Stephen Grills John Kasich On Pot Legalization



  • Jacob Bla 3 years ago

    Cigarettes and Alcohol?

  • Zac Marinelli 3 years ago

    I’m from Ohio… His stupidity disgusts me

  • ihearcalling 3 years ago

    I’m sort of bummed stephen endorsed such a narrow, ignorant, fact-selective
    point of view by giving it airtime even as he argued with it. boooooooo.

  • Mandrake 3 years ago

    Awesome. Just wish Colbert had been like this agains that Donald Trump.

  • Sam DeChristopher 3 years ago

    I fucking love you Stephen

  • Ryan Covel 3 years ago

    Colbert for President

  • Wan Yuan 3 years ago

    what the fuck is this guy smoking?

  • Devin Gresham 3 years ago

    Stephen knows how to bust some balls. That’s why he’s the king

  • flintmakesmusic 3 years ago

    Talking about “drugs”, leaving out alcohol. Ignorance at its best.

  • Phoenix Wright 3 years ago

    “Isn’t that what alcohol is?”
    “Yeah, well….”
    Nailed it.

  • ScrappytheDog 3 years ago

    It is no coincidence that the rise of heroin has coincided with marijuana
    legalization. As soon as the drug lords saw that their profits from
    marijuana were decreasing they just switched to harder drugs. There are
    also a ton of side effects of marijuana that no one in the media ever talks
    about. I hold the media responsible for this current epidemic.

  • Damian Lynch 3 years ago

    What a backwards-thinking asshat.

  • Carlos Rivera 3 years ago

    fuck this stupid ignorant piece of shit. I bet he owns some type of share
    in the prison system. force your kids to do what you want with your
    ignorant old ideas that aren’t even factual but don’t force the country to
    crawl along with your stupid ass

  • Steven Pampel 3 years ago

    In Colorado, marijuana usage rates among teens declined after it was
    legalized for recreational use and study after study shows it is not
    dangerous for young people and is not a gateway drug. There is no argument
    for keeping it legal. Kasich is an idiot.

  • mosey records 3 years ago

    We thought he wouldn’t support the bill because of the potential monopoly
    in Ohio but tell the public it was purely for family values and the kids.
    Oh, well look at that we’re right.

  • Steveazencho 3 years ago

    Legalizing weed would be a huge blow to the drug cartels

  • Steven Pampel 3 years ago

    All drugs should be legalized. We can use the tax revenue on education,
    addition prevention/treatment, greatly improve our prison system, cripple
    drug cartels/drug violence, end the trillion dollar failure of a drug war
    and ensure safe drugs for those who are still addicted or want to indulge.
    No fentonyl, no spice, no chinese bathsalts in MDMA or stric nine in LSD,
    just good clean drugs for those that will do it regardless.

  • adamgreen222 3 years ago

    It seems to be a disease. Looking for a job and having no particular
    skills, some pot-smoker takes up politics then gets elected to be a
    governor. The intoxicating power of elected office transforms his thinking
    from “if it feels good, do it” (President Bush, while in office) to become
    a moralist with a superior opinion to be forced upon everyone with just one
    vote to oppose him.
    I think he lost his next election with that flippant comment about not
    getting caught smoking pot.

  • lonewolfnmoon 3 years ago

    Talk about a mixed message, Alcohol is a drug! But ok for Mom and Dad to
    get Sloshed every night and Stupid Drunk on the weekend and kill people.
    But pot proven to be the least and most beneficial of all the
    Plants/medicine that cures cancer and you can’t overdose ie kill you. Makes
    the violent calm the Nervous relaxed the depressed happy. Pot is addictive
    like good food laughter or SEX. The day when the politicians stop
    separating Alcohol and DRUGS as different then the debate will become
    honest, not until that point will pot ever get a fair hearing. The Fact
    that POT is schedule 1 and treated as worse than any other Drug, not even
    allowed for regular testing as is meth heroin cocaine LSD, even though the
    US has a Patent on it for medicinal healing, shows how biased and
    prejudiced the Belief system is and that facts are ignored over opinions.
    To think that parents would prefer their kids to go off to college and
    Drink alcohol and not smoke Pot as a choice when the studies and tests
    prove conclusively Alcohol kills maims and injures MILLIONS of Innocent
    people every year costing the Taxpayers Billions of Dollars and ruins the
    Lives of Millions. Pot on the other hand cannot kill you. Pot if Legal
    would not hurt anyone as no one would go to jail live in fear or have their
    lives ruined with a Police record or their property seized by some EVIL
    Police and they do exist. Given the choice to Make all plants legal makes
    sense. Its when Man in his arrogance starts messing with them and lives in
    ignorance of their benefit and dangers as Fire proves that we get into
    trouble. I wonder when CHRISTIAN Politicians will ever honor the SCIENCE as
    a fact and stop treating facts as just another form of Myth or Belief and
    opinion. The idea that all facts are not treated as strongly as their
    beliefs is the problem. They refuse to let the Truth inform them but rather
    let their beliefs be the truth in light of everything their common senses
    would tell them if allowed to speak.

