Stephen Colbert and Bill O’Reilly Discuss The Political Response To Orlando

Published on June 14, 2016

The host of The O’Reilly Factor critiques the government’s response to the Orlando shootings, and examines statements offered by the presidential candidates.

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  • thatsnotagoodidea 4 years ago

    “You need to put the fear of God in these people.” I think they got that
    fear already. That is why 50 gay folk are dead.

  • quittingcreativity 4 years ago

    We fought the Russians with the Taliban, we fought the Taliban, we fought
    the guys from Al-Qaeda, now we fight that guys that left Al-Qaeda to join
    ISIS… War begets war and more and more dead.

  • CH35U 4 years ago

    what the fuck is this guy talking about

  • Mantvydas .Bosas 4 years ago

    Strange… Bill made some really good points in the interview!

  • jiimmy567 4 years ago

    wow.. never thought i’d say this but.. Bill O’Reilly makes some sound

  • quittingcreativity 4 years ago

    It pains me that Stephen doesn’t take it to Bill the way that he might have
    used to on the Report, he’s smarter than this, he can argue better than
    this, it’s so frustrating to watch him take smack from O’Rielly’s pompous
    ass and give nothing in return.

  • extrules 4 years ago

    is he actually advocating for an ideological theocratic war against “muslim

  • Tormentality 4 years ago

    I love Bill cause he reps half of America, and I love America, but goddamn
    I don’t understand half of ya?

    There was mass shootings before ISIS, therefore this isn’t a terror
    problem, this is a unique American gun culture problem, and all you fuckers
    who support the gun lobby have blood on your hands. At least you have Bill
    reppin ya tho, this way the world continues to have zero respect for you.

  • Method Man22 4 years ago

    I have two family members who joined ISIS, yes that is correct, two close
    family members who just upped and left their family and loved ones to fight
    ISIS. Here I am, a Muslim, fasting during this month (ramadan) to gain more
    apathy for the less fortunate. And there ISIS is killing innocent people.
    My two family members that joined ISIS were drug dealing, good for nothing
    criminals. Meanwhile at the same time, I have close family members and
    relatives in the Kurdish Peshmerga fighting ISIS, while also fasting.
    Please, understand what I am trying to say here. These people do not
    represent me, or my family, or the true followers of Islam that are fasting
    during this holy month, and that are giving charity during this holy month.
    I have nothing to say, this is not justifiable and is absolutely
    disgusting. I ask if you are religious, no matter what religion you follow,
    pray for the deceased and injured, and for their families. Please stay safe
    and do not be afraid, or else these disgusting criminals will win.

  • Meskiagkasher 4 years ago

    Bill O’Reilly is part of the problem. He uneducates Americans.

  • Michel Bengochea 4 years ago

    USA declared war on islam first invading the middle East

  • Konstantin Feldman 4 years ago

    Reilly O’Bill

  • Kyle Demoderpifnlikskin 4 years ago

    what a pin head

  • Sam Clarke 4 years ago

    You mean when America put people into concentration camps?…

  • Ben Bresulla 4 years ago

    So we go in there with NATO and “wipe them out” so it’s safe for the
    refugees to return home, but what will they be returning to? Rubble and
    more poverty that’ll just continue the cycle of Clerics using the people’s
    lot in life to blame other societies and indoctrinating another generation
    into hate.

  • master procrastinator 4 years ago

    poor stephen .. some idiots like bill will never learn

  • Nick Jones 4 years ago

    NOT a mental health problem?! Then why aren’t all Muslims mass murderers,
    Bill? Do you just not believe in mental health issues because you can’t
    physically see them? You’re an idiot, Bill.

  • John Lee 4 years ago

    Bill is an interesting man but he does make some good points

  • Lex Luthor 4 years ago

    Bill stepped up his game, I like it. Count me in.

    Strange he made so much sense.

  • bdeely 4 years ago

    God…the terrorists have won if these ideas ever worked.

  • pete275 4 years ago

    another war on an untangible thing, this time with actual legal powers to
    set up a concentration camp of muslims? what could possibly go wrong

  • Archra 4 years ago

    Wait is he saying that America founded the US constitution let alone the
    bill of rights during the war of independence?

