Stephen Colbert Accepts The Peabody Award On Behalf Of The Late Show Staff And Crew

Published on June 22, 2021

On behalf of the writers, band, cast and crew of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert accepts the 2021 Peabody Award. Thank you to the Peabody committee for this tremendous offer, and congratulations everyone! #Colbert #Peabody #PeabodyAward

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  • suchitra maagala 1 year ago

    Well, its a very well deserved award. Many many congratulations 😊

  • Krystof S. 1 year ago

    I looked it up, apparently the Colbert Report got a Peabody back in 2007, that’s probably the one he’s holding there, probably because he hasn’t actually physically received the 2021 one yet.

  • Clockwise Cat 1 year ago

    Notice it won for the QUARANTINE shows. Just sayin’.

  • EyesOfByes 1 year ago

    1:30 *I know for a fact that I’m the only commenter on a Peadbody winner video, who has thrown up in the basement of Elon Musk’s uncle’s house.*

  • Paris Van-Del 1 year ago


  • James Callner 1 year ago


  • Therese Duran 1 year ago

    Well, well, well…so well deserved. 💖

  • Margo Johnson 1 year ago

    Congratulations to the cast and crew. You guys deserved it

  • Miroslavas Siniavskis 1 year ago

    well deserved award! What I dont get why there is not any beautiful Oscar GF body as statue…

    or if it unisex, then I can offer sponsorship making Bear body statues and give box of Bear beer for everyone for free. Maybe Bruce will throw few Sobieski Vodkas for a Passkendoll cocktails 2! 😀

  • directfunebru 1 year ago

    F John Oliver

  • Kerry L Russell 1 year ago

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  • Finn Skywalker 1 year ago

    soo the Colbert kids are gonna apply to college with “Peabody Award” on their resume. niiice.

  • Mari Oka 1 year ago

    Thank YOU Stephen for keeping us alive and sane during the past 5 -6 years – YOU DESERVE IT!!!! As did your entire staff a crew!!

  • George Washington 1 year ago

    I keep hearing the song Somebody That I Used To Know. Very weird video. Have you ever seen it? I did.

  • Magnetron33 1 year ago

    Tears of joy!

  • Luke Taylor 1 year ago

    And you know who else was a crucial part of the show’s production this year? Evie. What a trooper. Shame about the car, though.

  • K Rambo 1 year ago


  • colaboytje 1 year ago

    A late show. A late show.
    I hate the audience

  • socrappyicoulddie 1 year ago

    Now watch the Emmys snub him once more in a few months


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