Stephen Sends His Warmest Regards To The Midwest

Published on January 30, 2019

Stephen Colbert is sending you warm thoughts, the Midwest.

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  • Saeed 1 year ago

    Love your show but the opening monologue joke were terrible.

  • dankwrasslin 1 year ago

    they shoulda arrested mr freeze

  • NASACrooks 1 year ago

    Climate is the reason why the North Hemisphere people are, in their vast majority, inbreeds.
    This is evident also in their inflexible/ expressionless faces. Look at Trump for instance.

  • Manish Patel 1 year ago

    Setting the train tracks on fire is nothing new (yes, I’m from Chicago). 🙂

  • Asif Ali 1 year ago

    Chicago tough!

  • Rick O'Shay 1 year ago

    It will be a high of 65 in san diego tomorrow, Ha! It’s 5:30 am and I’m outside wearing shorts and a T- shirt, Gonna Bar-b-q this afternoon, Maybe play a little beach Volleyball with some bikini girls, Have fun Chicago going to work in the morning, Chicago, Chicago it’s my kind of town, NOT!!!!

  • Parmesana 1 year ago

    When you get off your plane in a MidWest’ll notice a LOT of thick and fat’s like a cattle stock yard.(hey, I’m including myself so don’t get mad other MidWesterners) It’s not only cuz we’re the bread basket of the US…it is to keep warm during these nasty cold winters. We play games like: Guess how many layers I’m dressed in?

  • SuJu_Mimi 1 year ago

    you mean “blaming [the cold] on a beloved children’s character”, lolz…he said it backwards XD (though, i myself, do not like elsa)

  • Mercenary Chef 1 year ago

    Minneapolis checking in. Hope whoever ordered that catered meal this morning enjoyed it. We were supposed to be closed, today.

    I had icicles on my eyelashes by the time I got to work.

  • Lady Love 1 year ago

    Thanks its really cold out here

  • Sai Gungurthi 1 year ago

    I’m from Wisconsin and my university only canceled school for a day. ?

  • camila lore 1 year ago

    Winnipeg Canada though …. its above minnesota

  • Zacharie St-Pierre 1 year ago

    Try actually living in Canada. Its cold. But it keeps the trumps away

  • Reading is Magic! TV 1 year ago

    LOVE Portillos!

  • Nico Crestmere 1 year ago

    Go Bears! We’ll get em next year! The Chicago mantra

  • Shirley Yoo Geste 1 year ago

    To my beloved friends and fam in CHI: Keep yo ass inside. ?

  • Xavi Neira 1 year ago

    I can’t believe I watch Mr Steven Colbert for free…this man is a genius

  • Carlos Malave 1 year ago

    Freezing my butt in the best city in the U.S. ! Thanks for your warm kind words. Chicago loves Colbert !!

  • hobbicles28 1 year ago

    I have a confession,
    My psychiatrist recommended I show my journal to a few people.
    However, because online I can’t see the faces of those who read my writing, I have decided to occasionally share my writings on the medium of the online society.

    That said, I hope you find
    my writings enjoyable.

    I am so happy. I lost twenty pounds today.

    You may be wondering how this miracle happened and now I shall reveal the secret.
    I Went to grocery store and I froze my arse off.
    Froze half off on way inside and the other half on way outside.

    Not fun.

    Almost too cold to lol.

    If I get at least one hundred likes, I shall publish the rest of my journals.

  • Pierce M. Stelter 1 year ago

    lol -27 is -32 in Celsius, lol last january it was twice that where i live… thats cute…


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