Stephen Asks Russians About Trump, Putin And The 2016 Election

Published on July 19, 2017

Stephen roams the streets of Saint Petersburg during its famous White Nights Festival to get ordinary Russians’ perspective on U.S.-Russian relations.

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  • That Cathedral Guy 2 years ago

    Yet again another amazing video from Colbert. Keep it up we love you!

  • Le Cypher 2 years ago

    Well jimmy colbert… I guess there’s one thing left to say… Well done… Jimmy…

  • Dave Aladdin 2 years ago

    Jimmy Kimmel
    Jimmy Fallon

    And the ultimate… Jimmy Colbert

  • The Hellfire Club! 2 years ago

    Trump and his sheep are pathetic! They are the reason for the way the world is today. Trumptards always portray that they are the good guys fighting for freedom so to speak. It’s true but only if your rich and white! Unfortunately for the blacks, hispanics, Jews and Arabs it’s all about degrading them. We hear from the Trumptards about fighting ISIS but they are actually fueling the hatred by preaching ban and segregation – exactly what ISIS wants!! But do the Trumptards realise this? Of course not. They are vile and the Russians who helped Trump is not surprising because they have the same ideology….looking after the whites and segregation of the ethnic minorities.

  • Pavlo Hatilov 2 years ago

    Jimmy Colbert. Welcome to Russia.

  • Kabir Chandowalia 2 years ago

    in mother russia, u dont stroke beard, beard stroke u.

  • R. H.F. 2 years ago

    hahaha ‘weirder looking prague’

  • Farhan Khan Abbasi 2 years ago

    Jimmy Colbert 😂😂

  • Tobias Azevedo 2 years ago

    So much content so little views

  • New Message 2 years ago

    Just what we need.. one more Jimmy.

  • Avenger 2 years ago

    Russia week, hype. Can’t wait to convince Trump supporters that this isn’t just a fake witch hunt and that collusion is illegal, surely they will look at the evidence and put their Country before party.

    Yeah… probably not.

  • Sam Masghati 2 years ago

    It’s 1AM, how is it still bright outside? What kind of sorcery is this?

  • elaine c 2 years ago

    jimmy colbert in a trench coat 😍

  • flipmaya 2 years ago

    That’s a bright 1 am…

  • sharon.amy.alfred 2 years ago

    Top 100th comment

  • Captain Obvious 2 years ago

    I mean if I knew I would rather suspiciously die of cardiac arrest a few days later, I wouldn’t hold up my potato either.

  • Jacob Embry 2 years ago

    That ain’t jazz at 5:20, that’s wok and roll.

  • valar 2 years ago

    We also have waterfront douchebags in Canada. Small world.

  • psammiad 2 years ago

    Wow, I can’t even imagine a less happy looking newlywed couple!

  • amirhossein tootooni 2 years ago

    loved that mathematician guy lmao you could tell he’s a real math PhD prof


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