Stephen Colbert’s Book Club For People Who Want To Sound Like They Read The Book

Published on October 21, 2021

Welcome to Stephen Colbert’s brand new book club, designed for people who want to sound like they read the book at their book club. #Colbert #Comedy #BookClub

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  • Myles Heneke 2 years ago


  • justrosy5 2 years ago

    Paramount Plus needs to get all the Star Trek audio books! And open up an ebook library on the site and in the app! Then they need to add all the Star Trek novels there! And then make a deal with LeVar Burton for Skybrary Content! Then they need to include access to all the Reading Rainbow shows from that P B S Station that owns them!

    (Update: It took me probably ten tries to post this. YouTube-Mommy is nuts! It has a problem with the acronym for Public Broadcasting Stations! Someone get that algorithm some box wine!!!)

  • James Morrissey 2 years ago

    That’s wonderful, in tips on bible study groups? Lol

  • Dale Drew 2 years ago

    As I drink my box wine, mmm, delicious

  • Yautja Prime 2 years ago

    It astonishes me that people still read books. With all the other mediums we have available it seems this archaic one would be reserved for reading your screen on the internet or subtitles to a movie. Don’t get me wrong I love words and enjoyed reading as a child but they turned scripts into movies, and not the other way around, for good reason. I was in AP English as soon as it became available and was told I was a gifted writer by all my teachers but I just find it very drool and boring. A picture being worth a thousand words means that even just a few minutes of film footage is worth millions. We simply can’t replicate having a musical score, being able to read facial expressions(which we are hardwired as humans to do) etc.

    A book would take pages to describe someone’s mood, what they are wearing, the environment they are in, and/or who they are with, etc. While on a screen one can gleam all of that in milliseconds. I’ve heard some say that film spoon feeds you information but I would argue it allows your brain to digest information in a much faster rate. The spoon feeding is itemizing someone’s articles of clothing one at a time and talking about what they are eating. In acting, you show, not tell. Telling is inferior to showing.

  • Shifty Bat 2 years ago

    The sunglasses thing is Real but it’s not a one way street for all. In my teens I tried blue shades because I was getting Really into (and to this day Stayed into) Elvis Costello but that tint started to feel depressing and it masked too much. I tried orange but it was like giving yourself color blindness. I tried yellow because I love the anime Trigun and wanted that Vash look, and unsurprisingly it Did improve my disposition a bit, but they were hard to find as a poor kid in 2000. Fast forward several years and I have been wearing rose-tinted or rose and yellow ever since, as they dampen my aversion to white light just enough without impairing visibility. Gotta find your fit, I suppose.

  • Denise Boldea 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind joining a book club if they allowed you to pick the book you wanted to read. I only like history, humor, Science Fiction, poetry and the occasional biography/autobiography and a well written mystery. Most of these clubs only seem interested in fiction and romance, and I personally find both droll.

  • Patrick Tilton 2 years ago

    I wonder if Stephen has read “THE NATURE OF MIDDLE EARTH” — which might just be the last book of materials written by Tolkien that’ll ever be published. I got it, read it, and learned things I didn’t previously know about his mythos. Colbert’s a Tolkien nerd, so I’m sure he’d dig it — though he’s probably on a DUNE kick right now, cuz of the new movie.

  • Mike S 2 years ago

    A room full of fully vaccinated people wearing masks. How sad.

  • Ian Locke 2 years ago

    I love a good “Cardbordeaux” too.

  • Hamadi Bahri 2 years ago

    If you like wine, don’t drink from a box

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Wait.. I can read those background zoom meeting props? What will they think of next!

  • adam serritella 2 years ago

    Stephen Colbert new book entitled ”My friend the Pedophile JOHN PODESTA”

  • Tokyo Rogue Gaming 2 years ago

    So, they all vaccineted there? And still wearing mask….

  • Sun Flower 2 years ago

    Start a discussion on how to pronounce the main characters Sir name? Ok, I can do that. (I will do that.)

  • John Frank 2 years ago

    What ever happened to that boy Colbert was caught abusing in the bathroom?

  • Kristi Ford 2 years ago

    Goon sack, goon skin, chateau de cardboard
    It’s all going to get you pissed


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