  • DontWorryBeHappeh 4 years ago

    Having to hear Bill is like having to hear a dog barking a bunch of useless
    points at you.
    1. The situation America is in with guns is beyond stupid, they need to get
    together and restrict certain guns to be easily accessible, but that’s not
    it. They NEED to make the accessibility test much tougher with regards to
    behaviourism, mental capability (basically IQ and EQ) and even increase
    background checks. The people mourning won’t ever be the same because the
    system was so easily abused, because of a bunch of lazy maggots who believe
    their ideology is above the lives of millions of people.
    2. If you ever look at history, going on war, just causes more war. Do you
    think these ISIS cunts really believe they’re wrong? Every human to have
    ever exist has done what they believe is right. All war ever does is waste
    millions of dollars to make an unstable country worse. Do you think you
    wont be killing a bunch of innocent children on the street? I’m sure you’ll
    sleep at night thinking it was the for greater good, but the poor families
    who lost their loved ones, will believe in motives to cause harm to the
    country that killed and destroyed their family. War has always been a
    double edged sword and will continue to be so if further complicated
    solutions aren’t look after. Maybe going to war is the best option for the
    congress, but this can’t come in the sacrifice of innocent civilians
    because that just makes us as bad as them.

  • Sonny Salvador 4 years ago

    O’Reilly is a Neocon, how would attacking ISIL stop these lone terrorists,
    its impossible, the Syrians the Iraqis the Iranians the Russians are
    already bombing the hell of these Wahabi Salafi Saudi monsters.
    Saudi Arabia were behind 911 never forget that, Saudi Arabia is the problem
    with the Neocon Zionist Israelis like Nethanyaho.The moderate Jews must
    distance themselves from Nethanyaho and people like him.
    Fuck the Neocon NWO and fuck Fox News.

  • 許錦文 4 years ago

    I hate this guy.But he made some valid points..

  • Yo Mama 4 years ago

    Im a muslim liberal, but i gotta say O’Reily makes some sense. Just because
    i disagree on some things, but he does make some sense, he has recently
    become more understanding rather than an extreme rightwing.

  • Zac Martin 4 years ago

    This bloke is a fuckwit

  • Ata Maden 4 years ago

    it’s the first time i see bill o’reilly dominating on a late night talk
    show. this shows something. trump will benefit a lot from this attack, and
    i fear that a couple more will guarantee his presidency. stupid hillary
    can’t compete, “delete your account” stuff is not her game.

  • Peter Taste 4 years ago

    If you could destroy all evil by bombing and killing. Shouldn’t we have
    done it by now?

  • jack theca 4 years ago

    Bill is right people

  • Hedo EJ 4 years ago

    I’m so fucking disappointed with you Stephen…

  • aTROLLwithBlades 4 years ago

    what would happen if a new religion popped up where people thought they
    would go to some kind of “heaven” if they took the easy way out of a world
    that they hate by blowing up muslim extremists….. that group would be
    slaughtered by the US. I’m sure of it. so what about he real life crazy
    people that believe killing people that don’t believe in the same god as
    them is the right thing to do. I’m so confused by why it’s ok to kill
    people that don’t agree with your religion. and to kill gays if you are a
    part of that same group…

  • Mena Kahura 4 years ago

    “We have to put the fear of God into these people.” Ummmm. Which one? There
    seem to be several floating around in our atmosphere

  • Slamz Dunk 4 years ago

    What a nice eutopia O’Reilly dreams of. Stupid hippie.

  • Superman 4 years ago

    Today is Trump’s birthday and I wonder how many white supremacists will be

  • Manar Ashkar 4 years ago

    even a law abiding person can misuse guns

  • innerpurpose 4 years ago

    Love you Stephen. Keep asking great questions with humor and care. This guy
    has the quickest wit of anyone on TV right now.

  • Bola Head 4 years ago

    This problem is both a muslim influenced issue and a gun issue.

  • MeaniJeani Beani 4 years ago

    I think Bill is on cRaCK again!

  • Collin Warren 4 years ago

    Props to O’Reilly. I don’t agree with him on some of what he said, but he
    makes a good conservative arguments that deserve to be made.

  • I C Clouds 4 years ago

    He wants war fine but I better seem him on the front line I didn’t apply to
    be killed because of bigoted ideas.

  • streglof 4 years ago

    … and for self protection you absolutely need automatic assault weapons
    to be available for everyone??

  • DoN253 4 years ago

    Funny, how you americans are clapping for O’reilly as soon as he defends
    the right for guns. As a european its so fucking crazy (and scary).

  • seriesoftrucksandtub 4 years ago

    The main issue is that O’Reilly, like much of the Republican leadership and
    many of their supporters, as well as a great deal of ‘left’ people still
    fail to realise that both the gun issue and war against organisations like
    ISIS are not clear cut things like pitched battles.

    They are messy, extremely complicated, expensive and dangerous.

