Stephen Colbert’s Dil-Do’s & Dil-Don’ts

Published on November 11, 2021

Looking for ways to reduce your sexual carbon footprint? Stephen’s newest segment is here to help, with a close look at how the sex toy industry is starting to offer more eco-friendly products. #Colbert #ClimateChange #SexToys

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  • Barry Lyndon 2 years ago

    i am poor obscure plain an soulless an it would be best if i was eaten by a fangy grizzly bear who mistook me for hunney…

  • ipsodox 2 years ago

    Well I guess I can be happy about helping save the environment for the past two years…

  • D Bone 2 years ago

    56 is about 13 in real temperature. That’s cold? To a New Yorker? Californian, sure, but…

  • ccggenius12 2 years ago

    I’d think shower sex would be encouraged. I mean, they’re in there at the same time, and two minutes later they’re done.

  • Niamh De Na Crainn Arda 2 years ago

    How many dil-dos does a person need that they are piling up in landfills?

  • Phyllis Seidl 2 years ago

    Sheep – “You’re gonna do what with my intestines?”

  • stephanie reif 2 years ago

    Home made lube? Keep it simple. Our ancestors used olive oil. Try it.

  • Delta V 2 years ago

    Yeah showering 5 minutes less or leaving the lights off is totally going to save us when we’re still subsidizing millions for wholly inadequate carbon capture programs of the fossil fuel industry. But please keep guilt tripping and gaslighting us in to believing we’re the problem, except when it comes to the actual lifestyle change that does somewhat help because that threatens another heavily subsidized billion dollar industry.

  • Arcana Octonus 2 years ago

    Back before latex there were reusable rubber ones. People hung them out on the clothesline. The big brand was 3 merry widows.

  • adamjd 2 years ago

    Am I missing why they booed Springsteen? Or did I hear that wrong?

  • I D 2 years ago

    If you can not get people
    to cooperate from harboring
    a deadly virus from continuing
    on deadlier, presently, it is
    impossible to expect them to
    forego a much, much more
    nebulous existential threat.

    “Individual Autonomy,” remember!

    Unfortunately, Divisions &
    Wokeness is real. America
    is far from centered at the
    time. Case in point, is the
    segment unWoke to Climate
    Change, the Pandemic, etc

    They are, currently, betrothed
    to the mendacity of the their
    lord, the orange man. He iis
    Not, merely, a foil.

    Fear Mongering of “Isms” is the
    typical purview of the Scoundrel
    to freeze us in the Status Quo.

    Eg baseless Conspiracy Theories
    Qanon, Climate Change is not real,
    Pandemic is fake, JFK jr with Trump,
    etc. All, baseless Con Conspiracies.

  • I D 2 years ago

    A better moniker for Manchin &
    Sinema are “Regressives,” or at
    minimum, “Status Quo Shills.”

    Centrism, Moderation, is just
    euphemism for the “Do Nothing”
    Status Quo – while our current
    structures are bursting at the
    seems for everyday people and

    “Moderate” is an assault on the senses
    for describing these Corruptors. It
    conveys a comfortable cushion
    – which is far from the condition of our


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