Stephen Attempts To Convert Bill Maher

Published on November 17, 2015

Bill Maher is an atheist, but he was raised Catholic. So since he’s visiting the Church of Colbert, Stephen takes the opportunity to try to bring him back into the fold.

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  • Anton Faber Klausen (TheChihuahua) 4 years ago

    I love how some people think this was serious. IMO even if it was serious
    Bill Maher handled it like a champ. I love Stephen Colbert as a host of
    this program. But he could not even scratch Bill Maher when it comes to
    debating religion. I think Stephen should stick to what he knows best,
    being funny. And also i know that some people who watch his show, see this
    and think that he’s right, that Bill Maher is going to hell, and that’s
    kinda sad :(

  • Liche Christ 4 years ago

    My two favorite entertainment personalities … together. WOW!

  • Liz CRive 4 years ago

    Loooooove Stephen!

  • Nic Goodburn 4 years ago

    OKAY This pisses me off, 2 Great Politically funny late night show hosts,
    Cant talk about anything else except there religion….that was sad guys. A
    lot of shit going on in the world, stop hating on each other. This the time
    speak to a big audience about both views. Im just saying it was wasted
    talking about religion.

  • 6TheLastBroadcaster6 4 years ago

    that’s OK, you know they like each other. I just wish Stephen would’ve said
    something light-hearted instead of actual words which invite people to
    church. but they demonstrated their arguments for their sides in such a
    short time, so I love it!

  • coecovideo 4 years ago

    Bill, just does not believe in fairy tales …..not big deal … I stopped
    too when I was 5

  • cheapandchic89 4 years ago

    I think my views on religion are very similar to Stephen’s- I
    intellectually know my guardian angel isn’t in the room with me right now,
    and I know an omnipotent God isn’t listening to me when I ask for a good
    grade at Uni, but I was also raised Catholic and it’s going to be a part of
    me forever. I can’t just erase that part of my upbringing and culture. But
    I love both Stephen and Bill and wish Stephen would go to Bill’s show

  • Rishikesh Vishwasrao 4 years ago

    Bill Maher FTW!!!

    I love both these guys but personally prefer Maher simply because he calls
    it as it is. Colbert “invited” Bill back to Catholicism and then couldn’t
    stomach the reason Maher wasn’t interested.

    Just goes to show how two people can be very similar in their thinking yet
    still have different approaches. For instance, both these guys drive Teslas
    (and care about the environment), both are liberals and both host TV shows
    that try to draw attention to bullshit. Maher is just more aggressive in
    doing so whereas Colbert is more polite.

  • Usual Stuff 4 years ago

    Don´t get me wrong, I like colbert a lot but …
    Bill Maher must look at Colbert and think “how come this clown is the host
    of the late show instead of me…”

  • Ashlee “Smash” Ishell 4 years ago

    Im Muslim but Bill Maher is the MAN. lol

  • iPrometheusQ 4 years ago

    Stephen was sure to loose this little debate as bill was having these kind
    of arguments every second day for the last 20 years or so. Therefore he of
    course knows a populist answer to most pro religion points. Especially to
    these rather improvised ones by Stephen.

  • Ivan Ladavac 4 years ago

    Maher owned!

  • ChoskarChulian 4 years ago

    Ya’ll need that stick out your ass. How quickly do you feel akward?
    Ballless mofos…

  • Juan Gomez 4 years ago

    To be honest COLBERT wons with his invitation to the religion…!!
    EPIC chick chack !!

  • Christopher Doss 4 years ago

    “These were men who did not know what a germ or atom was…”

    Did not know what a germ was… oh, that’s rich coming from this guy.
    Google “Bill Maher germ theory” to get an idea of what I mean. Particularly
    check out the articles titled:

    Is Bill Maher really that ignorant?
    “Oh, come on, Superman!”: Bill Maher versus “Western medicine”

  • not2stupidguitar 4 years ago

    whose idea was this

  • Don McCoy 4 years ago

    The snark is too real.

  • RedRabbit 4 years ago

    Nice to see some real conversation on TV that gets a bit heated.

  • John “Red” Guzzi 4 years ago

    I fucking despise Bill Maher, he never shuts the fuck up about religion or
    conservatives, he’s a total buzzkill. Maher is the poster boy for why
    nobody can stand to be around atheists because all they do is forcefully
    correct you and condescend using their “strictly science” philosophy. If he
    wasn’t such a colossal biased cunt about his political views then perhaps
    he would get on talk-shows a bit more. This is coming from an atheist.

  • DrSmart20 4 years ago

    somehow i think this video gave my life meaning. i can die happy now!

  • F dostoevsky 4 years ago

    they just want to punch each other in the face!

