Stephen And A Team Of Expert Builders Get Started On Trump’s Wall

Published on March 11, 2017

Stephen discuss Trump’s border wall plans and costs with an architect, an engineer, an interior designer and a concrete guy.

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  • mineMissHellsing 2 years ago

    Late Show has become fucking awesome.

  • I feel It 2 years ago

    Trump will be impeached b4 that wall bill gets passed

  • Franklyn Stagnitto 2 years ago

    So we’re looking at a forest’s worth of paper, a couple thousand human lives, and roughly 2 trillion bucks for a vanishingly small effect on immigration? Fucking great

  • Maik Xhani 2 years ago

    do you lock the door of your house because you hate the people outside or because you love the people inside?

  • Get Rekt 2 years ago

    As a Canadian I think we should build a wall to keep all the Americans out. Because when America sends their people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending guns, hillbillies. They’re Trump supporters. And some, I assume, are good people.

  • Александр Лоскуткин 2 years ago

    john batiste is a horrible unfunny sidekick

  • earthatom7 2 years ago

    that’s hilarious BUT they didn’t take into account the bureaucracy that would be behind it all… so realistically more like 4-6 trillion

  • KingOfMadCows 2 years ago

    And one of the engineers will secretly build a critical flaw into the wall so that a proton torpedo shot through an exhaust port can destroy the entire wall.

  • jairo castiillo 2 years ago

    why not 2 walls side to side and a mote of fire in the middle, with fireproof crocodiles? sounds like a way saner idea

  • Chilepicante 2 years ago

    LOL Mexico said they won’t pay for the fucking wall. OMG it’s just funny because I believe them.

  • I AM GROOT!!!!! 2 years ago

    That moment when Trump supporters relies they will be paying for that wall, loosing there insurance, Trump is not locking her up, no draining of the swamp, Mexico isn’t paying for that wall, The First Lady has no interest in the American people or our kids future like the last FLOTUS, etc…..

    Priceless??? #FunckDonaldTrump #WeAreGroot #ThankYouObama

  • sphinx onyx 2 years ago

    Didn’t the DHS release a report saying Canadians have the most visa overstays in USA?
    But we won’t see republicunts building a wall on the Canadian border… I wonder what’s the difference between them and Mexicans … ??????

  • Jhon Hank 2 years ago

    use the fucking metric system

  • Spenzer20 2 years ago

    I’m still convinced he’s only mad that China has the greatest wall in the world, and this is the only outlet for him to actually remedy that

  • Greg K 2 years ago

    A wall serves two purposes. It can keep people out, but it can also keep people in. Ready for a Trump dystopia? Forced to wear big red ties, eat fast food, and speak using a 200 word vocabulary. Huge!

  • Something930 2 years ago

    Instead of a wall, can I just get a waffle iron?

  • lapland123 2 years ago

    Who build the wall the west or east Germans, the North or the south Koreans? USA look at youself, Freedom and a wall don’t go together well….

  • Paper Chaser 2 years ago

    And some Mexican dude will hop it with a $15 dollar wooden ladder he bought at a rummage sale.

  • Simran Zenov 2 years ago

    fuck I can’t stop laughing xD
    This was great!

  • McDoogle 2 years ago

    Let the Ogdenvillians do it! They know how to build walls.


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