    Bill making concessions on restricting some kinds of guns was important,
    but the rest of it was a plain refusal to adapt to the reality of modern

  • Mo Filmz 4 years ago

    What he is forgetting is that ISIS didn’t exist before America Wrongfully
    declared war in Iraq. The stupid Weapons of mass destruction excuse that
    Killed so many people in middle east is why those psychopaths got the
    excuse to create ISIS. Declare another war and you will have another
    terrorist group worse than ISIS.

  • Canaan 4 years ago

    if only the bad guys wore red coats so you would know who to shoot at I
    mean I get how that worked during the American Revolution but the bad guys
    today don’t wear a uniform to identify themselves as such

  • FPSUbiquitouS 4 years ago

    How does he not understand that this is not a conventional war. Bill is old
    and out dated. Retire already.

  • Jonathan Taylor 4 years ago

    Perpetual war in the name of peace. Great idea, Bill O’Reilly.

  • SuJu_Mimi 4 years ago

    stephen @ 6:26 ……exactly my reaction, like damn
    …. seriously bill????

  • Danielle Thornberry 4 years ago

    don’t worry be happy smile take my hand lets come together every body LOVE
    love is all we need under the ? let our lights shine we all have a story
    we all have pain an loss but let it not define us don’t let the gov’t wars
    devide us behind every dark night comes a beautiful day spread some joy
    remember who we are as a United state’s . blessed be my love’s.✌❤?

  • Danielle Thornberry 4 years ago

    don’t worry be happy smile take my hand lets come together every body LOVE
    love is all we need under the ? let our lights shine we all have a story
    we all have pain an loss but let it not define us don’t let the gov’t wars
    devide us behind every dark night comes a beautiful day spread some joy
    remember who we are as a United state’s . blessed be my love’s.✌❤?

  • Ulthar W/thumbs 4 years ago

    One thing was left unsaid: how do you put the fear of god into people who
    are all ready going to kill themselves along with other people?

  • David Estrada 4 years ago

    Michael Weiss, save us from this IR rhetoric

  • Jordan Hackney 4 years ago

    guns g g guns g u
    u u u u u g
    nguns n n n nu
    s sguns sguns s ns!

  • Murtzs Burts 4 years ago

    I don’t know if evil exists… people take up desperate means and hateful
    idiologies when pushed further and further into poverty and chaos. Imagine
    what a young man must feel when his mother dies because she happened to be
    in the middle of a drone bombing. THey will do anything that will keep them

  • MrrMuyaagi 4 years ago

    Even if ISIS was destroyed tomorrow, how will you repatriate the millions
    of refugees? To lands where roads, schools, hospitals, airports, homes have
    been destroyed.

  • SuJu_Mimi 4 years ago

    of course there’s no mental health issues at play….he isn’t white.

  • David Bridges 4 years ago

    You know, not everything Bill O’Reilly said in this interview is bullshit.
    But his statements about guns certainly are. You simply can’t conflate
    musket wielding colonial Americans with modern day gun owners. The
    technology has changed far too much.

  • TheTitoMosquito 4 years ago

    his line of thinking is dangerous

  • nouraelmasri 4 years ago

    what about the american and russian drones killing innocent syrians? isn’t
    that evil?

  • cortster12 4 years ago

    Considering I am neither on the left or right, I felt both sides made valid
    points and both sides were ridiculous.

  • Ferni 4 years ago

    I’m amazed Stephen didn’t laugh at this retard.

  • Brad Lamb 4 years ago

    Well…..we arent a rogue colony fighting a trained Military with muskets.
    this isnt the 1800s.

  • manofsan 4 years ago

    Look, I appreciate what Colbert was trying to do, but the thing is that the
    killer’s hatred of gays wasn’t just something he randomly picked up on the
    street. He was raised in a such a way that he developed a deep loathing of
    gays – I’m saying that he had a cultural loathing of gays that made it okay
    to see them as abominations and therefore okay to just murder in cold
    blood. Thus the solution is to confront cultures that promote such
    viewpoints, and to challenge them to introspect and be more tolerant. Right
    now it’s the Left that’s protecting certain cultural groups from
    introspection, by claiming that any criticism of them is “evil”, thus
    giving any homophobic views within those circles a free pass. The free pass
    needs to be taken away, and the Leftist narrative needs to be opposed.

  • Brad Lamb 4 years ago

    “You destroy evil” stupid statement.

