Stephen Explains Socialism To Donald Jr. With Halloween Candy

Published on November 2, 2017

Stephen describes economic theory in terms that Donald Trump Jr. can understand: Halloween candy.

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  • neoc 11 months ago

    The entire Trump family is a joke.

  • juan gomez 11 months ago

    Take the kids house so you can explain 2008 capitalist mortgage crisis .

  • George H 11 months ago

    was douche a real candy bar?? lol

  • JoeBudden Assistant 11 months ago

    Trump hates stephen soo much i swear 😂😂😂

  • bujin1977 11 months ago

    Now why would Don Jr waste time teaching his kid about socialism when he could more profitably spend his time explaining that daddy is going on a long holiday very soon…?

  • BladeWinters 11 months ago

    Using something that was literally given to your daughter for free when she asked for it as an analogy about how giving to those who have less than you due to circumstances you assumed is bad, I’d say you shouldn’t assume things about others you haven’t met but you just confirmed several things I just assumed about you. Soooo… have a Douche brand candy bar, I guess, it suits you.

  • Joan Raymond 11 months ago

    I recall a story told by a radical socialist who lived about two thousand years ago about loaves and fishes. Today, it would be take all the loaves and fishes, and keep them for yourself. Brilliant comment Don Jr.

  • KingOfMadCows 11 months ago

    Instead of candy, I bet Don Jr. gives out business cards, bone white with Silian Rail lettering, or maybe eggshell with Romalian type.

  • Libya ThinkTank 11 months ago

    “Should I k___ myself or watch Stephen Colbert?” From Johnny Carson’s best joke: “Should I k___ myself or go bowling?”

    Late-night is so bitter & last century, stopped watching mid-90s. How lazy, trailer & uneducated do you gotta be, to watch the puppets of late-night TV and find it funny?

    Sammy Davis Jr told Johnny, there’s like a car mechanic in Detroit, funnier than him, Johnny and all of them put together. Johnny agreed. I am he.

  • Harry Paul 11 months ago

    I feel like they shouldn’t call it socialism…..just sensible capitalism.

    Like you shouldn’t go into debt for becoming ill because Pharmaceutical companies charge 500% more for pills than they have to.

    And employment should be separated from healthcare to really free peoples lives.

    Also giving people loans they can’t afford and passing them on (2008 crash).

  • 7rue Op1n1on 11 months ago

    The Literals jokes are childish, and unfunny. What is going on with society.

  • James Coppola 11 months ago

    Ok that was kinda great

  • allegiant347 11 months ago

    This better get on trending

  • Paul Ramos 11 months ago

    Hey Harvard and all Ivy Leagues out there, give Stephen Colbert the Honorary Doctorates in Philosophy, Economics, and Humanities! He makes these disciplines more meaningful and fun!

  • JTN 저스틴 11 months ago

    I just imagined Bernie Sanders going out for Halloween.

  • Marcus Chan 11 months ago

    Damn, now I feel like candy…

  • Ricky1968 11 months ago

    When Socialists try to explain something they don’t understand… funny !

  • Jackie T-M 11 months ago

    “I bet that other O went to a poor person.” 😂

  • Stuart M. 11 months ago

    Don Jr. is going to jail! Yes, he is! If Papadopolous is going to jail, so is Don, Jr.! Hooray!

  • Ruspanic 11 months ago

    Don Jr.’s Tweet was obviously a joke so I don’t care, but I am pretty disturbed by Colbert’s unabashed defense of socialism. He even credited Das Kapital for the ideas he was endorsing. (Though he did say that wealth redistribution “blows”, which is confusing)

    Wasn’t too long ago that the Daily Show and Colbert Report were considered “informative” comedy shows, but now it just looks like Colbert is presenting unfiltered left-wing opinions with the condescending air of an “intellectual” who’s teaching you something.


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