Stephanie Hsu on Oscars, Everything Everywhere All at Once and Commuting to Australia (Extended)

Published on March 2, 2023

Stephanie Hsu talks about Everything Everywhere All at Once, finding out about her Oscar nomination while commuting between Los Angeles and Sydney Australia, and meeting Questlove at a screening.

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  • jason adlay 12 months ago

    I love her shes like our new Lucy Liu

  • Gabriel Villa 12 months ago

    Such a talented actress. Despite the intense duality and contrast of Jobu to Joy she managed to show the audience that they both come from the same emotional essence. Brilliant acting and unique storytelling. GIVE HER THE OSCAR NOW!!!

  • LAUROLOGY 12 months ago

    The movie is so heavy and so cool. Indie meets feature. Lol. I loved her!

  • Clarence Tse 12 months ago

    The entire cast was wonderful! Just wish my mom stayed awake to learn the movie’s lessons -_-

  • Michelle 12 months ago

    I watched that and hoped you would be nominated- such range with deep heart!!

  • Don Pasquale 12 months ago

    Fall Guys movie confirmed

  • jenniexo 12 months ago

    Stephanie is such an amazing actress, I can’t wait to see her future projects!

  • BeowWulf 12 months ago

    It’d be cool af if Jamie Lee Curtis got the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actress and Stephanie won the Oscar for the same. The other way would’ve been nice too but Jamie already got that one!

  • a 12 months ago

    finally promo for her…

  • Coutoalberto N 12 months ago

    I hear the sound of the sound guy getting fired

  • Metta W 12 months ago

    She is cool!


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