Stephen Colbert Is A Bowling Green Massacre Truther

Published on February 6, 2017

Stephen won’t rest until the media doesn’t release reports that that non-existent reports on the Bowling Green attacks that did not occur.

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  • Frankie Billmeier 2 years ago

    he reminds me kind of like nixon, as in he appears very paranoid with all
    these bold claims

  • Andrew Huseby 2 years ago

    I SURVIVED BOWLING GREEN #neverrremember

  • Freako Gaming 2 years ago

    Last time I was this early America wasn’t screwed.

  • CaptainGrumpy 2 years ago

    remember that small earthquake a few years back that toppled over a lawn

    the Bowling Green Massacre was equally as tragic as that

  • SydCho 2 years ago

    The Bowling Green Massacre did happen. I should know, I died there.

  • BlackMesa RF 2 years ago

    I live in europe and I’m so sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Trump but…
    there really IS nothing going on here. Everything came to a hold and we’re
    just sitting in front of the TV/Newspaper/Smartphone together, blacks,
    whites, mexicans, russians, refugees and many more to watch the new hot
    reality show called ‘The USA and the orange hombre’. Its good fun! I really
    wish you could see it. Sad!

  • Leivve 2 years ago

    I bet trump thinks the weather channel is fake news at this point.

  • Angel Rodarte Jr. 2 years ago

    Does this fool know that the reason refugee crime seldom happens here in
    the US is because we already have the toughest vetting system in the world
    that mainly chooses women and children first? It’s either he doesn’t know
    or just doesn’t believe it.

  • Cami Hauskins 2 years ago

    The Bowling Green Massacre was simply an “alternative” terrorist attack.

  • Isaiah Pez 2 years ago

    Guys it really happened. The only reason you don’t see any photos or video
    is because John Cena was there covering the case.

  • Anthony Pirtle 2 years ago

    Kellyanne Conway has been spinning so long she can’t find up anymore.
    Confusing Heinz and Hunts ketchup brands is an honest mistake. Repeatedly
    claiming that the media refused to cover a terrorist massacre that didn’t
    happen isn’t an honest mistake. It’s a lie. Nobody with two brain cells to
    rub together believes anything this person has to say anymore.

  • Russian President Trump 2 years ago

    The only leader alive or dead that I can think of that reminds me of Trump
    is Kim Jong Un.

  • Charlie Hutchinson 2 years ago

    I used to respect Kellyanne Conway for reigning in Trump and essentially
    winning him the presidency. No longer. She’s off the rails in a
    spectacularly 1984 manner. She’s straight up lying. All of the time. What
    the fuck is happening?

  • Son Tama 2 years ago

    What’s next? Orange Football Massacre?

  • Sam 2 years ago

    Even If you like Trump you have to admit Kelly Anne Conway is a lunatic

  • Kanglar 2 years ago

    “Any negative polls are fake news”
    Trump, 2-6-17

  • Deebo Molina 2 years ago

    I’m a Bowling Green Massacre survivor and expert…if you have any
    questions please ask!

  • Eric Ling 2 years ago

    Bowling Green Massacre? Sounds like a new Taco Bell salad bowl.

  • optimine 2 years ago

    Most of the time the news talks about a massacre that didn’t really
    happen. (Sandy Hook, Boston “bombing”, Orlando night club shooting etc.)

  • Michael Kao 2 years ago

    If only we could stop normalizing this and make them face consequences.
    It’s just day after day of lies and nothing is happening…


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