Stephen Colbert’s Cyborgasm: Home Edition

Published on January 27, 2018

Artificial intelligence is making its way into your kitchen, your bathroom, and your privacy.

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  • CDN salsa 2 years ago

    Cloi can you tell Stephen Colbert that his outro music is no longer loud? Cloi?! looks like someone needs to be turned off and exchanged for another model…

  • Timothy Oertel 2 years ago

    ElliQ sounds a lot like Kill backwards…

  • Johnyliltoe 2 years ago

    God, youngsters these days just don’t get me!

  • Soaring Eagle 2 years ago

    Why did i post this comment?

  • JuniJuin Enero 2 years ago

    3752nd view

  • stiimuli 2 years ago

    Nanna- “ElliQ, why didn’t you remind me to take my meds?”
    ElliQ- “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.”
    Nanna- “Who the hell is Dave….and why won’t the pod bay doors open????”

  • camelshit 2 years ago

    Square toilets would be almost as nonviable as square cups and drinking glasses.

  • Aswath 2 years ago

    I’ll subscribe to this channel when you create a playlist having only monologues! I’m not interested in what some Curry learned or who left Stephen speechless…

  • arizakaa 2 years ago

    Wow, a screen to tell you what’s in your fridge. How demented and lazy do you have to be for this to be helpful? Maybe a nice gift for a certain president, but otherwise it’s useless.

  • tecums3h 2 years ago

    Who am I supposed to smack around now if my dinner isn’t ready when I get home or if I ask for a beer in the TV room and it takes too long? How do I smack a computer around enough to respect me and all the hard work I do providing for this family!? Can the computer take the kids to it’s Mom’s house over night? Will the computer believe me when I tell it I’m sorry and I love it?

  • MatchstalkMan 2 years ago

    These electricals are cute.


    And that’s what they’ll do when the machines rise up and take over the world…


  • The Transgender Android 2 years ago

    We love you, too, Stephen.
    Well, we see your continued existence as beneficial.
    That’s kind of the same thing, isn’t it?

  • Zoe Mosaic 2 years ago

    I want an ElliQ

  • Ketsueki Kumori 2 years ago

    All I’m thinking for the the toilet is DBZA’s toilet. “Toire de arimasu!” and “Scheißen Sie auf meinem Gesicht!”

  • Eric The Viking 2 years ago

    I feel bad for the cloi presenter

  • Jerricola 2 years ago

    Yeah…. I can afford Top Ramen and frozen pizzas, let me know when something hits the dollar tree or Walmart at best.

  • waterandafter 2 years ago

    Didn’t The Flintstones already have all this stuff?

  • Ninj Chelonia 2 years ago

    Elli Q = HAL 9000…..

  • Vanessa Tsu 2 years ago

    End card volume is much more acceptable this time

  • LyleDeYounges 2 years ago

    I’d rather just push or pull something than having to engage in conversation with my toilet. WTF.


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