Stephen Colbert Breaks Down The 5th Democratic Presidential Debate

Published on November 21, 2019

Birthday boy Joe Biden provided the day’s first gaffe, and the Democratic debate hadn’t even started yet! Watch Stephen Colbert’s LIVE post-debate analysis to find out who had the best night at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. #Colbert #DemDebate #LateShowLIVE

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  • MaskedMarvyl 8 months ago

    Joe Biden meant to say “…..and the first African American woman to have ever been elected to the Senate”, not “the only African American woman who had ever been elected to the Senate”. It wasn’t that big a gaffe.

  • Jim Miller 8 months ago

    Every American must ask themselves: “Do we want future Democratic or Republicans Presidents using our hard earned money to be used to personally benefit themselves instead of us, the American people?” “Do we want future Presidents bribing foreign governments to make themselves richer?” Our parents fought and died in World War II to keep us from being ruled by a dictator. “Do we want future Presidents to destroy our relationships with our friends who fought beside us because they can make money saddling up to dictators who rule countries like Russia and Turkey?” “Do we want our future Vice Presidents like Mike Pense to be involved in criminal conspiracies to bribe foreign governments?” Under penalty of perjury, Ambassador Sondland testified “I mentioned to Vice President Pence before the meetings with the Ukrainians that I had concerns that the delay in aid had become tied to the issue of investigations. The vice president said he would speak to President Trump about it.” “Do we want to allow people like the head of the U.S. Department of Energy, Rick Perry, to be part of that criminal conspiracy and shakedown so he can get special deals for two of his friends that gave him big political donations? “Do you believe if you have nothing to hide you would be willing to testify to the truth?” “Would you like Vice President Mike Pense and Rick Perry to answer a Congressional subpoena and testify to the truth and nothing but the truth?””Do you believe they owe that to you because you are paying their salaries and their job is to serve you, not their own special interests?”

  • Yuwen Mei 8 months ago

    Kudos to Stephen, you did Yang fair. You have given Yang more respectable airtime than @msnbc #yang2020 #yanggang

  • inside speachless 8 months ago

    can’t even watch this…it is just too surreal. just stfu

  • KostyaT 8 months ago

    Not enough Bernie, thumbs down. #bernieblackout

  • FLAG BANDIT 8 months ago


  • SoulJah Roch 8 months ago

    Umm, Stephen, you understand that Pence will be Our president if Pelosi ‘wins’? Right??? Please tell me you don’t think Pelosi will be president if Trump’s impeached, AND ALSO removed from office by Turtle Mitch’s Senate…?✌

  • govinda johnson 8 months ago

    Interesting . . . I used to so admire Colbert, but he clearly avoids giving Tulsi any coverage. Not even to poke fun at her, and she had the most heated exchanges in the entire debate. I suspect he supports Kamala, (she’s been a guest on his show.) And Tulsi simply makes Kamala look bad.

  • TheValkian 8 months ago

    I was up for Biden. But I want my weed legalized. So my heart is broken.

  • Uaine Diabhal 8 months ago

    Kamala Harris’s campaign is going down in flames, but goddamn is she sexy

  • ThatDarnSkag 8 months ago

    Buttigieg currently has the most billionaire donors, so I guess I’m glad he’s not personally pocketing the cash and -only- financing his campaign with some billionaire Dolla Dolla Bills.

  • Sheila Scribner 8 months ago

    I laugh and love Colbert’s Bernie Sanders impressions, hilarious actually ? the only thing I worry about is that it sounds somehow that he’s just Grandpa, irrelevant, sweet but retired. Bernie may be old in age but his intellect and compassion for HUMAN rights make him an inspiration! We would be lucky to have him!

  • Zane Berry 8 months ago

    Andrew Yang was the best candidate speaking by far, he has real solutions

  • CYBER TROLL 8 months ago

    These jokes are lame. How is this clown on TV?

  • John Keith 8 months ago

    I love you Steven, but Jimmy Carter doesn’t deserve anything except our admiration and respect.
    He had an awful time as president because… Well, we all know what the 70s were like…
    That said, he is a true gentleman, and a more excellent role model for our children has never lived.
    Unlike some in the religious community (Evangelicals come to mind), he talks the talk and walks the walk.
    He should be given a sainthood after he passes, but more importantly, he should be shown our love and admiration while he still lives…

  • Simple Pam 8 months ago

    Turn off Jon’s mic. ??????? Please! What’s he doing? Was he speaking in tongues? You are not in church!!!!

  • Dorothy Mack 8 months ago

    Is Klobuchar shivering or trembling? That was kind of uncomfortable to watch.

  • Priscilla Jimenez 8 months ago

    It was nice of Yang to compliment the billionaire candidate about how he uses his money.


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