Stephen Moderates An All-Trump Debate

Published on January 29, 2016

Since Donald Trump dropped out of Fox News’ final GOP debate, Stephen decided to hold the classiest, Trumpiest debate of all time.

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  • Stephan Dupont 4 years ago

    You know you’re being really hypocritical if someone can have you debate
    against yourself.

  • Tim Cao 4 years ago

    Tonight on fox news, Donald trump gets elected, air Canada stocks triple

  • utkarsh singh 4 years ago

    Republicans are likely to go up against Bernie Sanders !!

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov 4 years ago

    How is it Americans don’t see just how much Trump resembles Hitler? Well if
    Trump does become president, at least we can say America finally got the
    president they truly deserved

  • arafa mb 4 years ago

    فلم سكس

  • godsmacker 4 years ago

    All that money and he is commen white trash.Billon’s of dollers can’t wash
    it away.Just like the Kardasians.I didn’t spell that right. 

  • back2hell1 4 years ago

    do you really think that a different president will do different things?
    fuck off this is a scan. there is no democracy, only the illusion of it.

    let him win at least we can laugh at someone.

  • Peter Wakeman 4 years ago

    climate change

  • michael swann 4 years ago

    out of context bs

  • Abdullah Merhi 4 years ago

    That was Hillarious

  • toba122 4 years ago

    Make incest legal!
    Vote Trump 2016!

  • B. Bailey 4 years ago

    Stephen Colbert – i LOVE you – kind of makes me want to have a TV, just to
    watch your show. thank you for keeping it real, and hilarious!

  • X+SHN 4 years ago

    The Shows can manage whatever information they have and can manage our
    minds and decisions. And we aloud them to do that. But we like shows and
    bulling. That`s Sad. Are we really free???

  • Amir Khan 4 years ago

    Trumpendous, not ‘tremendous’!

  • pepto pro 4 years ago

    We’ll see how strong that blond is when we see how well she does in jail

  • rubert134 4 years ago

    If Trump became president he wouldn’t have to build a wall or ban muslims
    to keep people out. People will be rushing to get out of America to avoid
    the nukes.

  • hzi88 4 years ago

    so Trump is a normal politician

  • TryHard ofDoom 4 years ago

    Too hilarious gg

  • Goat Senpai 4 years ago


  • ademar9988 4 years ago

    i m a TRUMP supporter , but if he loses i d rather see BERNIE win , rather
    than shillary , or the other kukservative candidates from the GOP ( trump
    is not a kukservative , he is a nationalist )

  • Amanda Cupcake 4 years ago

    Donald Trump is the worst choice for America

  • Joe Mom 4 years ago

    subscribe to my videos I will subscribe back

  • Jake and Dynamite 4 years ago

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    this dog every where

  • Newman Newmanz 4 years ago

    It’s nice to see lots of TRUMP obsessed haters! like him or not he gets
    your time and your attention.

  • MC Brahs 4 years ago

    I get that Donald is a fuck up and all, and that incest is a big taboo,
    (and really good at making recessive diseases more of a thing) but I mean
    like, if he wants to fuck his daughter, let him. I dont really want to know
    nor do I really care about his choices regarding that, but we shouldn’t
    make a big point in our hatred towards him that specifically, because in
    all actuality it really doesn’t matter all that much. What does matter is
    that he has the worst policies and lies the most(outside MAYBE Ben Carson)
    and really we should focus more on that.

  • Andy Ace (AndyAce83) 4 years ago

    I hope Trump wins cuz its obvious the media dont.

  • Von Bell 4 years ago

    Talk about obliteration. Trump, bye bye.

  • BusA SoupParty 4 years ago


  • Luke Hodgkiss 4 years ago

    canned laughter doesn’t do it for me.

  • TheMan4allseasons 4 years ago

    In six months time, you’ll need to google this clown Trump, to see what
    venture he’s running into the ground.

  • NinoDroid 4 years ago

    I hope trump wins president.

  • NinoDroid 4 years ago

    Reminds me of the movie campaign.

  • sonia Mendez 4 years ago

    I want God give us the right man to govern the nation with justice and
    trust, not man fulfill liberal desires and evil ways

  • Patsy Kiniry 4 years ago

    this was so savage yes

  • raiXXR 4 years ago

    Sound bites at its finest

  • mrscary3105 4 years ago

    Feel the BURN!

  • firmajoba 4 years ago

    Trump will be a great President !!

  • goodfilmful 4 years ago

    Non American here, who are the other candidates?

  • teppolundgren 4 years ago

    All right! Letterman never got this vicious.

    I like it!

