Stephen Colbert’s Cyborgasm: Robots Are Taking Our Fast Food Jobs

Published on September 7, 2022

Our tech-obsessed host takes a look at how fast food chains are increasingly turning to robots to handle tasks once assigned to human workers. #Colbert #Comedy #Cyborgasm

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  • Trevor Allen 1 year ago

    These “parents don’t know technology but their kids do” jokes have gotta phase out. Does Stephen(‘s writers) realize it’s millennials that have kids now?

  • Sean 1 year ago

    BASIC INCOME NOW, the robots will take the jobs, as they should.

  • Austin Throop 1 year ago

    God dammit Stephen soon they will replace me too.

  • David L 1 year ago

    The dad ant was fantastic.

  • Sean Dees 1 year ago

    Before the pandemic I had started school studying mechatronics. A lot of people would ask what that meant. My stock reply was that I was going to design the robots that were going to take away their jobs. Almost 100% asked if their job could be the first one I helped eliminate.

  • wirehyperspace 1 year ago

    look the AI going to take your job Stephen well it can go online and get more dirt – look satellite feed and motor vehicle unpaid tickets; with satellite and unpaid tickets you’re going in the poky, mouth wash and Vaseline, no in New Pork there are rats and cat walks so need scabies ointment because a cat will spray the walls, and don’t want to look like Matt Damon from movie The Martian, because someone was using it water moccasins as butt wipe with covid toilet paper shortage – trade for anal beads

  • Eddie Gaster 1 year ago

    ‘Why is everyone crying?’
    ‘They took our jobs!’

  • Dimitrios Desmos 1 year ago

    They dont cry but they also dont poison !!!!

  • Kris R 1 year ago

    Is Stephen ever going to talk about the shit show his former producer is putting on over at CNN? Two-sidesing it with fascists no less.

  • raible 95 1 year ago

    In California, fast food workers are demanding $22 an hour with AB257 more than most other jobs in the state ya robots seem like the best way to go. I’m no fan of capitalism however fighting for higher pay and not lower rent and food costs will create higher inflation in the state meaning higher prices for everything again. And from a business perspective, it’s cheaper to just have robots do the work in these types of jobs if workers are demanding a %40 raise which will have a ripple effect. I just don’t understand why they fight for higher pay but not lower living costs because I can tell you right now these priorities are kinda dumb and they forget just how replaceable they are.

  • Mister Frost 1 year ago


  • NOT SURE 1 year ago

    As someone who has manned a frier… The damn robot can have that god forsaken job!

  • Bennett Kunert 1 year ago

    What happened to John Batist?

  • Lex Slate 1 year ago

    In a sane society, automation would mean more vacation days for everyone. But instead we just get laid off so that the boss can use our new position as unemployed to threaten the remaining staff so they won’t demand better pay.

    I say we build trebuchets and yeet the rich.


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