Stephen Announces Winners In Races From California To South Carolina

Published on November 9, 2022

With the polls closed in all states but Alaska, Stephen announces presumed winners in races including his home state of South Carolina where the incumbent Republican governor, Henry McMaster, has defeated his Democratic challenger. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile #LateShowLIVE #ColbertLIVE #Election2022

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  • Werewolf Korra 7 months ago

    Now, now, Steven, South Dakota is famous for so much more than that. We’re also the state that let a Klu Klux Klan member design our national monument (yep, the idiot who helped deface beautiful mountains was a klansman). We committed war crimes against the Sioux Nation not once but twice, the first at Wounded Knee and the second in the 1970s. We have one of the biggest Meth problems in the country. We voted to legalize marijuana in 2020, but the police sued to keep it illegal and the supreme court agreed with them. And on a much cheerier note, we’re where Sue the T-rex was recovered.

    I’m a transplant in this awful state, but I don’t deny that I live here. It’s insane.

  • brandon leroux 7 months ago

    So tired of hearing about elections. Can we just move on already.

  • Awaken your Sharingan 7 months ago

    Talk shows should be equal to everyone,
    All talk shows makes fun of trump all thr time and on other hand america is failing under joe biden. He doesn’t even know what is he saying on mic
    So stop chasing trump and look at the problems in hand like inflation,economy,abortion and many other problems.
    Just tell who’s the winner and give your best wishes.
    Stop making fun about republicans who won and saying great things about democrats who won they are all equal.You should be equal to every candidate who won
    And by the way get a decent audience where everyone is not democrats

  • Na M 7 months ago

    I’ve noticed in the race ticker they haven’t shown the only races that really matter: the Nevada, Georgia, and Pennsylvania senate races, which is probably not a good sign for Democrats.

  • Puddock 7 months ago

    People spent two years paying three times as much for the same eggs and milk but everyone who picked democrat still bases everything on January 6.

    Liberals would be nostalgic for three hours ago if you let them.

  • Toni Geiling 7 months ago

    what happened to the guitar player in the front?

  • Yuriel Cundangan 7 months ago

    Anybody who saw what transpired to this country then still votes Republicans is beyond HOPEless

  • Roost3r OSRS 7 months ago

    What happen to Louis?

  • Stevo 7 months ago

    Sanders couldn’t even handle being a press secretary, now she’s going to try her hand at being governor of an entire state. Way to fail, Arkansas

  • Jeff Eastwood 7 months ago

    Lake got demolished!!!!

  • Felicia R. 7 months ago

    A reminder, mail in ballots are still to be counted and added! So calling votes this early is kinda premature. Watch the losers! The red states losers will probably be sore losers. Congratulations to winners in Blue voting!

  • boobtuber06 7 months ago

    This is government propaganda masked as entertainment; what little fans this show has, they have to admit it

  • b4tran 7 months ago

    I would have liked it more if there were percentages to the results

  • Cancun771 7 months ago

    I have always loved Joe the Drummer.

  • Geno 7 months ago

    Maga getting rocked. You love to see it


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