  • Francisco Luz 4 years ago

    I think Stephen is actually an atheist. All this “I am a catholic” thing is
    just part of the character.

  • gustavo pena 4 years ago

    that was tense… real tense?

  • Ryan Smith 4 years ago

    Pascal’s Wager is absolute nonsense.

  • Paul Ramos 4 years ago

    HILARITY! Please be reminded that Colbert and Maher ARE STILL FUCKING GREAT
    FRIENDS, despite their beliefs. GEEZ, many comments are basically so naive
    on their backgrounds and esprit d’corps.

  • Coregame3 4 years ago


  • Nick Buckets 4 years ago

    No one should downgrade someone’s beliefs like that especially on national
    tv. Colbert was clearly being sarcastic by Bill gets anal all the time
    about everything. I do like bill and what he does on his show but I tend to
    notice he gets so uptight every time someone doesn’t agree with him, it’s
    almost like he’s ignorant with only tunnel vision on his ideas.

  • Ian 4 years ago

    ITT: The usual flame war. What’d you expect?

    Come for the keks not an intellectual debate/discussion

  • insertnamehere765 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is the left’s Rush Limbaugh.

  • PimpManFan 4 years ago

    Well that jumped from zero to holy crap real quick xD

  • Lui s 4 years ago

    This is the best interview ever.

  • PunishThemMetal 4 years ago

    Why can’t the world see the RELIGION is the main problem we face . Why
    would anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence believe and support
    these man made stories to a point where homicide and suicide is justified
    in their head.

    Religion is for insecure lost beings who need some sort of help or divine
    thoughts to get though life . Religion is for the weak .

  • Sean Davison 4 years ago

    well one of them was having fun with that conversation, and it wasn’t

  • Essa Dababneh 4 years ago

    ugh what a fucking tool. I got douche chills listening to this smug bitch.

  • stiimuli 4 years ago

    Pascal’s wager, Stephen? Really?
    That had to be a joke.

  • spinvalve 4 years ago

    This is yummy. More please. I want more.

  • jojo kyle 4 years ago

    Guys this was hilarious chillax lol xD

  • Chris Brown 4 years ago

    This was interesting, but I think Stephen and Bill actually have more in
    common, they are both liberals. I think they could have found common ground
    there. I also think Stephan was kind of just teasing Bill with the whole
    come back to the church thing that went on too long. I thought they were
    going to discuss Bill’s views on Islam more but they cut to a commercial
    right away and didn’t pick up when they got back. But overall I prefer
    discussions like this to what most celebrity interviews are.

  • Jacques Nomdefamille 4 years ago

    Colbert just got owned, damn :D

  • Observable Reality 4 years ago

    Bill Maher for President! Stephen Colbert for Vice President! Jon Stewart
    for House Speaker, congress is scared of him.

  • Mark Langston 4 years ago

    Knowing when and why the sun sets is not a barometer for intelligence or
    wisdom but it’s okay Bill, God loves you just as you are.

  • Jose Interiano 4 years ago

    Dont argue with Bill Maher, you won’t win.

  • David Jones 4 years ago

    Love it

  • checkurbrainfly 4 years ago

    Thanks Bill Maher for being a Voice of Reasoning without fear of speaking
    your mind based on analytical clear thinking , much respect for you as a
    great example of how to use our minds & debate with intelligence. And keep
    walking forward like some of us intend to

  • Dominique N 4 years ago

    bill maher is such …ugh

  • FoLokinix 4 years ago

    How can so many people in the comments section fail not only the most basic
    behavior requested of them, but also the biggest lesson of many religions?

    Don’t be an asshole. Nothing about believing or not believing in something
    entitles you free room to be the biggest dick.

  • Nathan Hodgin 4 years ago

    When these guys are done with there current gigs they need to do a talk
    show together. It would be amazing television.

  • Rafael Chung 4 years ago

    Bill is right, they are like the opposite. Stephen is very humble and Bill
    is very arrogant. I do like both of them. I think they are both very smart
    but I do prefer Stephen because he is so likable and fun. I think they do
    have great respect for each other but at the same time think each other is
    totaly wrong lol.

  • cortster12 4 years ago

    1:00 I really hope Stephen doesn’t think Pascals wager is logical. It’s
    funny, but the wager is actually more in favor of being an atheist than a
    religious person, because at least being an atheist is neutral, but being
    religious has the massive chance of being in the wrong religion, which
    would piss off the wrong god. That’s assuming any are right though.

