Steve Ballmer – Providing Government Data Without Partisanship with USAFacts | The Daily Show

Published on November 21, 2019

L.A. Clippers Chairman Steve Ballmer discusses his feelings in regards to a wealth tax, the process of building a new arena for the Clippers and the nonpartisan website USAFacts. #TheDailyShow #SteveBallmer #USAFacts



  • P Bo 3 years ago

    He wants all billionaires to come to an agreement on what cuts need to be made and what money gets spent on before he pays more? and then they get to choose who pays what?
    That is their lame argument to keep them from saying they don’t want to pay.. want up give the opinion that they are ok paying more.. that’s a lie proven by their putting people in place to screw this company over..
    Numbers don’t know how to be partisan.. however, those putting numbers together can do it in a partisan way..

  • Shashwat mishra 3 years ago

    They are greedy that’s why they were able to accommodate such large amounts of wealth in first place and if you think they will pay high taxes you are fooling yourself

  • acmelka 3 years ago

    The wisdom of Balmer….”who needs a computer on a phone!???” Goofy Guy with crazy temper. Can’t argue with his early work, luck and personal finances even if he was a lackluster ceo…I am a Nadella guy.

  • Quesly1 3 years ago

    “excitement never before seen in LA” if you’re not counting the last 40/50 years the lakers have had a chance to win it all

  • Filipe Almeida 3 years ago

    Raptors are repeating.

  • Rob Li 3 years ago

    Steve Ballmer ………………………… Chairman NBA team Los Angeles Clippers
    Born: March 24, 1956 (age 63 years), Detroit, MI………Residence: Hunts Point, Washington, U.S
    Net worth: 55.1 billion USD (2019) ………..Education: Harvard University (1977)

  • sanjuansteve 3 years ago

    Billionaires are deplorable, WORTHLESS humans by definition, putting their own absolutely ridiculous excess wealth (fear) above everyone and everything on the planet. We should tax billionaire-ism into rapid extinction!

    If I won a billion dollar lottery, I’d be the first person to donate 100% of a billion dollar lottery winning and I’d make it a billion and $1 just as an extra FU to capitalism! Imagine how wealthy you’d feel for the rest of your life after donating a billion and 1 dollars to those in great need. That’s a kind of wealth one can never lose. ?

    WE should tax billionaire-ism into rapid extinction as part of an Equality Movement that would also include things like tuition free education, universal healthcare, internet for all, a Universal Basic Income, etc! #getALLmoneyOut

  • edward lubin 3 years ago

    He is a strange looking man. he is a man who wakes up to the reality that he has the ability to be able to buy and sell anything on the fucking planet.

  • Esoteric Jay 3 years ago

    How much tax payer money is going into building that AR beta stadium?

  • Geoff Lovig 3 years ago

    Fake news!!! No such thing as “civilized dialogue”.

  • Christopher DeHaven 3 years ago

    You cant fool me with your haircut Darth Sideous

  • Ashwaq Mahbub Abdi 3 years ago


  • StoneThug Music 3 years ago

    *Great Reporting is Police Cops Work The Hardest Jobs ??? ***

  • Joshua Baatjes 3 years ago

    I swear this guy was sarcastic the whole time and Trevor was just going with it

  • Lizz’s Presence 3 years ago

    Players are going to Hate that design.

  • Ravi 3 years ago

    did not know about this…might have to check this out

  • djvapid 3 years ago

    Anyone who has a basic understanding of biostatistics will tell you that numbers can absolutely be partisan. Particularly those who know how to abuse confidence intervals.

  • Jiří Křupala 3 years ago

    Why is nobody talking about 70 % of republicans not trusting academics and 60 % of republicans not trusting scientists? Can you see what centuries of mating between the members of their families did to them?

  • Juan Ramirez 3 years ago

    Damn…he is moving to inglewood where i live…i dont like the clippers…lakers fan and i honestly believe they should stop for a while on building arenas…they have the forum and the SoFi stadium…they should use that space for parks or homes…anywho clippers suck and its an Laker town

  • ThatGeekFromtheGym 3 years ago

    Just turned my volume way down! Should of known Balmer would of yelled in some way


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