Stephen’s Interview Of Lou Dobb’s Interview Of Trump

Published on October 27, 2017

President Trump sits down with his most-commonly visited network: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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  • Ameya Gokhale 12 months ago

    Love it that Stephen has to ask permission to edit the video to make Trump sound ridiculous.
    Steph… You don’t need permission. He sounds like a deranged maniac even without you editing the footage.

  • Val Francis 12 months ago

    Will miss this show when this buffoon is gone…..oh wait he will not shut up as long as Twitter still exist

  • The Anti Life Equation 12 months ago

    Hey America, WTF?. 323 million people and the best you can do is Donald fucking Trump!, get a grip!

  • 前田源太郎 12 months ago

    Stephen don’t have to edit these vids.
    Trump is insane by natural

  • CasualGamer 12 months ago

    Monologue order:
    1. Trump Has Now Been Interviewed On Fox News 19 Times
    2. Harasser Of The Day: President George H.W. Bush
    3. Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Understand Words

  • Dave E 12 months ago

    Look, you’d sit forward on your chair and look uncomfortable, too, if Putin’s hand was as far up your ass as it is Trump’s.

  • Anjali J 12 months ago

    Lou Dobbs might as well kiss his behind on TV. It’s so disgusting. Grose Guy.

  • Brother Indy 12 months ago

    Fake!! Trump was way too honest here.

  • insomniacfolder 12 months ago

    Fox News is now in full-on Pravda mode.

  • Drew Is Cookie 12 months ago


  • ExpFlo 12 months ago

    You had to edit and create a fake interview to make your president tell the truth…

  • ScytheNoire 12 months ago

    Far more honest interview than Lou Dobbs.

  • Brizyinpink 15 12 months ago

    Disgrace…disaster..dishonest all start with the letter d…like the Dotard.
    These fake interviews are hilarious! 😂

  • flaggerify 12 months ago

    Sign of the times that this has to be clearly labelled fake.

  • Lisa Quam 12 months ago

    A very satisfying session to hear the truth for once! Thank you Steven!

  • Rupinder Khakh 12 months ago

    This is the only way to get truth out of Trump’s mouth, EDIT IT.

    You just can’t fit TRUTH and TRUMP in one sentence. If Trump is a virus, Truth is the anecdote.

  • DCQ__senkrad13 12 months ago

    Most realistic fake news ive Seen so far

  • Paul Borst 12 months ago

    Yawn. Remember when Stephen used to be funny? Ah the golden age of the Daily Show, how I miss you.

  • Jodie653 12 months ago

    Stephen, we need to talk about you overusing that photo. No matter how many times I see it I’m still horrified. Showing that image to people should be outlawed under the Geneva convention….

  • Raoul Fleckman 12 months ago

    Hey YouTube ! Two 30 sec. ads is too much for a minute and forty second clip. I know you gotta make your nut but be reasonable.


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