Stephen’s Got A Fishbone To Pick With Guinness



  • David Yang 3 years ago


  • BezwzględnyPedofil 3 years ago

    It’s fu**ing vegans maan… They’re destroying our lives ;(

  • Yehuda Sholom Kaplowitz 3 years ago

    I never thought I’d be rooting for fish blatters

  • colin 839 3 years ago

    video should be renamed ‘Stephen’S Got A Fishbone To Pick With Vegans’

  • TheShadowWalker 3 years ago

    I signed the petition, and so should anybody reading this. It’s easy!

  • lorddoom1790 3 years ago

    Guinness is actually dark red, not brown! hahaha :D

  • Laura Ryan 3 years ago

    Conan O’brien will be Stephen’s first signature

  • The Ender 3 years ago

    Beer is gross, but so are vegans. I don’t know which side to root for.

  • grass hopper 3 years ago

    Come on Aileen is a great song, chris Farley in tommy boy anyone?

  • Saintly Oswald 3 years ago

    Now, with all the money they’ll be saving on cystectomies and ileal conduit
    urinary diversions, our fisheries can put more resources into mental health
    therapies and retirement homes.

  • mariokarter13 3 years ago

    Make mine with gluten.

  • The Great Catsby 3 years ago

    “GUINESS: even our executives get wasted and do shit they’ll regret”

  • Stephanie James 3 years ago

    Seriously though, all marine life is endangered. Why not let the company
    advance with the times?

  • Los Blancos 3 years ago

    Vegans are miserable, So they want us to be the same. Its a scientifically
    proven fact, yes it is.

    you can quote me on that.

  • Digable Granites 3 years ago

    There’s nothing wrong with making fun of vegans, but why the hell would you
    actually make a real life petition for this just to piss off people who
    disagree with you? Removing fish bladder isn’t going to change the taste in
    anyway so why bother?

    The jokes are great, but the petition is just dissapointing and childish.

  • SirBauer 3 years ago

    Why doesn’t the company just make a non-fish-bladder variant and also keep
    the old recipe? Wouldn’t that appeal to the most people and also be the
    most profitable?

  • Schwindsichtiga der Echte 3 years ago

    Guiness is not beer. Guiness is just Guiness. And I care for it about as
    much as I care for vegans.

  • Zoey0407 3 years ago

    It’s not a petition for Guinness to keep using fish bladder, it’s a survey
    of how many morons are watching the Late Show.

  • Corby Ziesman 3 years ago

    Well it’s a smart move by Guinness. I specifically stopped drinking it
    years ago when I found out it was filtered with isinglass. I’ll be
    personally drinking a bunch of it once they make the change.

  • dfggdf dfgdf 3 years ago

    “dont take it out on us just cos you need something to help you forget
    you´re vegan.” ROFL

  • MsWannabeGamer 3 years ago

    You really like dem fish bladders, don’t ya?

  • a martinez 3 years ago

    Quit your bitching Stephen it’s going to taste exactly the same except it’s
    better for the environment and no animals had to die. Vegans are taking
    over so you better get used to it.

  • Belz Zebuth 3 years ago

    Amazing how people go bonkers when you just mention alcohol or drugs.

  • Steadystrike 3 years ago

    So are they gonna change their name to Veguiness?

  • half_dahlia 3 years ago

    Oh good, Guinness might finally have a better taste. I really don’t know
    why that beer is so popular, it tastes horribly imho.

  • Kenneth Villanueva 3 years ago

    FUCK VEGANS! Tho marine life is endangered so its kind of a good idea, and
    I’d understand if thats the reason they used, BUT FOR VEGANS? FUCK VEGANS

  • SupplySide Jesus 3 years ago

    Why does the HOT TAKES logo still look like a flaming turd?

  • ThePanicPuppet 3 years ago

    we can all share a Guinness from the Stephen Colbert Hid.

  • cavalrycome 3 years ago

    Fish bladders? So Guinness drinkers are literally on the piss.

  • Nathan Reyes 3 years ago

    link here:

  • Lukas Maria aus Wien 3 years ago

    I absolutely approve Guinness changing the recipe, I’m not vegan at all,
    but I don’t see the point in beer including fish bladder, beer should only
    have 4 ingredients.

  • Fazonna 3 years ago

    How is this an improv ‘Hot take’ when he has all these digital graphics and
    props ready?

  • JALHP1 3 years ago

    Haha I love you Stephen but you can fuck off. Veganism is the future so you
    better get used to it.

  • roughneckmp 3 years ago

    Goddamn vegans!!! I wanna take some haggis & shove it up their asses!!!

  • Blackenedmoons 3 years ago

    To all of you people out there jumping onto the whole ‘vegans are annoying’
    bandwagon, try to look beyond the rare idiot you’ve met who happens to be
    vegan. Idiots are everywhere, not limited to veganism, so take some time to
    read about the philosophy behind it. The people at guinness are doing a
    good thing, they’re caring about the animals of this earth, just as
    everybody should too.

  • Erik Ögren 3 years ago

    What’s up with the hate for vegans? First the video about cancerous meat
    and now this. Why do people hate people who choose not to consume/wear
    animal bi-products? Also, if I’m going to drink beer I’d appreciate if it
    didn’t include bladder; human, fish or any other animal. Beer should only
    have four ingredients.

