Stephen Nerds Out With ‘Tolkien’ Stars Nicholas Hoult & Lily Collins

Published on May 3, 2019

Stephen nerds out about J. R. R. Tolkien with Nicholas Hoult and Lily Collins, the stars of ‘Tolkien.’

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  • Lost Goth 1 year ago

    The real life elves

  • Psychotic Bob 1 year ago

    What’s that red shit on his shirt? Blood? Ketchup? Marker?

  • LordAaronus 1 year ago

    I smell trilogy… about 40hrs long total

  • Vicky T 1 year ago

    I’ll never be bored of muffins

  • Master Debater 1 year ago

    Interesting movie concept. Also, good job Phil Collins magnum opus for sure

  • Raxta Emu 1 year ago

    So it’s in the papers this week that Tolkien allowed his own son (who later became a priest who abused others) to be abused in his own home presumably by someone in this ‘fellowship’…so enjoy the Hobbit, LoTR etc if you like but this movie is ‘fake news’ from Sauron’s bunghole ?

  • JokoCi 1 year ago

    It is too proper to pronouncec all letters in a word. We cant do that here …

  • stewfu 1 year ago

    ?- hmmm…beast is much taller than I expected him to be…

  • LFC 77 1 year ago

    They are both very attractive.

  • Matt Demon 1 year ago

    So I’ve been pronouncing his name right since the first time ?

  • Tseleng Botlhole 1 year ago

    I have always pronounced it as it was meant to be??‍♀️ no brainer

  • pihla01 1 year ago

    “Here, you can have her now”…Boy am I happy to live in the modern times as a woman. 😀

  • Palm Pilot 1 year ago

    About a Boy is officially About a Man

  • Julian Ponce 1 year ago

    I read the first four Harry Potter books thinking the Dursleys lived on PRIVATE drive, until the first movie came out and pronounced it correctly.

  • Tobias Nielsen 1 year ago

    Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by reading. – anonymous

  • Priscilia Mellark 1 year ago

    when i found out that they were makin a movies about J.J.R. Tolkien, i was hoping the cast would come to Stephen’s , cause i knew how much of a geek he is when it comes to Tolkien works ?

  • Nay 1 year ago

    Lily Collins is just too attractive, I can’t watch her for too long. It makes my heart hurt.

  • Masechaba 1 year ago

    I’m straight as a ruler but I’d turn gay for Lilly Collins, she’s so fucking beautiful ?❤

  • Adam Alkhafaji 1 year ago

    Those two make me feel ugly ? they’re both way too good lookin, especially Lily ?

  • DESERT VALLEY DOGG 1 year ago

    Token is what you do before you read Tolkeeeen. Got it!


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