Stephen Pays Tribute To John Meiklejohn

Published on April 20, 2019

Stephen pays tribute to longtime Colbert Report and Late Show cameraman, John Meiklejohn.

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  • Chris Kelly 4 months ago

    Shit. Now I’m teary.
    Gotta shout out to those who have helped us get through. And mad love to our fallen family & friends. Say hi to someone you appreciete today.
    Condolences to his family & friends.

  • Luke Maunsell 4 months ago

    Actually cried, omg RIP John :'(

  • Super Mojo 4 months ago

    Rest in peace !

  • Altair 21 4 months ago

    Bernie: breathes

    Media: He wants 2 take our oxygen.

  • Dr. Haroon Luswala 4 months ago

    Sorry for your loss Stephen

  • Nao Bolliger 4 months ago

    Thank you for sharing it with us, Stephen❤

  • reverendspooty 4 months ago

  • DiamondsOf2 4 months ago

    that was sad..

  • Samasoku 4 months ago

    that music in the end ruined it. RIP john

  • Alden Clarke 4 months ago

    What beautiful tribute

  • proscribed obvious 4 months ago

    I can feel what he felt as someone who was abandoned and mocked by her parents and noone believed in me,it is very hard to be motivated but when someone believes in you despite of all odds it is heartwarming..

    RIP jhon 💔

  • saultube44 4 months ago

    Lived 82 years, and it seems very well lived, Life is cruel this way, takes away our love ones; sorry for your loss Stephen and condolences to all who loved him, when a good person dies, is a loss for everybody actually, in different degrees of effects, we don’t understand or are aware of, but that’s a fact of life, proven by Science. This is why I recommend people to be Vegan, so we can stay alive and healthy for as long as it is possible; he looked over-weighted, this is because the animal products exess fats, which makes our bodies more inefficient than they already are when we are old, as such he could have lived maybe even 20 years more, hopefully more people reflect on this fact and become as Vegan as possible, I leave a link to reasons why

  • SlavjanA 4 months ago


  • Wynstan'sMom 4 months ago

    My Sympathy to all who Loved and who Knew John Michael John of Camera 2. Stephen Colbert’s tribute made me “Feel” like I knew you and I will miss you, too.

  • mizuko2001 4 months ago

    Rest in peace, John! My deepest condolences to his family, his friends, his colleagues and Stephen.

  • Michael Salovaara 4 months ago

    Tears from half the world away. Thank you John.

  • Lester Luczak 4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert is not only affable, not only funny, not only empathetic, but also readily shows genuine interest, affection & love for his family, his friends, & most any other decent human being Gotta love him, I certainly do. 👍🤗

  • Marciano Demidof 4 months ago

    May he Rest in Peace 🙏.

  • AlpenYeti 4 months ago

    Feeling emotional for this dude I’ve never seen. RIP John, thank you for everything you did for Colbert and his shows, and for all these images you immortalised.

  • BoxySama 4 months ago

    Now that I am aware that Stephen will not see this message
    I would like to let you know that your buddy John definitely saw it, spirits love when you release these kind stuff and do the cloud of the information.😄😉


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