  • FriedEagleMind 3 years ago

    good on Stephen for fighting the good fight. this fool has no clue what
    he’s saying

  • Nunya Bunya 3 years ago

    “Have you ever smoked pot?”
    “Yes, Stephen but let me explain. This is a simple case of do as I say, not
    as I do. I could handle smoking pot, but I don’t think the American public
    is on my level of intelligence and capability.”

  • Ben Riley 3 years ago

    “We don’t do that in Ohio”
    Good one.
    It’s ok guys, most of us Ohioans forget who he is most of the time. He
    won’t last.

  • Cam Par 3 years ago

    Yeah well guess what, people commit suicide over alcohol addiction
    about that

  • Joe Bevelheimer 3 years ago

    Yet people kill themselves because they don’t know how to escape from
    alcoholism. Alcohol has a history of killing tens of thousands every year
    through drunk driving. Why do we except those deaths, but the deaths caused
    by suicide are enough to force marijuana prohibition. I thought this was
    the land of the free? Yet people like Kasich(republicans) are consistently
    trying to take our freedom away…

  • sirkowski 3 years ago

    He didn’t answer the question about alcohol.

  • Fuji Fiasco 3 years ago

    Why make a totally harmless drug illegal? You literally can’t get addicted
    to it and you can’t overdose…

  • Leonardo Oliva 3 years ago

    So ok…now I’m just waiting for this guy to make alcohol illegal and
    tobacco illegal. I mean hey…that’s what he’s saying right? “We don’t want
    to send a mix message to our children”. But in reality this guy misses the
    point completely. People are getting their lifes ruined because pot is
    illegal. A drug that has been proven many many times that it’s harmless.
    Maybe not completely harmless but certainly way more harmless than alcohol
    or tobacco. And getting your record stained and therefore not getting a job
    for it? Is that fair?? At all??

  • Mr420Spy 3 years ago

    ….Name one person… NAME ONE PERSON. who has taken their own life
    becuase of fuckign weed.

    this fucking guy is a joke.

  • Jonathan Taylor 3 years ago

    The United States legalized Cannabis Sativa in 1942 to make equipment for
    the military during World War II. Please watch the 1942 USDA film, Hemp For
    Victory. The special tax stamp that is shown in the film reads, “Producer
    of Marihuana”. “Marihuana” was legalized, taxed, and it helped end global

  • Eric L 3 years ago

    Fuck the GOP

  • Jo Bertoli 3 years ago

    I understand both sides of this issue but the cost of locking up people for
    pot does cost and costing tax payer a lot.

  • ClumsyRoot 3 years ago

    “Sweetheart, drugs are bad and I want you to promise that you’ll *never* do

    “Now, would you get daddy a beer from the fridge?”

  • David Mead 3 years ago

    So this is representative of Ohio? Elected governor? Come in Ohio you
    cannot be this dumb.

  • Xcogames Co 3 years ago

    Conservatives are full of shit! He didnt even answer the alcohol thing ?
    Just recently someone ran over a 2 year old child cause she was drunk
    driving and this happen everyday, HE DIDNT EVEN ANSWER the ALCOHOL

  • Beats by NicG [New Channel] 3 years ago

    It’s funny though because they say they don’t want to legalize or
    decriminalize because they want to keep it out of the hands of kids…but
    marijuana is WAAAAAAAAAY easier to buy when you’re in high school than
    liquor. At least when I was in high school it was…with liquor you had to
    have somebody go to the store and buy it for you or have a fake id or come
    up with some other scheme…with weed you just buy it in between class from
    one of the several people who sells it on campus. With these laws they make
    weed MORE accessible to children while also increasing the risk of giving
    them criminal records

  • simivb 3 years ago

    With all due respect: nobody was grilled here. It was a decent exchange of
    arguments, and the crowd was just cheering for stephen because he is the
    host, and legalizing pot is the new cool thing thing to do, after same sex
    marriage. There was no winner here. Althought Kasisch did evade the
    questions a bit.

