Stephen Speaks Out Against Diplomatic Bullying

Published on November 19, 2016

After China reprimanded its citizens for fat-shaming the leader of North Korea, Stephen has concerns about other heads of state who might be victimized.

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  • Ry Sun 3 years ago

    Fakebook is the root of all evil

  • Konst Saalfeld 3 years ago

    Stephen is such a genius! :’P

  • Dessa Christmas 3 years ago

    Dems lost because they nominated an unlikable candidate. Should have tried
    Bernie, he’d have stolen the sane half of Trumps disenfranchised working
    class voters and the Hillary voters would have fallen in line because they
    believe the “better than Trump” mantra.

    Maybe try Warren in 2020. Or, you know, an establishment shill like
    Hillary. I’m sure that won’t bite you in the ass again.

  • Paul Chen 3 years ago

    We will miss President Obama!

  • Spone Mr 3 years ago

    if you use face book to get your news then you are an idiot.

  • Ry Sun 3 years ago

    I support the sacrifice of Taylor Swift for the future of humanity

  • MadBrainBox 3 years ago

    Give Justin Bieber to the Volcano Gods.Please.

  • Broom Boi 3 years ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time Jon Batiste says some cringey quip.

  • largehoman 3 years ago

    Trumps not reading “Basic Economy”. He doesn’t know how to read, he’s
    listening to it on Audible.

  • Krish D. 3 years ago

    The sensationalist media on both the left and right is what led to Trump’s
    victory and will lead to the now evident decline of America. Them
    misinforming voters and not providing objective news is why we’re in this
    mess in the first place

  • Claystead 3 years ago

    I love the articles of Heywood Jablowme.

  • Vans 3 years ago

    Fun game – pick any CNN article, tweet, facebook post, etc… and read the
    comments from trump supporters.

    *DISCLAIMER you will lose your faith in the country

  • O Bravo 3 years ago

    I understand White Nationalist groups or any of the Alt-Right groups for
    that matter that voted Trump, but if you voted Trump because of “Killary”
    or believing Trumps bullshit on anything, you just made the world so much
    more dangerous. It’s like giving a loaded gun to a 2 year old.

  • Sudev Sen 3 years ago

    what the fuck is Baptiste doing? He keeps laoughing ver Colbert and is
    bordering on “aww lawdy” and “dayumm” jive speak

  • KingOfMadCows 3 years ago

    So the Duck Dynasty has finally been brought down by their greatest rival,
    the Noble House of the Wascally Wabbit.

  • Jaybird8000 3 years ago

    Because making up lies about trump and his supporters like they are all
    racist, sexist, etc. isn’t lying or diplomatic bullying

  • Omar El Dagestani 3 years ago

    Stephen Colbert why don’t you go suck some transgender dick while you’re at
    it. Loser ass liberal scum.

    Yeah cause the “Real News” said Hillary had a 98% chance of winning!
    remember that? oh wait you don’t write what you say you say what others
    write. Fucking puppet

    I don’t know whether to curse him out or to feel bad for him. Maybe the
    writers at his show don’t really know what to talk about.

  • Condor DM 3 years ago

    The are using this to call real news fake news but they will fail, sad.

  • Justin Lewis 3 years ago

    You’re so fucking stupid it’s sad Stephen. You know why Trump won… it’s
    because of idiots like you who are still pushing your nonsensical
    propaganda and lies even after you lost. Hey idiots did it occur to you
    that Hillary Clinton was just such a terrible corrupt candidate with no
    plan or real campaign except trashing on Trump and that is why she lost.
    You delusional morons are fucking lost. The only idiots who get their news
    from Facebook I guarantee you are Hillary supporters and what’s worse than
    that is the supposed news opinion pieces from MSM nothing but propaganda
    filled with lies and misinformation by idiots like you, CNN, NY Times and
    the rest of corrupt left leaning biased lying MSM. You idiots and Hillary
    herself are the very reason you lost and nothing else. You live in a bubble
    of delusion in your own echo chamber. Keep it up Stephen you idiots are on
    the path to giving Trump a 2nd term. America and Trump thanks you. Good job


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