Stephen’s Interview Of Lou Dobb’s Interview Of Trump

Published on October 27, 2017

President Trump sits down with his most-commonly visited network: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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  • Ameya Gokhale 7 months ago

    Love it that Stephen has to ask permission to edit the video to make Trump sound ridiculous.
    Steph… You don’t need permission. He sounds like a deranged maniac even without you editing the footage.

  • Val Francis 7 months ago

    Will miss this show when this buffoon is gone…..oh wait he will not shut up as long as Twitter still exist

  • The Anti Life Equation 7 months ago

    Hey America, WTF?. 323 million people and the best you can do is Donald fucking Trump!, get a grip!

  • 前田源太郎 7 months ago

    Stephen don’t have to edit these vids.
    Trump is insane by natural

  • CasualGamer 7 months ago

    Monologue order:
    1. Trump Has Now Been Interviewed On Fox News 19 Times
    2. Harasser Of The Day: President George H.W. Bush
    3. Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Understand Words

  • Dave E 7 months ago

    Look, you’d sit forward on your chair and look uncomfortable, too, if Putin’s hand was as far up your ass as it is Trump’s.

  • Anjali J 7 months ago

    Lou Dobbs might as well kiss his behind on TV. It’s so disgusting. Grose Guy.

  • Brother Indy 7 months ago

    Fake!! Trump was way too honest here.

  • insomniacfolder 7 months ago

    Fox News is now in full-on Pravda mode.

  • Drew Is Cookie 7 months ago


  • ExpFlo 7 months ago

    You had to edit and create a fake interview to make your president tell the truth…

  • ScytheNoire 7 months ago

    Far more honest interview than Lou Dobbs.

  • Brizyinpink 15 7 months ago

    Disgrace…disaster..dishonest all start with the letter d…like the Dotard.
    These fake interviews are hilarious! 😂

  • flaggerify 7 months ago

    Sign of the times that this has to be clearly labelled fake.

  • Lisa Quam 7 months ago

    A very satisfying session to hear the truth for once! Thank you Steven!

  • Rupinder Khakh 7 months ago

    This is the only way to get truth out of Trump’s mouth, EDIT IT.

    You just can’t fit TRUTH and TRUMP in one sentence. If Trump is a virus, Truth is the anecdote.

  • DCQ__senkrad13 7 months ago

    Most realistic fake news ive Seen so far

  • Paul Borst 7 months ago

    Yawn. Remember when Stephen used to be funny? Ah the golden age of the Daily Show, how I miss you.

  • Jodie653 7 months ago

    Stephen, we need to talk about you overusing that photo. No matter how many times I see it I’m still horrified. Showing that image to people should be outlawed under the Geneva convention….

  • Raoul Fleckman 7 months ago

    Hey YouTube ! Two 30 sec. ads is too much for a minute and forty second clip. I know you gotta make your nut but be reasonable.


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