Stephen Admits to Margaret Cho He’s Probably Racist

Published on November 3, 2015

Margaret Cho’s tour is called “There’s No ‘I’ In Team, But There’s A ‘Cho’ in Psycho.” Catch her next week in New York and LA.

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  • linkuei562 5 years ago


  • kristijan rumora 5 years ago


  • Tn_Gamer_Jr 5 years ago

    fuk dogs we need to focus on helping humans

  • Zen Leaf 5 years ago

    I’m an Asian Malaysian Himalayan.

  • coldfire0007 5 years ago

    hey! not all eggs are white, stephen… only the good ones

  • Google Name 5 years ago

    marxism must succeed

  • Juan Rene Hummel 5 years ago

    Lol what race? Only humans is what I see. So start sings randomly
    everywhere, and get the Fuck out of your comfort zones and you’ll find it!
    The truth. That it’s all one big lie.

  • Xenial Xerus 5 years ago

    lots things can make one depressed and impede with ability to learn,
    empathize, have fun. Racism is not a reason to hate racists – it’s a reason
    to strive to help them find flaws in their lifestyle that make them hateful
    to the knowledge

  • Cinemaniac Jean 5 years ago

    love how subversive she is with racism, wish they’d talk more

  • Pepperoni Express 5 years ago

    Then she ate the dog….

  • Hermi 5 years ago

    is she wearing a wig?

  • bakon321 5 years ago

    I’ve never been this early for a video before. not sure if I like it or its
    my onset diarrhea saying hello again..

  • Justin DeSorbo 5 years ago

    31 seconds in Stephan makes the joke “that looks delicious!” Which pretty
    much blows this bit

  • MRostendway 5 years ago

    Women are naturally unfunny.. There are few female comedians that I
    actually funny

  • kiwienvy 5 years ago

    Terrible representation…

  • Folsi Choi 5 years ago

    She seems nice! As an asian, I’m proud that there’s finally some asian
    people on tv. They’re very hard to find.

  • Potato:3 5 years ago

    before anyone comments on that dog joke any further.
    chinese people do eat dogs? okay? its common as well, so learn how to take
    a joke, separate stereotyping from racial abuse, and don’t get your
    bollocks into a twist.
    Hell, i’ve eaten dogs myself and still feel no guilt coming up, they are
    all the same once cooked.

  • mnz 5 years ago

    It doesn’t matter if you’re black or yellow or brown or normal!

  • Cnith 5 years ago

    You’re racist if you dislike/hate people for having a particular skin
    colour. Pointing out a cultural or “racial quirk” is not racism in my book
    even if it’s a prejudice. It’s just poking fun at them. Strange how the
    meaning of that word has changed.

  • firebaby7 5 years ago

    “racist” does not equal “prejudice”….

  • Chris Wynn 5 years ago

    “Sex work is public service. The more wads shot, the fewer guns are shot.
    We keep male aggression at bay and we deserve a fucking medal.” -Margaret

    This is her mental state, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Ritabrata Majumder 5 years ago

    So Koreans also eat dogs!? Damn, I thought Chinese were the only ones…

  • Imzadi O'Hara 5 years ago

    I like Stephens comment about thinking of people as individual and not
    categorizing everyone by race. I think it’s silly everyone gasp at her
    jokes, jokes are a way to tell truth or opinions that people don’t want to
    talk about

  • wormspeaker 5 years ago

    I had an Asian lady walk on my back just yesterday. Highly recommended.

  • Johnson Taylor 5 years ago

    The craziest thing about this video on making fun of racism is that Stephen
    actually says “that looks delicious” when referring to her audience and
    dogs. Wow! ?

  • Neeboopsh 5 years ago

    I dont know if this is homophobic, racist, or whatever. But gay people are
    infatuated with margaret cho’s comedy.

  • 307am 5 years ago

    Margaret Cho is probably the least funny person on the planet.

  • Mike Hihn 5 years ago

    Racists apply negative stereotypes. Most others know they cannot begin to
    understand another race. Hell, they can’t understand many of their own

  • Justin Sawchuk 5 years ago

    If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down, could describe
    the other races.

  • maxpowr90 5 years ago

    That was a massage joke at the end that clearly went over the audience’s

  • Spare-me-your-sorrow 5 years ago

    Love her

  • RoboticsNShenanigans 5 years ago

    “I’m going to assume I’m racist when I’m talking about a race that isn’t
    mine.” So wouldn’t that mean that if someone who isn’t white starts harping
    about “white privilege”, they are racist? Thank you for pointing out the
    racism inherent in the social justice movement.

  • I'm a pooping unicorn 5 years ago

    i love racist joke! but it gotta be very fragile~

  • Racist Bassist 5 years ago

    She has quite the audacity to say Steven/a white person can’t make a joke
    about Koreans eating dogs. Nothing is off limits for comedy

  • Mikhail Kalashnikov 5 years ago

    It’s funny because there was a time in history where race didn’t even
    exist, and people of different colour who dressed differently were only
    regarded as people from a foreign land. I think the sooner everyone stops
    talking about race, the better. All these “jokes” and trying to be
    politically correct about race doesn’t really help.

  • Andy Tang 5 years ago

    “I’m gonna assume I’m racist when I’m talking about a race that isn’t mine
    because I don’t know what that experience is like, and I have
    presuppositions about what it is like to be someone of another race or the
    behavior of another race if I think of someone as part of a race and as not
    of an individual.”
    Steven Colbert has dropped some knowledge on us.

  • Heidi Lengas 5 years ago

    “I accept your apology.”

    Stephen kills me.

  • Joris ridder de van der Schueren 5 years ago

    I like this lady, I would love to have Korean dinner with her, she has to
    pay for herself, ’cause I am Dutch :-)))

  • Imre Koray 5 years ago

    There is only one race, it’s called “the human race”. Thank you very much!

  • Sandra Nonofyourbusiness 5 years ago

    I wanted to see her perform the song…

  • steven phillips 5 years ago

    You have my everlasting thanks for not including the song. I envision Yoko
    Ono trying to push one out when she thinks no one can hear her.

  • Braden Mills 5 years ago

    She’s not wrong. Haha. Ever since White people entered the conversation,
    that’s when race started to be everywhere.

  • fordskool 5 years ago

    Wow Mr. Chow got fat.

  • Darth Obscurity 5 years ago

    He says, “Look at people as individuals” and then she broad brushes white
    people by saying they are too fragile for comedy. Strange, I will get
    assaulted for talking about a certain races affinity for fried chicken and
    watermelon, she comments about white people and gets a roomful of laughter
    from people who are most likely white, yet THEY are the ones too fragile to
    take a joke? Genius.

  • Charles Fish 5 years ago

    Loved seeing Margaret & Stephen together. I like the way Bill Nye speaks on
    race. Scientifically, there is only the human race. That is how I choose to
    associate with other people, as just fellow humans.

  • Joachim Lothe-Rikenberg 5 years ago

    Loves her.

  • Micah Femino 5 years ago

    I thought stephen didn’t see color

  • Socratic Mirrors 5 years ago

    Margaret Cho isn’t funny. FYUOCUK


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