Stephen Records A Message To His Younger Self Atop A Majestic New Zealand Glacier

Published on December 12, 2020

The pinnacle of our host’s trip to New Zealand was a helicopter ride to the top of an 8,000 foot high mountain glacier. After soaking in the epic scenery, Stephen takes a moment to deliver some pretty good advice to his 29 year-old self. #Colbert #NewZealand #LSSCinNZ

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  • Lyn Holden 1 year ago

    He is so important.

  • Squirrel Gray 1 year ago


  • Mandy B 1 year ago

    Despite it being on the other side of the world (quite literally, I’m in the UK), I’ve told my kids that if they want to emigrate, go there. Of all countries in the world, despite it being rather seismically active, it’s the place where you’ll most feel at home.

    My eldest was lucky enough, and hell yeah, _good_ enough to win a sort of scholarship which paid for him to travel to wherever he wanted to go, so he could attend science conferences (medical biochemistry. Oh, the irony… His current specialty is lung diseases), but because of bureaucratic delays he only had a few months in which to go anywhere. So, one of the places he chose to go was NZ, Auckland specifically, and he fell in love with the place. I thought he might!

    I have 3 favourite countries – none of which I’ve been to, from where I’ve met some of their citizens, and each one I’ve ever met have been really lovely people. The Netherlands, Canada & New Zealand (in no particular order). I know they’ll each have their own bad people, but I’ve never met one. And having lived and worked in places full of people who come from all over the world, I’ve met quite a few of these countries’ people.

    NZ also has arguably the world’s greatest leader. I know she got re-elected (unless that news was a dream?), but I hope the Kiwis know what a treasure they have. I’m sure she has dips in her popularity, especially if she has to do something that the people don’t like, but man, that’s a shallow argument for not voting for her! To have a rather large foot in the door of the world’s most powerful countries (sadly, I’m not including _current_ America. That will change next month – yay!), especially when you’re representing a small country, it takes a leader with great skills. She’s *incredibly* popular around most of the world, except where misogynistic, tyrannical (and wannabe tyrants) autocrats rule. And frankly, nobody likes them so they can get knotted. When she decides to step down from national politics, I think Ms Arden would be a brilliant UN Secretary General.

  • Silver 1 year ago

    So, Stephen, you seek to escape 2020 over the Caradhras? And if that fails? Where, then, will you go?

  • zog zog 1 year ago

    How the hell did I come to live in New Zealand? I was born here … My mother was from Zambia (Northern Rhodesia at the time). My father was from Belarus (White Russia at the time). They met in Wellington. I love Africa, I love vodka, I love Stephen’s show.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 1 year ago

    Almost heaven, New Zealand!

  • Richard Braakman 1 year ago

    Umm if you’re having a successful career then maybe NOT mess with that timeline by sending messages to your younger self?

  • DJRAPID 247 1 year ago

    Im going to New Zealand with you Stephen

  • 柳岑焉 1 year ago


  • Buzz Killington 1 year ago

    I love Kiwis, especially sliced in half and eaten with a spoon.

    What??? I’m talking about the fruit! The fruit!

  • Willow Slough DX 1 year ago

    US celebs can afford the move to NZ. Stephen could be a next door neighbor to Matt Lauer at his kiwi ranch. (w-what?!)

  • Cyn Hanrahan 1 year ago

    Amanda Palmer happened to be in Australia finishing a tour when the pandemic started to come into our view, and she had shows scheduled in NZ, so she grabbed her kid, a friend and her husband and left AU with basically hours to spare. She and her husband rented an AirBnB, bought some chickens and a lot of supplies and holed up at the beginning of April. She’s been there ever since, and been vlogging about the experience, which has not been all sweetness and light, but has been an example of how badly the US fucked up. I have friends there that want me to move there, and unfortunately, the way SS and Medicare works, I can’t manage it. And I’m not willing to subject my pets to a 6 month contained quarantine without me. But damn, we had a model shown to us that worked, and we failed.

  • Alexander Matthews 1 year ago

    I made the same choice at 29….I am 4o now….a little lonely …………and scared……..but the show must go on!!…..for minimum wage….. minus tax…. GST….. and my agents cut….but I came off my anti depressants as well…..a little sadness coming back………but hey we do it for the love! 🙂 I’m single….. but I’m happy yay! it’s fun I mean I have fun…………by

  • diDi 1 year ago

    I would have been more afraid 😱 to have a woman pilot 👩‍✈️

  • F L 1 year ago

    0:21 the pilot not enjoying your jolly good time😁

  • B Powell 1 year ago

    When it cuts to you in New Zealand: I just want to say that I am a performer, turning 29 in a couple months, and I have been in the midst of a nervous break down for months and was feeling very stupid for not choosing law school – I didn’t know it, but I really needed that little speech 💙

  • Nora Brophy 1 year ago

    yeah it’s pretty chill here in NZ right now

  • Knit Paul 1 year ago

    Haha ! The end reminded me of this brilliant video :

  • Geoffrey Schuchardt 1 year ago

    At 23 this was one of the best things to see this week. Thank you

  • Julia Connell 1 year ago

    Yes, *AND* – you’re breaking my heart Stephen – time machine indeed – I havent been back on Twitter since I sent the message in a bottle – I still have that brown piece of paper through all the trials and tribulations of this year – (which I need to sort – switch gears again – just not possible right now…) – tried to send you a thank you present for the lovely stuff you (well your staff) sent me earlier this year – on the day we in New Zealand went into lockdown – couldnt post it (yeah I know I sound like a crazy woman – a wee time capsule of my own – not my first – how this mess started… way back when…) – leaving trails of words all over the place – is this enough to get me to face the next steps tomorrow – I hope so – it needs to be done – it’s just really scary – and sad – and overwhelming – all I’ve LOST this year (have to remind myself what I still have, mmm – and what I’ve gained – new whanau) . Dont mind me – trying to psych myself up to get back in the fray tomorrow (cant do it tonight – my mate is here – see new whanau – oh auntie kuia on monday mustn’t forget)


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