State of the Union 2019 May Be Over But the 2020 Dems Are Just Getting Started | The Daily Show

Published on February 6, 2019

While the State of the Union address left some people snoozing, Democrats are all hands on deck ahead of the 2020 elections as presidential frontrunners keep up their hustle and prospective candidates tease runs of their own.



  • Joseph Kony 1 year ago

    Trump/Cheney 2020!

  • Saskia Leopold 1 year ago

    It’s so sad the USA has only two real parties. Lots of these Democratic hopefuls would blend into other, smaller parties well if there was any chance of a win.

  • Jon L 1 year ago

    Cory Booker for president = nope

    Elizabeth Warren? = nope

    Kamala Harris? = nope

    Bernie 2020 ? = Yes

    Orourk VP ? = yes

    AOC as one of Bernie’s Cabinet memebers? = yes


  • Star Cherry 1 year ago

    I can look past Warren’s Native American phase if she gets her policies straight
    Maybe give something back to the tribes she misrepresented

  • KaiIand _ 1 year ago

    Vote “no” to 2020

  • Fahrul Ahyan 1 year ago

    Clapping?? You know what that mean???

    ?MEME ? REVIEW !!!!!!

  • Singing Fart 1 year ago

    I need to pee

  • Roger 1 year ago

    When Democratic get trap in their own identitiy politics ? Who is Elizabeth Warren

  • Stock News Price Charts Forecasting Quotes 1 year ago

    Trevor Noah shows a bunch of scrubby democrats. Where is Andrew Yang? Andrew Yang is the best Democrat and the only one who can stop the orange buffoon.

  • Francis Osayande 1 year ago

    too much guilt is driving americans into making rash decisions.

  • Edward Stack Sr 1 year ago

    Pearls of wisdom from a South African migrant Negro.

  • Aliana Wood 1 year ago

    Elizabeth Warren is clearly a white woman raised in a white family, with all of the privileges that come with that and none of the things that come with being an actual woman of color. Yes, she has a tiny amount of Native American ancestry, but she is far from an actual Native American. That much we know. But at this point, I think this whole thing has been beaten into the ground and we need to move on to talking about other things.

  • Jordan Stewart 1 year ago

    At least a single president wouldn’t have to worry about his/her family needing attention. Could focus on the job more.

  • skyler and friends 1 year ago

    I think there should be a 6 month window for campaigning.

  • Firefighter343 1 year ago

    Story has it that little Josh is still sound asleep from the speech. He fell into a deep trance and can’t be awaken.

  • Lee Evans 1 year ago

    Yes Child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RIXRADvidz 1 year ago

    too many running too early so NO One gets their message out. they’re so ego driven that THEY are the ONE to LEAD that they forget to work with others to defeat a common enemy.

  • noa weiss 1 year ago

    2:31 bottom left of the picture why does Hillary Clinton have a mustache?

  • Phil S 1 year ago

    Single President won’t get caught cheating…

  • Pietro Jenkins 1 year ago

    Trevor’s Russian accent is a home run .


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