Stephen Reveals A Sketch Of The Serial Bomber

Published on October 25, 2018

The Late Show has obtained an approximated sketch of the bomber responsible for sending explosive devices to the Obama, Clintons, CNN and others.

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  • Howie Long 3 years ago

    The hat gave it away!

  • Ian Ching 3 years ago

    This is what happens when conspiracy theories are backed by the most powerful man on earth!

  • Zach The Bernie Bro 3 years ago

    Right wingers, AKA the “Law and Order” people are now calling the bombings “fake”. Morons!

  • Helena Wang 3 years ago

    Dear America,
    please make the right choice in the coming weeks.
    From, Australia.

  • Golf Foxtrot Yankee 3 years ago

    Call the *bomber* by their proper name…
    The *Deplorabomber* !!!

  • thirtythreeflavors 3 years ago

    Wonder how long it will take the far right to blame this all on the left as some sort of conspiracy stunt.

  • camelshit 3 years ago

    trump is trump and will continue being trump. He isn’t capable of anything else and he himself has made that clear.
    Nor is he willing to try. You are deluding yourself if you expect trump to change and start acting human.
    He will only get worse, more rabid, more belligerent, more unhinged. That is trump. And a spade is a spade.
    If you really want to see things get better, and less, not more, dangerous, the only solution is: GET RID OF tRUMP.
    what’s even more disturbing, more disgusting, more frightening and more repulsive than trump himself,
    is his cult crowd, swallowing his delusional self-serving belligerence, cheering him on.

  • Yomi Knishes 3 years ago

    Guys at 0:32 John plays the piano bars from the FF7 Opening BOMBING Mission. What a nerdy cat!

  • Simon Alkenmayer 3 years ago

    Trump does nothing but incite violence. Of course this is what will happen. And liberal constituents are “an angry mob”.


  • owen chafer 3 years ago

    Dear America,
    Please make the right choice in the coming weeks.
    From Canada.

  • Golf Foxtrot Yankee 3 years ago

    Trump “CNN is fake news and the enemy”
    Trump “Hillary Clinton is a criminal”
    Trump “Mad Maxine wants to destroy America”
    Trump “George Soros is funding the caravan”
    Trump “Eric Holder is part of the Obama Deep State”
    Who is the mob leader inciting violence again?

  • Kim Jong Fun 3 years ago

    Ever since 9/11, more than 70% of Americans that died in domestic terrorist attacks were killed by right-wing zealots, by comparison only less than 3% were killed by left-wing extremists. Yet somehow the left is a violent mob while right wingers are all very fine people, the best people.

  • Oladayo Dos 3 years ago

    man putting more clothes on you with his eyes mike pence

  • Kim Jong Fun 3 years ago

    Haha! It’s really funny that so many right wingers are screaming ‘false flag’, I guess every incident that makes the right look bad is by definition a false flag, just like any news that makes their orange Dear Leader look bad is by definition fake news.

  • Lyndi Loo 3 years ago

    Trump HAD to agree wholeheartedly.. as he couldn’t #MeToo

  • John Henderson 3 years ago

    Trump: “Acts or threats of political violence have no place in the United States of America.”

    Also Trump: “Anyone see a reporter I can bodyslam?”

  • Martin Rayner 3 years ago

    Guaranteed that by tomorrow Trump will be suggesting the attempted bombings were a “false flag” or that the Democrats were somehow behind it. You know, just like they plotted to have a caravan of Honduran migrants packed with terrorists from the Middle East and MS-13 gang members “assault” the border… in however long it takes them to s-l-o-w-l-y walk across all of Mexico during the critical weeks immediately leading up to the midterm elections – because that makes total sense and isn’t in the least bit insane.

  • joe momma 3 years ago

    “White power”?
    Bit a Freudian Slip, eh Fox?

  • Nathan Baker 3 years ago

    6:03 You know the wanna-be mass murderer is a Trumptard, based on the misspelling of John Brennan’s name and the fact that it was addressed to Brennan at CNN (he actually works for MSNBC). Only a low-IQ Trumptard would do this.


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