  • MUSIC LOVER RECORDS 4 years ago

    Yes, if you contain evil it can destroy itself. Good point at the end. We
    can’t control everything, we belong in tribes. Look out for your own, and
    let those with issues solve it themselves. Problem is the US has their
    hands in everyones business.

  • BananaStallion 4 years ago

    You know if they increase gun control, crimes will increase right?
    Countries like china and japan have strict gun laws but have one of the
    highest suicide rates. If that gay club had some registered gun users that
    terrorist would have been gunned down line the degenerate he was.

  • Tom Henritze 4 years ago

    Still love these O’reilly segments, politics aside. These two are
    interesting together.

  • Siddesh Gannu 4 years ago

    I actually agreed with Bill on this. This is crazy. I usually never agree
    with Bill but he said it right. We should destroy those terror groups

  • Annika Jürgen 4 years ago

    O’Reilly follows a narrative of “evil” and whatever anyone says – evil
    people exist and have to be destroyed!! to not give these people guns in
    the first place however – naaaaaah rather not! just blame everything on
    isis and tell everyone you’re at war!

  • Luna 4 years ago

    Somebody needs to tell Bill O’Reilly that we’re in 21 century

  • Thijs 4 years ago

    So Americans want guns so they can shoot the oppressor? Is that Obama then?
    Or the police? And should people be able to buy a rocket launcher so there
    is an equal ground with the State? Should people be able to buy tanks and
    military drones? If you want to be protected isn’t it better if no one had
    guns? I don’t understand.

  • nenafan1 4 years ago

    This guy was NOT a part of any of those groups, Bill O……..
    Come on.
    Can you just pretend to not shred the 1st amendment?

    You more or less DEFENDED the internment of the Japanese???
    Damn but Bill makes me sad and irritated…
    So devoid of reality.

  • The Comfy Geek 4 years ago

    hahaha! stephen facepalmed so hard at O’Reilley’s comment about how the US
    won against British Oppressors.
    O’Reilley is part of the problem. I’m sorry you have to suffer him America

  • DannyLoveJoy 4 years ago

    What exactly do they refer to when they say Muslims countries have very
    different values to Western countries? And I am not referring to the women
    wearing Hijab as that is still compatible. So which Islamic value is
    incompatible with the west?

  • Reagan Shaffer 4 years ago

    Bill has my endless admiration, always making a strong, well sentenced
    argument forward. He makes rational arguments, and even make compromises
    with the left. Its sad to some people still get upset towards him for
    stupid reasons, but always nice to the left getting along with him. Thank
    you Bill

  • Clerkz 4 years ago

    This man has learned NOTHING from the past.

  • Fahad Zafar 4 years ago

    I am sorry but this is some child’s fantasy war game dribble that what
    O’Reilly is talking about. War is not as easy and black and white as he is
    naively putting it. This whole war on terror right after the 9/11 got worse
    since Iraq and took to a whole new level. This is a feeling war, and
    feeling as to what an individual feels and potentially becomes a lone
    gunner and starts rampaging. Bombing and invading third world countries
    that are already at war and devastated is not going to solve the problem
    but is going to play in with the propaganda/narrative of the groups like
    ISIS/Al Qaeda because guess what? people are going to feel their
    sovereignty is invaded and that the real enemies are not within themselves.
    Its not the first time humans are fighting O’Reilly but wars have been
    fought like this for centuries. You can’t expect to send your troops and
    bomb different nations with different cultures and expect them to agree
    with your ideologies. Just like Europeans get anxious about Muslims
    immigrants invading their “culture” and land, so does the people of the
    Middle East and Muslims have been feeling since the failure of the Iraq
    war. Its like putting up with what the famous North Vietnamese General Giap
    said when the US threatened to send North Vietnam to the Stone Age, because
    he said that Vietnam was already in Stone Age so there is no point for the
    people but to keep on fighting.

  • Fluffyskull 4 years ago

    Bill’s not stupid, but he sure is an ass

  • Siddesh Gannu 4 years ago

    He stopped making sense when he said we should punish those who abuse the
    second ammendment. Now why punish them when we can avoid the situation
    entirely!! Think about that Bill!! If this guy did not get the gun based on
    background checks, he wouldn’t have killed those 50 people and injured 53
    others. Have you thought of that Bill?? I’m not asking for the ban of guns.
    I am against banning of any gun. But I feel there should be some
    restriction on who can get a gun. AND USE IT FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE WHICH
    IS SELF DEFENSE. People like that terrorist scum should not have been able
    to get a gun when the friggin FBI knew he was not a stable guy. He used to
    beat his wife, and tell his co-workers how much he wanted to kill gay
    people. There we go people, this could have been 100% avoidable if he
    didn’t get his guns.

