Stephen Finally Gets To Covfefe About Covfefe

Published on June 6, 2017

Stephen was away on vacation but can pretty much sum up last week in a single word, albeit imaginary.

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  • Why you gotta go there 2 years ago

    Hey question. When will trump be evil?

    – He has said “We need to take out their families” which is only terrorism when a Muslim says it. So okay that doesn’t make him evil.
    – He Ordered a raid that took the life of 30 innocent people in Yemen including an 8year old girl. Fine that doesn’t make him evil.
    – Over 1000 innocent people died just last month because of trumps 400% increase in Drone attacks. Fine that doesn’t make him evil. (Notice I said he increased drone attacks not that he is the first president to start them. I’m not defending anyone here trumpsters. Just showing how extra evil your guy is.)
    – Has empowered people that have taken the lives of Muslims, and Hindus(mistaking them for Muslims.) Fine that doesn’t make him evil.
    – Has in the past prevented American citizens from entering America because of their religious fate. Fine that doesn’t make him evil.
    – Has taken America out of the Paris Climate agreement. Fine that doesn’t make him evil still.

    So what will it take?

  • JCTiggs 2 years ago

    Donald Trump when asked about covfefe.. “To all the LOSERS who said my COVFEFE tweet was a typo…wrong! This was a carefully planned, brilliant distraction for all those terrible haters out there, and was my decision, mine alone, and I have to say, it worked beautifully, so beautiful. Remember, I’m like, a smart guy okay. I waited patiently, I’m so patient, I waited SIX hours, and only after I finished exploring my huge, luxurious dream world, I decided to tweet again, and I really do have the best dreams too, I can do anything there, and during those SIX hours, everyone totally forgot about my amazing world tour, to distant, and far away lands. You all forgot about my sword dancing shuffle moves, my dominant shoves and powerful handshakes on weak NATO members (NOT LEADERS!), my romantic gestures to hold Melania’s hard to find tiny hands, she is so great, so great, my huge, magnificent palms on Aladdin’s amazing glowy mind reading ORB thingy, my super close relationship with macho man Putin and his glorious country of Russians, those nasty leakers inside the white house, so nasty, who by the way, are completely jealous of Jared, even though he’s totally innocent, I love Jared, so dark, so mysterious…. and last but not least, you all forgot about the bad press against ME, which by the way, is totally FAKE NEWS anyway. I WIN Again. #MAGA #BLOATED #SCROTUM”

  • God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon 2 years ago

    Covfefe still makes more sense than Trump’s entire foreign policy.

  • marya _ 2 years ago

    covfefe | noun | n. | co-fay-fay
    ;the state of mind in which a person assumes to be smart and respected… but totaly isn’t.
    ;being a total dick

  • Mathew Ricafrente 2 years ago

    I’d like a cup of covfefe, no Trump.

  • Maria Cambron 2 years ago

    Does Jon Batiste ever have anything of substance to add? Aside from the ill-timed piano interludes and the overused “cold-blooded!” interjections, he’s useless. Time to take him out back and put him down.

  • Zack Jiang 2 years ago

    Finally Stephens back to put humor into the disaster of reality

  • Allison Shockley 2 years ago

    I’ll never get tired of Stephen ragging on Trump tbh

  • UNC GRAD 2 years ago

    COVFEFE is short for…..
    COVer-up FEderal FElony!

  • Luke Skywalker 2 years ago

    covfefe is Russian for “mission failed, abandon vessel”

  • Dennis Hastings 2 years ago

    “…it’s pronounced ‘St. Petersburg’!! Ba-da-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!

  • Noah Blank 2 years ago

    NYT’s theory is that Trump’s lawyers tackled him before he could further ruin himself.

  • Batman 2 years ago

    Only a week gone and Baptiste is already insufferable again

  • Regina Phalange 2 years ago

    America Should have been Great by now!! but it isnt, Weird!

  • Doc Darlin 2 years ago

    LOL – and while Colbert was taping, Trump was doubling down on the “TRAVEL BAN”. Sad.

  • Words of My Leader BingBing BongBong BingBingBing 2 years ago

    Colbert, one my reason to live on anymore..

  • KenYap89 2 years ago


  • Nitya Wenks 2 years ago

    covfefe might have meant coffee…

  • Eomma Twice 2 years ago


  • GrahamThomaZ VEVO 2 years ago

    where you been Stephen? missed your videos! 🙏👏👏👏👏


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