  • SuperQYD 4 years ago

    -Hates Bernie for Socialist Policies
    -Will move to a country with same Socialist Policies (UK, Sweden, Canada,

    absolute fucking genius m8

  • Frank Carsone 4 years ago

    …I think Coolsville sucks!

  • ShadowSan 4 years ago

    This is the first time I ever hear Donald Trump speak, and I’m just gonna
    say, he sounds just as retarded as he looks and actually is.

  • Devlins10 4 years ago

    could the state of affairs in the us get any shittier? Obombmanoid nation
    did not work. Killary will bury any nuts the us has left. So what if trump
    does not want raping criminals coming across the border. Take a good look
    see of what happened in lately with unfiltered immagration in Germany.

  • Devlins10 4 years ago

    could the state of affairs in the us get any shittier? Obombmanoid nation
    did not work. Killary will bury any nuts the us has left. So what if trump
    does not want raping criminals coming across the border. Take a good look
    see of what happened in lately with unfiltered immagration in Germany.

  • Devlins10 4 years ago

    libiot Colbert is nicely paid by the establishment to try bury anybody who
    has any right wing ideology. Or common sense for that matter.

  • Jag York 4 years ago

    Donald Trump makes Rob Ford look like the smartest guy on earth…

  • ian1856 4 years ago

    American liberals truly have their heads up their asses.

  • Abdul Karim Samara 4 years ago

    If trump is elected i will lose all hope for the American people. the world
    already feels like a bit of a lost cause please don’t prove it.

  • Mi Qin 4 years ago

    It’s a disgusting clown.

  • ReturnLabel 4 years ago

    I just realized me and trump have some thing in common… I too want to
    bang his dau ghter ?

  • ya000ful 4 years ago

    where is the video making fun of obama that broke so many promises that he
    made? oh wait he’s black so you can’t make fun of him, it’s not PC

  • Najib Khan 4 years ago

    Stephen, Love and respect from the Great North, Canada!

  • RainbowUnicornz 4 years ago

    it kinda sounds like Janice is in the audience

  • JCS 4 years ago

    For most of the video I was thinking how funny it would be if instead of
    only going back half a decade you went back a whole decade to see if Trump
    changed his opinion after so many thousands of days and then if you used
    that different opinion to be funny … and then you did! That was awesome
    that you went back 10 years to make this video so funny – it really shows
    your dedication to making something that really isn’t anything at all, seem
    funny! Keep up the great work!!
    I wonder what Trump thought of 40 years ago … I bet it was different than
    in 2016 and you guys could make it SUPER funny!

    Honestly, I (perhaps naively) expected quite a bit more out of Stephen
    Colbert and his writers than going back several thousand days looking for
    someone to have contradicted themselves or changed their opinion.

  • Denise Sevier-Fries 4 years ago


  • W Pr 4 years ago

    6:56 check out how he holds in the laughter XD
    This clip is so unbelievably scathing, it’s crazy lol

  • Jared Bray 4 years ago

    Why do you care about this video if you aren’t American? I don’t get that.

  • Anna Marie Rae 4 years ago

    I have yet to see a good comments about Trump…..
    I really dont understand the polls lol

    Its sad to see other countries laughing at us cause this is a legitimate
    candidate to become President of the US lolololol

  • ozatheking 4 years ago

    “voters do love a family man”??? dead

  • Mirna C 4 years ago

    Great job! It’s hilarious

  • Raza UrRahman 4 years ago

    Dump Trump.. He’s a racist, neo-con, pro-israel zionist asshole.

  • iceguy93 4 years ago

    Sniper shots fires.

  • Eleanor IsNotGivingYouHerLastName 4 years ago

    When he said “dump” the audience completely lost it i love this

  • Aklesiya Abebe 4 years ago

    bruh he just roasted him! I am dying so funny ???

  • little satansoo 4 years ago

    “Voters do like a family man.” HAHAHA OKAY WOWZA

  • TestTube New 4 years ago

    It sucks how you can’t change your name without being a flip flop

  • Doppe1ganger 4 years ago

    3k of butthurt fools xD Feel the Colbernt

  • maureen matson 4 years ago

    NO one of intelligence watches Colbert.

  • Steve Cross 4 years ago

    Dear god, this is Letterman’s replacement ? Seriously ? What were they
    thinking ? With “Satire” as “biting” as this against him, no wonder Trumps
    poll numbers are zooming. After the lies & smears have run their course,
    your choice in 2016 is a Businessman who gives out paychecks or an Idealist
    who doles out welfare stamps. Now let’s sit back & watch what happens.

  • I'm CIA 4 years ago

    as a trump supporter this is hilarious

  • GiveMeDonuts 4 years ago

    Stephen Colbert should moderate an all-Clinton debate.