  • Boogie Brown (BoogieBrownPro) 4 years ago

    This is fucking awesome hahahaha

  • Revo Red 4 years ago


  • xogmaster 4 years ago

    Stephen, I’m a huge fan, but I feel like you owe him an apology. I feel
    like both of you know arguing about religion is completely endless. It’s
    been thousands of years and still nobody has a firm, solid end to the
    discussion of religion. I feel like this was a (cheap) publicity stunt. I
    don’t mind publicity stunts but when you are both arguing about something
    that you both know and acknowledge has no winning end, the discussion is
    pointless and I don’t have a reason to watch or listen.

  • Ar die 4 years ago

    this was awesome. more of this

  • Billy Bowden 4 years ago

    Man, Bill was really pretentious during this interview.

  • Cornelius Maximillianus 4 years ago

    Stephen Colbert is an atheist, he is still faking it from his previous
    show. He loves science, understands science, believing Universe is 13.7
    billion years old etc..

  • T Luciano (VetteZR14fun) 4 years ago

    lol I love you Bill!!!

  • metalshredmetal1 4 years ago

    he can’t have a conversation about religion without pulling out insults.

  • skyliner114 4 years ago

    this was a fun interview. it’s okay to be confrontational and argue about a
    topic that you disagree on as long as you do so respectfully. i personally
    think the world needs more polite discourse between people of different
    faiths (or lack thereof).

  • JamesThomas 4 years ago

    Like Bill I embrace no religion or deity. That said, to me Maher seems
    quite the douche-bag prick who enjoys belittling others so that he comes
    across as a superior enlightened man (in his mind).

  • thelousyllama 4 years ago

    Bill maher schooled colbert

  • ICU0H0H 4 years ago

    This was very entertaining for me to watch since I find both of them
    amusing in their own shows and to get a chance to watch them try to outwit
    each other, funny.

  • Samuel Cannon 4 years ago

    I don’t know what interview you guys were watching, what I saw were two
    comedians roasting each other in good fun. There’s no hate, no annoyance,
    no real heat (maybe it got a little warm) no reason to get in arms over

  • Gabriel Ocampo 4 years ago


  • card hutt 4 years ago

    lol…magic sky people

  • Steven Hunter 4 years ago

    I think the bad blood between these two goes back to Colbert and Jon
    Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear,” which Maher (rightly!)
    criticized harshly for being a huge waste of time and utterly pointless.
    Stewart and Maher also have a prickly relationship. Maher’s visits to The
    Daily Show were always a bit tense and adversarial. There is also a rift
    between Maher and Colbert on the question of Islam: Maher speaks the harsh
    truth, and Colbert is your average, well-meaning but wholly naive
    multiculturalist liberal who thinks the problem is only “extremist
    religion.” He doesn’t yet fully grasp what Ayaan Hirshi Ali has been saying
    for years, namely that Islam simply isn’t compatible with secular liberal
    democracy or rule of law. And the issue isn’t only “radical Islam” — it is
    Islam itself.

    But in this particular exchange, I think Maher took personally and
    seriously Colbert’s “invitation” to come back to the Catholic Church, which
    was idiotic on Maher’s part. Stephen was clearly kidding, but it got under
    Bill’s skin anyway. And that reveals my fundamental problem with Bill
    Maher: his atheism is pretentious, smug, and self-righteous on a level that
    even Richard Dawkins can’t reach. He’s a pompous twat, like so many modern
    atheists, which is made all the more galling given his pitiable illiteracy
    concerning history, culture, philosophy, and theology.

  • Titty Mcgee 4 years ago

    Ok… this was pretty damn funny

  • guniu 4 years ago

    “If you’re wrong you’re an idiot, but if I’m right you are going to hell.”
    Wait what? If he’s wrong that means you are right, why would you say “but
    if I’m right” after that? That didn’t make sense.

  • ericj305 4 years ago

    The LECTURE, Stephen, begins @ :48…

  • Pope Ash-hole 4 years ago

    I’m with Bill on this one. You brought it up and Bill responded. If anyone
    is “attacking” anyone, it’s the other way around. You don’t see Bill
    converting people to Atheism on his show. Yet, you had no resistance at
    attempting to convert him. This is why we don’t like Jehovah’s Witnesses;
    they try to convert everyone. I also don’t understand how you can be so
    intelligent and educated and still believe in that stuff. I still love them
    both, though.

  • keen 4 years ago

    Bill is so butt hurt

  • Mister Galaga 4 years ago

    Bill Maher, while an intelligent man, is overly pretentious and because of
    that he oversteps himself. Even Bill O’Reilly embarrassed this guy. He’s
    too liberal and too offensive to anything he doesn’t believe.

  • john smith 4 years ago

    i cant stand colbert to begin with. hes like a little poindexter corporate
    accountant who somehow found a side job in comedy. he barely let Bill Maher
    get a word in edgewise , what a a**hole! I hope his rating go in the toilet
    and his show gets canceled.