    Also the discussion about pot has become quite toxic: You basically can’t
    say anything against it without being called a backwards thinking
    conservative. It’s ridiculous.

    Also the insane sentences on drug abuse, and the legalization are two
    completely different things.

    I am against the sentences and the legalization by the way.

  • Joe Snow 3 years ago

    You just sent a mixed message to your kids by saying don’t do drugs, but
    daddy did marijuana before.

  • Sebas 3 years ago

    Why would I want a monopoly on anything just so I can support something.
    I’m pro pot but that bill should never be legalized

  • Grant Rodgers 3 years ago

    I’m a big old socialist liberal, but I kinda agree

  • Jamison Baur 3 years ago

    Kasich defiantly would not be a political if he was busted for pot. because
    now a days a DUI for pot is now a blacklist. he needs to grow a pair and
    stand up against bullshit assumptions like lacing weed. You can put cocaine
    in beer if you really wanted; see laced beer.

  • TheSpaceTiger 3 years ago

    Legalise almost everything, regulate distribution but do it cheap to put
    every drug cartel out of business and reduce actual crime.

  • Jeremy West 3 years ago

    Too many young potheads didn’t vote, tons of dealers wouldn’t bother voting
    either way since the illegal aspect makes the price go up and sustains
    their livelihood. Didn’t help that there were two issues making uninformed
    voters confused and the main opposition was people who supported
    legalization but were scared about a business monopoly. Ohio you have
    failed me.

  • GENERATION 1984 3 years ago

    The FDA said Oxycontin is fine, abolish the FDA.

  • 4hpook 3 years ago

    Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, people! No – seriously – that stuff is poison.

  • goldktgal 3 years ago

    his reasoning for illegal marijuana makes no sense. he keeps bringing up
    other drugs that have nothing to do with marijuana. What a hack.

  • Applesand pears 3 years ago

    this guys racist against marijuanas. fucking disgusting. how is this guy
    even allowed on the debate stage??

  • Sebas 3 years ago

    All Kasich is saying is that he doesn’t want to legalize something, he’s
    talking about helping people in jail for drug offense with rehab, I would
    rather have that than a world where pot is legalized but people who get
    addicted to any other drug are forced to rot. I’m pro all drug legalization
    and government funded rehabilitation centers for drugs but Stephens talking
    points are bullshit.

  • Sobrino928 3 years ago

    Colbert is only tough on Republican candidates.

  • 〈CaptainCole〉 3 years ago

    Look at Portugal, they legalized drugs and it lowered rates

  • kelley davis 3 years ago

    Keep there feet in the fire on this. Anyone still weak kneed on marijuana
    legalization needs to defend that stand and not just dance away smartly :/

  • Clayton Balzer (Wizmo) 3 years ago

    naw, alcohol is much much worse for you

  • SamandRie 3 years ago

    This makes me sad, Kassich imo is the most reasonable GOP cadidate. I don’t
    agree with his view on marijuanna but his other political positions are
    good. To bad this is the only side you guys will see of Kassich if you are
    already not familiar with him.

  • Brian Quint 3 years ago

    Watch him squirm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rico “Free-K” Fluor 3 years ago

    This ignorant says himself that the drug problem has never been so rampant
    as today. Still he’s not getting to the point that the whole “war on drugs”
    has been a complete failure. The only ones who profited from this multi
    trillion dollar waste of money is the prisonindustry, arms industry and of
    course the mobsters along with thousands of corrupted cops. Anybody who
    wants his kids to grow up in a safer enviroment should by all means support
    a complete legalization and regulation of all illegal drugs.

  • Len Bennati 3 years ago

    I have never told my daughter that alcohol is OK….

  • Len Bennati 3 years ago

    I am quite OK with medical marijuana which would have passed in Ohio…..

