the backlash will push him back into the dog-whistling white nationalist closet, at worst, he’ll suffer no consequences and continue to be an overtly terrible human being.

  • Commentsboxcaughtme 2 years ago

    Republicans generally turn out to be racists.

  • Sean Cook 2 years ago

    There is no such thing as “other people”. We are all just people. What he said is the definition of racism.

  • Arandomfigure 2 years ago

    “As a general rule of thumb, when the former Grand Wizard of the KKK chimes in to say he agrees with you-”

    you get made the 45th President of the US?

  • Jonathan Gibson 2 years ago

    “We don’t need to restore our civilization, we just need to restore our civility”. I like that. Is very good phrase.

  • Andreas Kreissl 2 years ago

    Geert Wilders election program fits on one page.
    – Prohibition of the Koran (How to collect? Lol)
    – Closure of all mosques
    – Deportation of all Muslims
    – Withdrawal from the EU (the Euro he wants to keep)
    – introduce border controls with neighboring states
    – Undo of cuts
    He lived for 12 years under police protection and lives now here, now there. He has no party (in Holland otherwise) and his team consisting of himself and his own foundation, that’s it. Today is election in the Netherlands. Let’s see what comes out!

  • bo ter berg 2 years ago

    Geert Wlders originally came from the VVD party, which is the party of the dutch president.
    Also there was an administration with the now dutch president which had a majority because of the Wilders support.
    In short, right-wing politicians want to keep the status quo, effectively saying NO to change other than reverting previous changes. People that are satisfied, and rich, don’t want things to change and share their success with others, while the left-wing is not happy & want to change things that are also good for them and others, while taking from the wealthiest.
    Why poor peeps vote for right-wing politicians is something we saw approx 80 years ago, and is called propaganda at best, or lying & believing in plain english.
    If you look at nature, how animals closest to humans live ion societies, there is mostly 1 male that is the strongest, and the others have their place lower in the hierarchy as long as they follow their leader, and know their place. That is called totalitarian regime, in which the top decides what and who flies. Now in a democracy, that what & who flies should be in the hands of the majority of the voters, but if these voters are made believing that the leader knows what is best for all, I’d say the people that want to believe the leader are sheep, or sheeple. Keep the sheep scared of wolves, so they flock together, and are easier to handle. Especially for the wolves.


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