Stephen Rents The ‘Trump Pee Pee Tape’ Hotel Room For A Night

Published on July 21, 2017

The impetus of Stephen’s quest to Russia was the infamous Room 1101, the presidential suite in which Donald Trump was allegedly recorded, let’s say, making history.

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  • AComfyPillow 3 years ago

    That guy dabbing in the background at the start though.

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ 3 years ago

    “You’re in History, Urine History” lol I’m done! ?

  • fidorover 3 years ago

    NATALYA: Hey Olga, come here. Look at TV. Tell me if that room looks familiar.
    OLGA: Oh, that’s Ritz-Carlton across from Kremlin. Presidential Suite, yes?
    NATALYA: You’re right. That’s where fatboy American paid us to make pee-pee on bed.
    OLGA: And made us drink Trump Vodka so we’d have to go. That stuff’s so nasty, I’d rather drink pee-pee.
    NATALYA: Actually, you _did_ drink pee-pee. ‘Member, he paid extra.
    OLGA: Oh, right. He also paid me to pretend my name was Ivanka. What was _that_ about?
    NATALYA: Dunno. I just remember he had a bad body. The body of a golfer who can’t say no to cake.
    OLGA: Yah. The body of a bloated sea bass who watches too many cartoons.
    NATALYA: Whatever happened to that guy?
    OLGA: I saw him on some game show — he was firing Michael Jackson’s sister.
    NATALYA: Janet?
    OLGA: La Toya.
    NATALYA: Yikes. Hey, ‘member him telling us he was gonna be U.S. President someday?
    _(they laugh heartily for 2 minutes and 37 seconds)_
    OLGA: Yeah, I remember that.
    NATALYA: Well, I gotta go bang some oligarch on his yacht now.
    OLGA: Yeah, I gotta go do Putin again.
    NATALYA: Hey, how’s _Putin_ in bed?
    OLGA: The sex is okay, but he won’t stop talking about this bitch he has in U.S. Says this bitch does whatever he says and then some.
    NATALYA: Wow, he must have some serious dirt on that bitch.
    OLGA: Apparently, he has a pee-pee tape starring a couple of fellow working gals.
    NATALYA: Hmm. Imagine that. Well, so long, Olga.
    OLGA: See you soon, Natalya.

  • Ęÿūį Æßñ 3 years ago

    ?twinkle twinkle little czar, Putin put you where you are? ??

  • Hammad Ali 3 years ago

    Okay honestly, if the “pee pee” tapes are real and get leaked, it wouldn’t even be in the top 5 of controversial/humiliating things he has done. I don’t know what Trump’s worried about.

  • Will Parkinson 3 years ago

    Never clicked on a video so fast ?

  • Dank Sang 3 years ago

    Honestly Trump might just release the tapes at this point to cover his ass

  • Memnoch 3 years ago

    Rest In Peace, Chester Bennington

  • Jason Blade 3 years ago

    Pee tape is real

  • aishx 3 years ago

    Stephen pissing CBS money just because he can

  • Joker 3 years ago

    In mother Russia, hookers do not pee on the bed, the bed pees on hookers.

  • Rudolf Emmanuel 3 years ago

    GOLDEN SHOW!!!!!!!!☢☢

  • Aidan Stark 3 years ago

    0:09 i see u with that dab fam

  • The Un Und Unly 3 years ago

    “Soaked” “Washed in history” “Ur ine” some poetic words Stephen!!!!!

  • whendric so 3 years ago

    Billions and billions and billions and billions of phony deals. Sad.

  • Andrea Thomas 3 years ago

    ‘pee pee tape’ piano rendition is where i lost it ?

  • mujtaba kami 3 years ago

    sir please invite james colmy in you show.. request from pakisstan…..

  • Big Ben 3 years ago

    The Trump “pee pee” bullshit was supposed to be happen in Czechia/Czech Republic


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