  • Toby Licious 4 years ago

    I love Stephen Colbert and I love Donald Trump!

  • Xena Zon 4 years ago

    “It is nice to see you reach out to a person of color…”

  • mckennarosebud 4 years ago

    That’s it. I’m going to Canada.

  • Joji East TV 4 years ago

    …I’ve seen this type of thing before.

    [Draws Lightsaber]

    *I AM, the Senate!!*

  • Will Alexander 4 years ago

    I liked Trump until I saw this =/

  • Nathan Olson 4 years ago

    Donald is truly a dump. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate by far! But I
    can’t wait for Kanye West 2020!!! JK!

  • Mike Denney 4 years ago

    How stupid is this attendance on this cite, as most of you all are
    likely Liberals, (On the wrong site), or your name has been taken from a
    grave stone! so you can vote? You have already put an Islam leader into
    power for 8 years Freaking years! The ones we are fighting that believe in
    their Quran in rape and murder of child and women. Did you know that only
    7% of our population are defending Americas and catching purple heart for
    your chicken shit @$$’s that say the things you do on our Republican
    cite? If you are not a Republican shut up and find a liberal site! If you
    are a Republican most of you don’t sound like it. I’m not going to talk
    shit about Trump but I have 2 other Republicans in mind. So enjoy your
    freedom to choose as I helped pay for it but stop helping the Liberals out
    and support your leader!

  • Raman Sanjayan 4 years ago

    This the fricken hilarious, trump contradicting himself….ahahahahahhs

  • The Angry Goat 4 years ago

    YOU SUCK STEPHEN!!! You couldnt get more than 1million unless your videos
    say Trump in it.

  • Ladiesman1447 4 years ago

    Time to dump the trump.

  • Susan Dowling 4 years ago

    dump lol

  • Antony Evan 4 years ago

    Damn you Stephen, for making me lol in the middle of the night hahhaa ha

  • Celestial Wolf 4 years ago

    Whoever disliked this video just can’t accept the fact that Donald Trump is
    an asshole candidate

  • Rozmic 4 years ago

    And he STILL WON :D

  • Brent Cromwell 4 years ago

    Frankly Hillary cannot beat Trump, on campaign finance reforms Trump will
    wipe the floor with her. The only Democratic candidate with a leg to stand
    on is Sanders, he could easily win over Trump, due to the larger youth vote
    combined with the swing voters who are sick of all the corporate funded BS
    pushed down our throats. If Hilary is made candidate all the youth vote and
    anti-corporate vote go to Trump, sad as it is, She unapolegetically takes
    millions from individual wall street donors and tries to say she’s for
    campaign finance reform?

  • McZachary 4 years ago

    I don’t like trump. But how come Hillary is allowed to change her views and
    opinions, but trump isn’t?

  • Sparky 234 4 years ago

    This fucking retard talking to himself because Trump wouldn’t even talk to
    a loser like this. Both ugly and not funny but a Attention whore that tries
    to be funny, what a loser. The only reason you got so much views is because
    of his name. You fucking disgrace of a whore, nobody likes you. The best
    thing your father could do is jerk you off in a glass

  • FREAK OF XBOX 4 years ago

    If trump wins then I can’t go to America….Canada shall suffice

  • Evan Lloyd 4 years ago

    Best GOP debate yet lmao

  • Mojtaba Rezaei 4 years ago

    We Iranians LOVE to see trump as your president 🙂 and you know something
    is wrong with this guy when we say that :)))

  • Ambidextrous voter 4 years ago

    Most of these clips are taken way too far out of context. Like @ 6:22
    Steven asks “who can we expect to see in your cabinet.” The clip he plays
    after that is of Trump talking about something else and after he’s done
    naming their names. These low information liberal voters eat it up and
    actually have the nerve to call Trump voters stupid.

  • Sam - 4 years ago

    I feel sorry for you Americans

  • Andrea Silva 4 years ago

    I will vote for Donald trump for the worst person to ever run for office

  • communistjesus 4 years ago

    It’s so good to see that even though The Colbert Report is gone, it IS NOT
    Elements of it still continue on: The Late Show with Stephen Tyrone Colbert
    aka Esteban Tyron Colberto Chaves .
    The Colbert Nation is alive and kicking in 2016….

  • Kobe Pauwels 4 years ago

    extra special wosk. seems. scattered cave what do you thinl…

  • futurepj96 4 years ago

    It’s amazing how his supporters turn such a blind eye to his constant

  • Al Marti 4 years ago

    Brilliant comedy!

  • Enoch Enough 4 years ago

    best trump


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