Stephen Colbert Is Genuinely Freaked Out About The Brexit

Published on June 28, 2016

To get a local perspective on the UK’s big vote, Stephen checks in with anonymous British child care worker Mary P.

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  • Germa N 3 years ago

    first ! #ModestoJuniorCollege

  • Zachary Laurent 3 years ago

    Lose extra pounds overnight with this one trick the EU doesn’t want you to
    know about!

  • Luciensegura Segura 3 years ago

    last time i came this early… i slept on the couch

  • Astrolific 3 years ago

    Ctephen Solbert

  • People Power 3 years ago

    I’m honestly so disappointed in my country ?

  • ArtistLiquid99 3 years ago

    Las time I came this early The UK was still part of the EU

  • Bila 3 years ago


  • alieneduardo 3 years ago

    And here I thought there couldn’t be people more stupid than Trump
    supporters… oh I was wrong.

  • Richard Potts 3 years ago

    The easiest way to understand this is see the parallels between the UK
    referendum and your presidential in November. The same kind of anger that
    fuelled Brexit, is fuelling Trump. You are right to be worried….

  • osamabinsmokin 3 years ago

    “I think referendums are awful. The late and great Julian Critchley used to
    say that—not very surprisingly—they were the favourite form of plebiscitary
    democracy of Mussolini and Hitler.

  • MutanTminusMutiny 3 years ago

    Wait wait. Who’s Jeb?

  • MrGBH 3 years ago

    David Cameron is a huge twat.
    But Johnson and Farage are far, far worse.

  • 2506 soso 3 years ago

    killed it with mary poppins … just why..

  • Greta M. 3 years ago

    I knew it’s just an accent.

  • ScarlettShinzon 3 years ago

    Seriously bro? Please do your homework on the EU, like, live here for a few
    years or something, before speaking out against stuff going down right now.

  • Carol Chen 3 years ago

    “Don’t worry, we are sensible people here, it won’t happen ”
    Well, that’s exactly what I thought when Trump started running but now, I
    am scared.

  • Keenan Sears 3 years ago

    High fexit for that Stephen!

  • Carol Chen 3 years ago

    Anyhow, I am booking my tickets to the UK for a vacation now, thanks the
    British people

  • Pemphro 3 years ago

    Maybe the UK will join the EEA. Then they’ll be basically in the EU but
    with no voting power (Norway). Thanks Brexit! #takebackcontrol

  • Jan Jaap 3 years ago

    They are screwed .The EU is gonna make sure no other country tries this.
    They Will make an example out of them 

  • the REAL Shaqtin a Fool King 3 years ago

    Yep, democracy doesn’t matter at all to Colbert now. Just pushing the
    globalist, corporatist agenda, thanks for continuously showing your true

  • Carson k 3 years ago

    I am freaked out about everything happening in politics tbh 

  • Jason Jimerson 3 years ago

    Boy, England, you fellas are having a bad week. First the Brexit vote, then
    the Pound sinks, and now being beat by Iceland in the Euro Cup. Dang!

  • John Lee 3 years ago

    Lol Britain is falling apart due to Brexit and now America is going to too
    bc of Donald lmao

  • Durodes Duvo 3 years ago

    Best of luck to those guys…

  • Youtube Is Dumb 3 years ago

    It’s kind of sending the wrong message though.. If so many people feel
    regret (idiots) can’t they do anything about it ? And I don’t think people
    with 2 nacionalities should leave the UK because of fear the country is
    fucked, that’s kind of what Farage and Johnson want. Take the country back
    from them.

  • Matthew ferrari 3 years ago

    was good and still has clever jokes but is all propaganda now

  • 7nda Sir 3 years ago

    David Cameron “the double agent”….

    campaigning for stay actually knowing people will just purposely oppose him
    for political reasons.. Now pretending to respect the will of UK Citizens ,
    a truly double agent sticking to plan to destroy the once UK ruler of the
    world, currently world fifth largest economy out of the world power play.

  • Rockingpox227 3 years ago

    How did the global economy lose 2 trillion dollars from brexit if the UK
    hasn’t even left yet?

  • Peter Murphy 3 years ago

    All the Remain had to argue was “Money, money, money” “Economy, Stock
    market, Pound value”. They had no soul. People who voted for Leave wanted
    their freedom and sovereignty back. No guts, no glory. “Give me freedom or
    give me death”…….. Now all the Remainers are showing their true colours
    and wanting to nullify, overturn or have another referendum. Many of them
    hate democracy. Shame on them. Suck it up buttercup!!!!!!

  • MeoithTheSecond 3 years ago

    America should do a version of the EU with Mexico etc and see how that
    works out.

  • Curtis Rawsthorne 3 years ago

    Come on Stephen, way too soon with the Titanic joke

  • Jason Gordon 3 years ago

    UK and US: 2016 doesn’t seem to be a good year for everyone.

  • Nick Scott 3 years ago

    He is seriously freaked out, but the angry and mislead nationalism in both
    counties is getting out of hand.

  • Nick Scott 3 years ago

    How did the U.K. not call for a two-thirds vote?

  • supershinigami1 3 years ago

    We should blame the british elders who were the ones responsible for this

  • green lamp 3 years ago

    Britannia has cleansed itself, now its Americas turn.

  • Blue Shaw 3 years ago

    It’s funny, after the election the people who voted leave were like; ‘I
    didn’t think it would actually happen.’ Idiots. Guys if you’re from the uk
    there’s a petition being signed to have the referendum again. If you are
    able sign it. The older generation shouldn’t decide the future of the
    younger generation.

  • Henry Jermyn 3 years ago

    We’re pissed too you know. I didn’t want to leave.

  • Special Agent “The Buff” Kingston 3 years ago

    People find this funny?

  • Really Sohai 3 years ago

    The Brexit supporters trying to outdo the Trump supporters

  • Dionys84 3 years ago

    Do you wanna save Europe? Bomb Germany

  • triggered fag 3 years ago

    guys seriously though Trump or Hillary?


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