Stephen Challenges President Barack Obama To A Game Of “Wastepaper Basketball”

Published on November 25, 2020

President Barack Obama doesn’t back down when Stephen Colbert challenges him to a special game of basketball in Part 3 of this fascinating interview with the former president. President Obama’s new book, “A Promised Land,” is available everywhere now. #Colbert #PresidentObama #BarackObama

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  • moonmoonbirdcpt 2 months ago

    I bet obama can be the top pvp player in #TreeOfSavior within 1 hour of playing the game

  • Jfire 61 2 months ago

    Colbert better be in the next book 😂

  • MD mohsin Sultan 2 months ago

    “do you want to trade balls”.stepen would have never said this to trump.

  • SashaPJ79 2 months ago

    I smiled with tears in my eyes during this whole segment. Guess it goes to show how traumatised I’d been the past four years. May God bless and protect President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Let their leadership be a success and former President Obama’s was.

  • Dinesh N 2 months ago

    A real President who doesn’t walk out on the host when it gets tough.

  • Wew Per 2 months ago

    Jon Batiste’s bumper music—My Favorite Things, At Last, Sir Duke, and Michelle—are all from the Promised Land playlist that Obama tweeted out about a week ago.

  • xKiSuGix 2 months ago


  • YJ Wrangler 2 months ago

    A human. That’s refreshing.

  • Peter Bathum 2 months ago

    melodious fluid dity … I dont need practice shots …against you

  • A Mo 2 months ago

    He cheated Mr. President. ..he setup u up for failure😊

  • randomdoodification 2 months ago

    “i don’t need practice shots against you” hahaha damn, shots fired! hahahha

  • Nate 2 months ago

    Colbert fought the urge to make a ball squeezing joke lol. You could see it in his face when Obama complained, Colbert wanted to joke, but held back out of respect.

  • ldeliane 2 months ago

    dear Mr President: imho, you did NOT lose your swag- or anything! in fact, you couldn’t have chosen a more a propos moment to “lose”— reminding us all that good sportsmanship, being ABLE to lose, and admit it, (and while speaking in complete sentences! (-: ) is more important than winning, in the end—-

  • Joe L 2 months ago

    STOP THE *paper ball* COUNT

  • Bold Crossing 2 months ago

    “SOCIALIST Obama DESTROYED LIVE on air by LIBERAL talk show host.”

  • angeel october 2 months ago

    you cheater your paper has chips controlled by black box with red light tell him on your show lol he loves jokes

  • Helder Silva 2 months ago

    And this is how You know that Obama was actualy working when he was in the oval office. If he wasn’t a worker, he would have hit those paper balls.

  • dkyelak 2 months ago

    Classy as always. Nice to see these two chill out and have some fun after a good interview!

  • Ivar Brouwer 2 months ago


  • OBSESSED REALIST 2 months ago

    If it was Trump; he would have gone on to tweet that the laws of physics are rigged against him 😂


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