  • cycleforwardtime 4 years ago

    Best interview I have ever seen with B. O.

  • Laffter 4 years ago

    discussion is good. i hope that we can have both sides showing up on each
    others talk shows!

  • Akshat Tiwari 4 years ago

    Does Bill know how many heads US has cut off since Obama came into office?
    This situation is not going away just by killing more ISIS soldiers,
    somebody else will just turn up just like ISIS did after Al Qaeda, you have
    to beat them in the field but also take away the conditions that cause
    groups like ISIS to crop up.

    Arabs need to fight this war not US and then US needs to help/negotiate
    with different leaders in the region into forming stable governments

  • Jason Dougenis 4 years ago

    How about we focus on the homophobic nature of the attack, deliberate on
    LGBT peoplel

  • 8w9hf89hw 4 years ago

    This resembles an actual late night talk show, please have more
    disagreements with people.

  • nenafan1 4 years ago

    Go screw off Bill…….

    Come on. What a bunch of simplistic, childish bunk.

    Outright saying it isn’t somewhat mental health, advocating for more war,
    being almost blasé with access to guns…… Just a sad, sad interview.
    Stephen tried, but he couldn’t crack the concrete that is Bill O’s head.

  • Donald Drumpf 4 years ago

    LETS FIGHT A WAR!!!!!!!!! cause that has been such a success over the past
    15 years. I am beginning to think old Bill has some shares in Lockheed

  • Venkat G 4 years ago

    Dear Dem & Rep supporters it’s not an either/or choice between gun control
    and radical Islam. It’s BOTH!!!!!!!! So Stop the BS and clamp down on both.

  • Sean Dring 4 years ago

    O’Reilly is a Moron but he is also reflecting the thinking of his
    generation which of course is no longer relevant in todays world.

  • Erik Gerow 4 years ago

    With every bomb dropped and with every bullet fired, we give terrorist
    groups the story of a new atrocity to spread. And as the stories spread new
    followers join. The very idea that we can kill people faster than their
    ideas spread is insane in our current age of technology. The violence will
    continue as long as hatred lasts in the hearts of these people, who are
    often raised only knowing to hate others and that is where we need to take
    the fight. Stop giving them reasons to hate, and drown them in care
    packages and propaganda. Steal the hearts of their youth with love and
    forgiveness until the last terrorists pass from this earth. It’s an idea
    that seems crazy to me too, but the middle East is used to violence, and
    will never be frightened of it, why don’t we try something they have never
    seen before.

  • Matt Huntebrinker 4 years ago

    As someone who thinks Bill is right about 95% of what he said, i’m curious
    to the people who are so quick to dismiss him for being on Fox, what is
    your plan to defeat ISIS and stop the terrorism? Taking guns away from all
    Americans? Not targeting an enemy who is targeting us? I’m honestly

  • Battlefield 5 4 years ago

    I actually agree with Bill on guns however, for him to call anyone who
    follows ISIS not crazy is where he went wrong. No sane person wants to join
    ISIS because they are animals and completely anti-Islam

  • Raussl 4 years ago

    so bill O’ is promoting a declaration of war against a fundamentalist
    ideology propped up by the CIA in the 80’s and financed by a dictatorship,
    to install a military government and justice system in the US. Interesting.
    Either he is extremely dumb or malicious to the core.

  • wiet111 4 years ago

    I disagree with a lot O’Reilly was saying, but at least this was quite a
    civilised discussion.

  • Videl Valencia 4 years ago

    Yeah, okay, Billy, but those Brits from centuries pasts and these Jihadists
    are two entirely different beasts. Sorry, you almost had me on your side,
    but you tripped and I have to take another option.

  • Raincentral003 4 years ago

    “After 9/11 we went to war in Iraq.”

  • SupernaturalDR 4 years ago

    Didn’t ISIS come about from what happened in the second gulf war?

  • Packard Sonic 4 years ago

    Bill O’The Clown clearly doesn’t know what the fuck he is talking about.
    You can’t declare war against “groups”. You would have to declare war
    against the country they reside or they have to “let us in” to wage that
    war against them otherwise.

    What could possibly go wrong?


  • Patient Silence. 4 years ago

    Stephen- “If you contain evil, can it destroy itself?”

    Bill- “No, I mean unless you’re Playdough. I mean c’mon this is life and
    death here…”


  • Sean Dring 4 years ago

    15th century thinking, 18th century laws and 21st century weapons. Dumbass


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