  • randomflashbacks 4 years ago

    I love both these guys.

  • Indianawill1 4 years ago

    Lol. Bill Maher’s the man!

    *not to deny that Stephen’s great too

  • Indianawill1 4 years ago

    Lol. Bill Maher’s the man!

    *not to deny that Stephen’s great too

  • crush3r63 4 years ago

    Maher looked bad here. He came off as awkward and ill tempered. It would
    have got really bad if Colbert wasn’t so flexible and accomplished. The
    tired sound bite denouncing religion for being “Bronze-age mythology”
    sounded stale and was inappropriately severe and ill mannered. That line
    always sounds better coming from Hitchens (which is where Maher may have
    got it). Colbert displayed why his career has soared and how he has landed
    shows like the Late Show and interviewed luminaries such as Obama. Maher
    looked out of his depth and much of his monologue was cringe-worthy and bad

  • fiegepilz 4 years ago

    where is the rest of the interview?

  • mchurch72 4 years ago

    An actually interesting exchange on a late night talk show? Amazing.

  • 343 Guilty Spark 4 years ago

    Wait. I’m confused. Bill Maher thinks Colbert is a practicing catholic?
    That’s like thinking Colbert is a republican. It’s just part of his act!

  • aldahlawi mohammed 4 years ago

    Colbert won

  • gevse 4 years ago

    I think Stephen was just trying to have fun and Maher was just being a
    defensive grumpy ol’ asshat.

  • Jon Martin 4 years ago

    I could watch this on a loop all day, lol

  • Matthew Alistair 4 years ago

    Religion isn’t “believing stories” unless that’s what you want it to be.
    The point is the stories are supposed to point to truths and then through
    the texts you garner and form a connection to it. You can have super
    literalized religion and blind belief but for me religion means that some
    truths are not “logical” and yet still not “illogical”.. they are just of
    another order. Intuitive or felt, understood, conveyed, experienced,
    practiced.. To just say religion must be all “bullshit stories” is
    extremely limiting

  • John Stynes 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is a very witty, sharp individual who’s not afraid to take a few
    punches and give them back. He can hold his own and his confidence doesn’t
    ever seem to break.

    He’s also an enormous dickhead who’s pretentious, and believes himself
    superior to certain people, because they hold a belief that he thinks is
    ridiculous. Meanwhile, he’s an anti-vaxxer….

    A good lesson for life is to assume that no one, including yourself, isn’t
    retarded on at least one important thing.

  • Aaron Ed 4 years ago

    Who’s taking the piss out of who?

  • Matthew Alistair 4 years ago

    lmao when he said “I could eat a big bowl of this”

  • Taha Baker 4 years ago

    Never seen colbert get so defensive so quickly…

  • dabidoe 4 years ago

    0:29 what is that sort of “you’re killing me AKA nice joke moron?”
    pantomime bill maher was trying to express in response to stephen’s “poorly
    practicing catholic” defense?

  • Jeff Daniels 4 years ago

    Bill isn’t use to talking with someone about religion who can throw him off
    his game, additionally it wasn’t his audience so he couldn’t rely on them.

  • William971 4 years ago

    colbert’s worst performance i’ve seen

  • AIRburst95 4 years ago

    You can see bill trying REALLY hard to not insult Stephen here. Colbert
    tried to convert an antitheist on air, then used Pascal’s wager to defend
    his actions and all bill did was to say he didn’t believe in Bronze age
    myths. If you’ve seen his film Religulous then you would know he being
    polite to Stephen and his audience. Bravo

  • Andrew Alcazar 4 years ago

    Bill rocks

  • dark zaku 4 years ago

    Maher destroys at 1:39

  • thepokkanome 4 years ago

    Bill Maher is an ass.

  • chad bedard 4 years ago

    I’m surprised a smart guy like Colbert can still adhere to a bunch of old
    jewish fairytales.

  • Thomas Reynolds 4 years ago

    What’s up, guys. I really like it regular ignorant What’s your opinion
    about that !!!

  • Steve Tyler 4 years ago

    Can’t we take their DNA and clone the perfect intelligent nice Comedian?
    Someone who is humble yet intelligent?

  • EagleZtoTheGrave 4 years ago

    Hilarious XD

  • EnigmicIdentity 4 years ago

    “It’s an invitation, not a lecture.”

    Yup. Stephen is right. Who is giving the lecture here? Not Stephen.

    Maher prides himself on being rooted in reality and reason, but here he is
    ranting like a crazy old guy that doesn’t even understand his current
    situation. Awkward.

  • Andy Tang 4 years ago

    So alike, yet so different.


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