Stephen Calls For A Million Meryl March

Published on January 10, 2017

Nobody is allowed to mess with Meryl Streep when Stephen Colbert is around, not even the President-Elect.

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  • F- tech 3 years ago

    Still can’t believe this orange petulant manchild is the next US president.
    I always know Americans are stupid, but this level of collective insanity
    still blew my mind.

  • JAM F 3 years ago

    What a petty man. Total cunt.

  • herpderpmonkey 3 years ago

    does that pianist guy ever stop talking during Colbert’s monologues?

    Not hating on him but worst hype man ever every single time I watch
    Colbert’s videos, constantly talking in the background. Did the show’s
    producers just not say anything at first and now it’s too awkward to tell
    him that he’s being disruptive?

  • Justin Kuehn 3 years ago

    Conway is currently in a tense battle with Trump for who can be more
    irrational in their justification of Trump’s moronic moments….regardless
    of who wins, America is guaranteed to lose

  • Montana Spring 3 years ago

    i loook forward to his opening videos, i was a little pissed the last few i
    didnt see any then realize it was the weekend

  • SamKay212 3 years ago

    Can’t believe Trump called her over-rated! That’s such a childish thing to
    use as a defence hahaha

  • DPowered Smith 3 years ago

    republicans don’t care about the little people or at least not the ones who
    have all the power. And also trump once praised her for being so great
    sooooo yeah

  • warpedjaffas1 3 years ago

    Trump hiring family is straight up nepotism.

  • Sherlock Asimov 3 years ago

    Trump calling Meryl Streep overrated? How dare you! Get out of the country!

  • Carl Wheezer 3 years ago

    Kelly Ann Conway is quite literally a talking trash bag of discarded bloody
    foreskins and newt Gingrichs’ pubic shavings

  • Karthik R 3 years ago

    Meryl had the guts to say it on such a forum. She deserves a great respect.
    However, the president elct is not to be blamed. It’s the supporters whom
    to be blamed. Trump has always been same. People who elected him changed
    and that costs the whole world now! :/

  • Bernice Panders 3 years ago

    Trump doesn’t have a heart, he’s a VooDoo clown doll, nothing but toxic
    acrylic stuffing in that head, and everywhere else!

  • Ben G 3 years ago

    OMG, the shit that comes out of Kelly Ann’s mouth. I didn’t even realize
    that Trump has a heart. Who knew we have to ignore what comes out of his
    mouth, you know as a president.

  • New Message (Unread) 3 years ago

    The idea of holding someone to account for the things they say or do is
    just crazy.. Unless it’s a Democrat.. Then they should be held accountable
    for everything they say, do… Or we can make up. No matter how many
    hearings clear them of wrongdoing. **cough**

  • fla playa 3 years ago

    Thanks 270 absolute idiot supreme leaders who voted him in.
    +3M in favor for Hillary???
    Thank you Meryl Streep for having more balls than 90% of the male sellouts
    that run America, Thank You!

  • Stealth Attack 3 years ago

    only trump could be dumb enough to call Meryl “over rated” lol

    kellyann looking stupid as usual.

    trumpeters will be blowing their lids soon.

  • The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association 3 years ago

    Funny how some trump supporters are saying she shouldn’t talk cause she’s
    rich when they elected A FUCKING BILLIONAIRE XD

  • Merlininsider 3 years ago

    Haha, way to make yourself popular, Trump. Go after one of the most beloved
    actors/actresses in the world and call them overrated. Yes, good choice.

    Let’s just say that he won’t be winning any popular votes anytime soon.

  • Joseph 3 years ago

    To those who disagree with what Meryl said, she simply stated what is fact.
    Trump mocked a reporter? Yes. There is video evidence of him doing it. End
    of discussion.

  • Kris S 3 years ago

    I bet Regan and other Cold War warriors must be rolling in their grave.


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