  • Zack Young 3 years ago

    I think the issue is with this conceptual thinking we shouldn’t be allowing
    our children to use tobacco or alcohol- historically dangerous or addictive
    but yet legal. The term “drugs” in and of itself is a relative term in that
    the entire medical industry relies on drugs (medications) to accomplish
    everything from sedation to regulation; marijuana is also a relatively
    popular treatment for a myriad of afflictions.

    I used to hate the idea of legalization too but honestly, what’s the point
    of criminalizing the substance? People are going to get their hands on it,
    people are going to use it and nothing will stop that. We can go 2 routes,
    one is seemingly ineffective and has yet to work and the other we can
    profit off of and regulate to make sure it’s done as safe as possible.

  • Henrique Pinto 3 years ago

    First time i did other drugs like Cocaine and MDMA i was drunk not high…
    When high on weed i was paranoid and didnt feel confortable trying hard
    drugs. Wich one is the gateway drug again?!??

  • Vidar 3 years ago

    Why didn’t he answer the damn question about Alcohol? Is he stupid?
    It’s the biggest gateway there is!

    A culture that uses substances to distort your brain in general is the
    problem (if you’re going to claim that there even is a problem). Either you
    clump all drugs together (which is stupid) or you don’t, in which case you
    should make a distinction between heavy drugs and Marijuana (which is
    actually better than alcohol).

    How is it that you guys don’t manage to pin your politicians on such a
    simple subject? It’s ridiculous.

    Just push the shit out of them by asking about alcohol and the rates of
    death due to it, the rates of accidents, crime, vandalism, being a gateway
    to heavier drugs, to bad behavior, you name it!
    Keep asking the damn question and add facts to it until they answer!

  • KMPCoupons 3 years ago

    Republican’s will never win the general elections

  • Iftheysayagame'sname They'llplaythatgame 3 years ago

    why did they clap at 2:45?

  • butterflycaught900 3 years ago

    I injected just one whole marijuana and now i am dead.

  • Travis Norseman 3 years ago

    why can’t people who think like this guy just die and go to hell where they

  • Slartibart Fast 3 years ago

    Colbert – “Isn’t that what alcohol is?”

    Kasich – *Oh shit better backtrack and change the subject*



  • thepokkanome 3 years ago

    Colbert has better political discussions on his show than any other on tv

  • Travis Norseman 3 years ago

    everything this moron just said was a mind numbing cesspool of crap.

  • 1up Goomba 3 years ago

    The legalization for cannabis is for adults, not for kids.

  • Travis Norseman 3 years ago

    I would tear it a part piece by piece but it would be a total waste of

  • Maureen McLean 3 years ago

    Telling children not to do somthing could make them wonder. They need to
    hear the results. They need to hear how hard it is to get a job. What
    damage is done to the body. I am for Medical Pot. It does help with pain.

  • Zuzu Superfly 3 years ago

    Mixed message? Doctors prescribe methamphetamine to children if the
    children meet the right criteria, and it’s used as a “weight loss drug”
    under the brand name “Desoxyn”. People drink coffee everyday and we
    encourage that kind of addiction. Doctors will give you pretty much
    anything if you meet the right criteria and children are aware that it’s
    okay to buy cigarettes and alcohol if you’re an adult. Alcohol is one of
    the few drugs that can kill you while you withdrawal. Cigarettes are one of
    the most difficult addictions to break, if not the most difficult. Then,
    after all the drugs handed out to children’s parents, if not the children
    themselves, and the ubiquity of alcohol in our culture, the “mixed message”
    is supposed to be telling people that cannabis shouldn’t be illegal? How
    about we stop telling people to stop doing drugs, because that’s a stupid
    thing to say to begin with. This has nothing to do with drugs and
    everything to do with character. The issue isn’t the drugs, the issue is
    educating people about them, treating addictions effectively, and educating
    ourselves about mental health. Educating people about drugs is a lot easier
    if we stop lying to everyone about how much we actually value drugs as a
    culture. I’m so sick of this conversation, and I’m so sick of the division
    it causes. *If you respect your fellow man, and you work hard in your
    private life and have flourishing relationships, I won’t judge you for what
    you choose to do with your consciousness. It’s your consciousness.*

  • Robotfan987 3 years ago

    The sad thing is that he is one of the more sane Republicans running for

  • William Simkulet 3 years ago


    We should all send this guy some asprin in the mail.

    I think it’s stupid to do mind-altering drugs, but this guy doesn’t seem to
    realize that we do drugs all the time.

