Stephen Rips Up The Monologue And Starts Over After Trump’s Heartbreaking Thursday Night Lie Fest

Published on November 6, 2020

We all knew Donald Trump would do this, that he would refuse to show dignity in defeat. But what we didn’t expect is how much it would hurt. Watch Stephen Colbert process his feelings in real time as he delivers a new monologue written in the wake of the President’s sad, frightening remarks in the White House briefing room. #Colbert #Monologue #LSSC

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  • Joseph Tovar 2 years ago

    I have been upset with Trump’s latest comments but when Colbert verbalized Trump’s behavior with the obvious pain it hit me even harder.
    Our Democracy is being challenged. It is scary that so many millions of Americans still back Trump and believe in him. We are seeing the book of Revelation play out in front of our eyes.

  • Save 2 years ago


  • Lenor Gewissen 2 years ago

    Support Eric Swalwell’s Presidential Crimes Commission!

  • mike gerth 2 years ago

    Mike Pence where ya at dawg? Everybody gangsta until the votes got counted.

  • CABLE 715 2 years ago

    When the guy wearing a cutoff BBQ Beer and Freedom shirt and his mask like a chin diaper screams like a maniac, you believe everything he says, he only speaks the truth. 😆😆

  • Matt D 2 years ago

    It’s time to smarten up America!!!! Biden to save America!!! BIDEN 2020

  • barbara keymar 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham are backing Trump. Graham is giving him 500 million for legal fees.

  • Douglas R. de Olive 2 years ago

    15:12 official soundtrack for Biden’s victory, victory, victory, victory.

  • Techtacular 2 years ago

    Holy f**k I am not even an American but what you said resounded with me I am an indian and Trump like person In india is Narendra Modi and it’s just wrong to support anyone like that hats off to you man👍

  • Karl Buckley 2 years ago

    Wow! That Paula White lady is absolutely crazy as are all Q idiots.. are these people on the crack pipe? 😂

  • Eniclac 2 years ago

    sorry – not sorry… Paula White, shut the f. up….

  • Tony Serra 2 years ago

    God such a drama baby…for everything u guys did to him (investigations and impeachments) I actually feel bad for him and hope he drags this out just to listen how much u guys cry over it. This humors me.

  • jooex244 2 years ago

    Oh Stephen….. virtual hugs buddy…. feel the same

  • Tony McCraw 2 years ago

    The GOP was not taken over by Individual 1 they just turned into him.

  • Tian Na 2 years ago

    It’s mind boggling as to why the media still cover Rudy Giuliani. His “tucking in shirt” image still gives me the cringe.

  • Stratos H D 2 years ago

    Republicans are traitors isn’t it clear? they are liars, cheats, corrupt and traitors, they hate us.

  • OA A 2 years ago

    That made me so mad too. I absolutely DO NOT understand how trumps supporters can be so delusional. They are so easily convinced they can’t even accept that he’s losing fairly. But if things turn around for Trump I guarantee they will drop all of their claims. I just don’t get it. Truly disgusted by him and his supporters.

  • moreno franco 2 years ago

    Love you, Stephen: “IL Douche”! Great monologue! And paula white is as deranged and unhinged as rudy.

  • M. R. 2 years ago

    Santorum did say something after the press conference tonight. I was pleased to hear him say what Trump did was wrong. There’s 1 for you.
    And I do not like Santorum. There will be more Rep. speaking up. Our country will be United again. Just need to dismiss all the Trumps after 1-20-2021…..we’ll be ok. I have faith.

  • Dressy Dressy 2 years ago

    Lied? More like a tantrum. What else do you expect from the 74 year old man-child


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