  • Ant Grisham 3 years ago

    Is Colbert being in character right now? Cause Im not even vegan and after
    this I want them to stop using fish bladders wtf

  • SLAMNDAN 3 years ago

    Shtephen’s ‘hot take’ graphic looks like what I leave in the toilet after a
    night on the Guinness.

  • Mia McGee 3 years ago

    I don’t think Stephen likes us vegans ;( We’re not all dogmatic assholes.
    you know.

  • Radioactive Snake 3 years ago

    Im conflicted because im not a vegan and changing a recipe like that is
    quite a historic task. But also the “fish bladder” is called isinglass. The
    isinglass helps the sediment settle faster, and is not used not for flavour
    or texture. There are many other alternatives that are comparably effective
    but they need to be tested to see if it changes the flavour or texture. If
    it doesn’t then it should be completely fine.

  • Boba Is Awesome 3 years ago

    Just fuck off already vegans…

  • Kyle Dare 3 years ago

    Signed the petition. And already it’s over 2 000 people :)

  • Ross Mawdsley 3 years ago

    Wow. Between this and the smoking bacon thing… Stephen really doesn’t
    like the idea of less meat being eaten!

  • DragonTaco7 3 years ago

    vegans have about as much sense of humor as muslims

  • jeremypascall 3 years ago

    I once read that many vegetarians and vegans eat those products, they
    normally avoid, when drunk

  • Adam Glory 3 years ago

    Now that I’ve heard fish bladders were involved in the making of Guiness,
    I’m kind of okay with the change in what enters my body…

  • André Müller 3 years ago

    I signed the petition and I don’t even like Guinness

  • righthandofdoom77 3 years ago

    Guinness is a stout, not a beer.

  • Chris Tsuke 3 years ago

    yay! vegan beer

  • Chris Tsuke 3 years ago

    fish bladder? pretty lazy way of filtering ones product

  • Omar Guillen 3 years ago

    Now there’s a man who loves him some fish bladder.

  • Tukarama 3 years ago

    I am always surprised at how many people do not know that beer and wine are
    quite often filtered thru fish bladders. I thought it was old news. It
    helps remove the yeast. :)

  • derekhimes 3 years ago

    Cannot be an American unless useless suffering is involved!

  • starlinguk 3 years ago

    I’m sure it’ll please vegetarians too. They don’t eat fish either.

  • Jonathan McAvoy 3 years ago

    Stephen’s a real youtuber now. Ingest something disgusting for more likes.
    Nicely done.

  • DioOmicida 3 years ago

    Some 250 year old traditions should be left alone, no?

  • Susan B 3 years ago

    96% of vegans eat meat when they get drunk. LOL

  • Jesus Requena 3 years ago

    I signed it

  • TheGalamoth 3 years ago


  • Murda Incorp 3 years ago

    why do all the talk show host bash on vegans obviously they and people in
    comments who do the same have little information about the health effects
    scientifically proven to be linked with eating healthy, sad ignorance

  • Murda Incorp 3 years ago

    How stupid are people who drink Guinness? well they think fish bladders
    taste good.

  • TheRavencastle 3 years ago

    Love this guy !!! He is blowin all the other talkshow hosts, out of the

  • Jashinboy 3 years ago

    People picking on vegans is just sad. So many salty comments. “Vegans are
    miserable, So they want us to be the same.” wtf is wrong with these guys?

  • DrMopinker 3 years ago

    It’ll probably taste identical to the old recipe. I think Stephen is just
    upset because vegans are involved.

  • Vyth Riel 3 years ago

    when vegans and vegetarians get drunk they are more likely to eat meat and
    lots of it.

  • Faustino Adefuin 3 years ago

    Why not add vegan bladders on guinness!!!

  • IWasAPepper 3 years ago

    If the new kind bombs, they can make Guinness Classic.

  • Vninect 3 years ago

    When will they also make Guinness Straight Edge, for my vegan, X buddy?

  • maevellen 3 years ago

    This is fucking ridiculous- it’s one thing not to be vegan, but to want
    more food an drink products to use animal products is appalling

  • maevellen 3 years ago

    This is fucking ridiculous- it’s one thing not to be vegan, but to want
    more food an drink products to use animal products is appalling

  • backdraftvideos 3 years ago

    What the hell lol

  • Paul Interics 3 years ago

    Americas’ DAD.. Stephen

  • Hannah Armstrong 3 years ago

    Oh don’t do it oh yah oh my god 

  • Homini Lupus 3 years ago

    No alcohol is vegan, it’s literally a waste product from an organism.

  • Field Marshal Fry 3 years ago

    actually a vital ingredient in Guinness is penguins, that’s how you get the
    black body and white head, also why we’re not letting go of the Falklands,
    it’s our main supply of the flightless buggers

  • Jeremiah Newell 3 years ago

    I don’t think the anti-vegan people are thinking straight. Why not filter
    and clarify without fish bladders? They aren’t going to suffer any quality
    loss, or they wouldn’t do it.

  • Vegan ForTheWin 3 years ago

    Go VEGAN!


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