  • taibhsear71 3 years ago

    You are either for weed, smokes and booze, or you are against weed smokes
    and booze. Weed is the least damaging and least costly of the three. It’s
    like saying you’re all for seatbelts, but kids might get their finger
    caught in the brakes, so we don’t want cars with brakes.

  • alex watts 3 years ago

    he lies!!! I’m from Ohio, they love throwing ppl in jail!! my buddy got
    taken in for 0.15g of marijuana!!!

  • Hakim Hasan 3 years ago

    Non violent offensives in Ohio are also child molestation, murder and rape.
    I can’t wait to leave this state. This place ruins people lives hands down.

  • Maswerty “Swabby” Hill 3 years ago

    Liberal Colbert needs to understand pot is a gateway drug

  • witchvideofly 3 years ago

    this guy can’t explain his way out of a wet paper bag.

  • Ryan Dotsters 3 years ago

    Insert obligatory obnoxious Bernie Sanders comment.

  • Ben Hamilton 3 years ago

    In Portugal, drug use was rampant until they legalized pretty much all
    drugs. Once you can tax it, it stops being profitable and people stop
    selling it.

  • LifeInspector 3 years ago

    What a crock of shit. He’s just conflating pot and heroin, and then
    expecting us to not notice and accept what he’s saying at face value.

  • The Dark Knight 3 years ago

    I think drugs should have a limit just like alcohol

  • LyricJerichoCash 3 years ago

    I don’t dislike Kasich. I think that if the Democratic party HAS to lose
    come 2016, he’s the best choice in the Republican party. I’d rather him
    than Trump or Carson or Rubio. He seems to be the most competent out of the

  • sirscrotum 3 years ago

    Police and politicians logic on drug use in this country:


  • feldmanjared 3 years ago

    What a dumbass.

  • Eric van Bezooijen 3 years ago

    Note how Kasich keeps coming back and conflating marijuana with “drugs.” He
    keeps wanting to elevate pot to the same level as meth and heroin and
    ducking the bad consequences of society treating pot as if it was meth or
    heroin. But it’s not the same thing and the whole point is that pot is
    safer than cigarettes and alcohol, which are both legal.

  • hds 10 3 years ago

    Marijuana has been partially decriminalized in Ohio for years. You can have
    up to 100g and the only punishment is $150 and depending on the
    circumstances maybe a temporary suspension of your driver’s license . This
    won’t even go on your criminal record as it’s a minor misdemeanor. No one
    is being locked up for possessing marijuana for personal consumption in
    Ohio. It isn’t even a felony until you’re caught with more than 200g.

  • lostchild2003 3 years ago

    Kasich is a dick and has always been a dick.

  • pizzicatoiv 3 years ago

    “I don’t want kids to think it’s ok to take drugs”
    “but alcohol”
    “lol nm idk”

  • bballjulien 3 years ago

    did he literally just say “we don’t even want serious drug addicts to be
    locked in prison for the rest of their life”…..?

  • qwertyqart 3 years ago

    title of the video is at least weird

  • Paul Gracey 3 years ago

    Con-tinous con-flation by the con-man Kasich whose public persona is
    defined by his ability to comfortably sit in the media spotlight and spout
    pompous platitudes endlessly because, like that other Oxycontin abusing
    con-man Rush, he has been in the business of selling people things they
    don’t know they do not need on the airwaves for his whole career.

  • Sim Lash 3 years ago

    Don’t do drugs (but being addicted to nicotine, caffeine, or alcohol is
    okay). These politicians are full of it.

  • SaphricPCGaming 3 years ago

    Fuck this guy.

  • jimmy murillo 3 years ago

    I’m a democrat but this guy seems pretty cool for the most part

  • Seven Foot Pelican 3 years ago

    Conservatives love their alcohol, why can’t they let liberals love their

  • Knicks27 3 years ago

    This bullshit they pull out of their ass when they say that it’s somehow
    more potent now than it was back then.

  • ma3str0pro 3 years ago

    Let the people do whatever they want as long as they dont harm others.
    ‘Murica is the land of the free, innit? Why force an unnecessary law upon
    the people?

  • Kwality Kontrol 3 years ago

    We should keep pot illegal because heroin.

    Drop out Kasich.

  • garfoonga1 3 years ago

    Is there any validity in what this guy is saying?


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