Steve Bullock – Running for President as a Progressive with Bipartisan Appeal | The Daily Show

Published on September 12, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate and Montana Governor Steve Bullock discusses his progressive ideologies and his willingness to listen to rather than condemn conservatives.



  • Martin Aerni 1 year ago

    He was talking too much and didn’t went into a dialog with Trevor. Trevor is an absolut brilliant interviewer and other candidates could shine way more, in letting Trevor ask them about their weak points and personal views. One got the impression to actually get to know the candidates, but this guy just keeps talking…

  • igloo 21 1 year ago

    Hello Noa nothing about the nigérians situation in South Africa ? Hum ??? ? Peace ?

  • Ash Dalbey 1 year ago

    Meet anti-gianforte. I think he’s using this a publicity for the race after the upcoming one

  • by JuTuJa 1 year ago

    It’s Bernie 2020 all the way ???

    Run for Senate Bullock

    Edit: Nice Interview, you’d make a great Senator ????

  • Bella babe 1 year ago

    f off

  • N E 1 year ago


  • carl rogers 1 year ago

    College degrees dont mean shit. Millions of morons pay thousands to get degrees to get jobs that are already filled. Thousands of people trying to get the same 3 jobs. Good luck. Dont go crying when you end up working as a manager at McDonald’s with a degrees in Anthropology. Remember that this was all your fault. College is a cash grab after free public education.

  • Michael Humphrey 1 year ago

    The guys my governor. Was in my daughters 2nd grade class 2 days ago. As much as I like what he does for our state would like to see him remain at the state level. As some have commented senator is a more realistic possibility than president. Swallow the hard pill and help get Senate control out of the hands of republicans. This state has always been red but with no bullshit in your campaign and being honest to the people democrats do get elected here. My grandmother held public office for 20 plus years as a democrat in the middle of republican country here and at times never faced a challenger. Do whats right for Montana steve and get where you can do the best

  • Jonathan Ulloa 1 year ago

    This guy seems pretty legit? Tulsi still looks like the best choice but this guy looks solid.

  • Ruach 1 year ago

    Listening to this guy talk makes me sort of get why people wanted to vote for Trump just because he didn’t talk like a politician.

  • Deen Bloger 1 year ago

    the same lies and dumb Americans keeps voting in a corrupt system controlled by military industrial complex and big business and expect a different out come! Just mental!

  • Humphrey the Great 1 year ago

    I will be running for preesi….. please vote for me. ????

  • zizinnnn 1 year ago

    swampy times, indeed

  • Jack kyle 1 year ago

    Talks until he can find something to say

  • William Perrow 1 year ago

    Ahhhh Montana, a beautiful state and former residence Ted Kaczynski.

  • BernieYohan 1 year ago

    You should run for the senate

  • MLG GAMER 1 year ago

    So wait I’m confused so his main rhetoric is get money out of politics? But I’m sure others are running on that too and also there were governors who said the same thing about “I’ve done some of these legislation” as a reason for being president. Don’t get me wrong both rhetorics are needed and he is one of those who definitely haven’t heard about him before so call him one of the Underdogs but it feels like the rhetoric isn’t too different from some of the others. I mean I’m not hating on him even the rhetoric about bipartisanship I’ve heard with others. I’m just not quite seeing the difference then again there may be more I don’t know.

  • Spaced Out 1 year ago

    Everybody knows and calls out the poblems. But so far only one candidate has real solution and explains it in every speech or interview… guess who!

  • Yolanda Denny 1 year ago

    That’s what cost DEMS the election last time, DEMS did not want Hillary and the party shoved her down our throat anyway. Our only recourse was Bernie or Trump. This time the DEM machine needs to hear the people or Trump will win again. As a DEM, I was frustrated with the party for not listening and for the first time in 13 national elections, I didn’t vote democratic and still today, they are not listening.

  • Mr Chains 1 year ago

    This guy sucks. I’m outta here.


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