Start Getting Used To Saying President Trump

Published on November 18, 2015

A new poll says Donald Trump now captures 42% of likely Republican primary voters and the GOP is in a panic.

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  • prabasha thilakaratne 5 years ago


  • The TT 5 years ago

    Good. Easy win for Hillary or Bernie

  • VirtualVictory 5 years ago

    Nobody can trump the Trump. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)
    Bernie Sanders Vs. Donald Trump 2016

  • Distracted Observer 5 years ago

    1 thumb down on this video, must have been Bill Maher!

  • Phoenix Das 5 years ago

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Jeb! still somehow eeks his way to the GOP
    nomination. What a bore that would be. At least Trump shakes things up a

  • Fuji Fiasco 5 years ago

    When Trump takes a dump, he smells like a chump

  • Anti-Gay Fish 5 years ago

    This gay is wayyy too obsess with trump

  • alex u 5 years ago

    Honest question Republicans: are Carson or Trump actually what you want in
    a President?

  • A D 5 years ago

    LOL, super racist jokes by Colbert, then pointing out how racist
    Republicans are.

    “I just threw-up in my mouth a lil bit” – Friends, 1994

  • Shawnae Rodriguez 5 years ago


  • Mr. C. 5 years ago

    too many things can happen in three-four months time

  • Scared Bent 5 years ago

    Hey Lord Stephen … Such a good tittle “Start Getting Used To Saying
    President Trump” … yes sir! Your un-holy, unbecoming commencement of
    verbal propaganda!!! See you still have Bush in the box of 3!!! Are you in
    total denial that your precious NWO will not come!!!! Are you scared you
    cannot be the Lord over the slaves!!! Oh , poor little Colbert. I feel so
    sorry for you when America becaomes great again and the Obama, Bush ,
    Clinton agenda comes to light so all Americans will know what side you
    stood for. And yes, noble speaker!!!! Yes, we will remember those who ran
    against us people of America!! Yes , we will not faultier!!! You are scum
    and deep down inside you political verbal attack ,,, you know it too. I bid
    you a HUGE FU !!! And let that sit in the realization of the title you
    picked. “Start Getting Used To Saying President Trump” !!!!! Get use to it
    little man.

  • Ogrelin 5 years ago

    Trump hired that crazy man Ben Carson to seem sane… and it works :)

  • Jesus Requena 5 years ago

    Bobby Jindal out of the race

  • Jack Hole 5 years ago

    Fuck Islam, kill em all.

  • MattDeMille 5 years ago

    FU Colbert. Trump is America’s hope.

  • BlueFox94 5 years ago

    Colbert and the other late night talk show hosts ought to look more on the
    bright side of the possibility of President Trump. For one thing, if Trump
    becomes president, they will be at the helm of what could end up becoming *the
    Golden Age of Late Night Talk Shows*. They will literally *never run out of
    material* during a Trump presidency. Just putting it out there.

  • spreagadh 5 years ago

    Let those conservative idiots have their Trump or Carson. Makes it way
    easier for Bernie to win.

  • Zyvux 5 years ago

    Vote Carson guys, even you democrats. Sometimes we have to make a sacrifice
    for the greater good, and the only way to keep trump out of office is
    putting carson in there. he may not be the best choice, but it’s still
    better than trump. Heck, even Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho
    is a better choice.

  • Northborn513 5 years ago

    I won’t vote for any repub but I am glad its probably not gonna be another

  • Scotto Wd 5 years ago

    I’m an independent voter and I’m voting Trump no questions asked, hands

  • Tauriel Daughter of Mirkwood 5 years ago

    Even Princess Lea is afreid: “Help us Berni San. You are our only hope”

  • Otonashi Hanoka 5 years ago

    shut up steve!

  • Mr Doesbud 5 years ago

    Donald Trump will clean up the mess. TRUMP 2016 2020

  • justgivemethetruth 5 years ago

    I thought the Republican field and debates were horrible 4 years ago …
    but they are really bad now. Trump and Carson neither of them know of a
    damn thing about anything except how to pander to and appeal to people with

  • Abhishek Mhatre 5 years ago

    “Ben carson’s already halfway through that blink”

  • Mr Doesbud 5 years ago

    Libtard video alert.

    Lame letterman replaced with lamer colbert.

  • TeddyPicker191 5 years ago

    Is anyone else’s head fucking spinning at the fact that trump has got even
    this far?? And that he has a tremendous amount of supporters? I guess
    there’s still a ton of racists in this country and sadly I shouldn’t be
    surprised by that

  • brandon walker 5 years ago

    please not trump its like getting a ‘special’ child to run the country ,if
    he dosent like something he’s gana just build a wall and send em back to
    fix it -.-

  • Jessica Calkins 5 years ago

    young adults & immature people vote for sanders because sanders = drugs &
    getting everything handed to you; ignorant people & racists vote for trump
    because trump = empty promises of stability & money & the word “wall”
    repeated 20 times in 60 seconds. RUBIO 2016 THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  • myky992 5 years ago

    Trump president would be american Silvio Berlusconi. Don’t make our same
    mistake, America…

  • Arjun Krishnamurthy 5 years ago

    Of course a Democratic candidate will be the next POTUS for sure! But if I
    have to pick between Trump and Carson for the GOP nomination, then I will
    take Trump over Carson anyday!

  • Holly 5 years ago

    i know american republicans saying when trump or doctor idiot gets
    nominated they vote democratic … its the downfall of republicans

  • crab_aesthetics 5 years ago

    Commander in Chief President Donald J. Trump. Get used to it.

  • Johnny Utah 5 years ago

    Every single thumbs up here, needs their heads seeing to…
    Vote Trump 2016!

  • Peter Young 5 years ago

    Let’s start to organize a field of candidates for his running mate. I
    nominate Kim Davies.

  • bantha 5 years ago

    Vote Snoke/Kylo Ren 2016!

  • Joseph Favela 5 years ago

    I actually had a shiver run down my spine when he said, “The nuclear launch
    codes were handed to President Trump.” [dry heave]

  • VelstryoxDP 5 years ago

    Legend has it that if you say “President Trump *hughhe” 3 times into
    mirror, he will appear and start yelling racial slurs at you.

  • Bailskywalker 5 years ago

    If it turns out to be that America actually voted for Trump, I’m out. Not
    going to stay in this solar system, galaxy, universe.

  • Xanxei 5 years ago

    Please. This election is between Hillary and Bernie. The GOP field is just
    comic relief.

  • Emir Rendon 5 years ago

    #feelthebern #bernieforpresident

  • Isabel Atticus 5 years ago

    It’s really odd. I mean it IS the people’s choice and the establishment are
    saying ” I don’t like your choice…let us pick the person WE want”. I
    think they’re shooting themselves in the foot. I’m not a trump fan, but I
    do think they are being unfair.

  • mylifewithya 5 years ago

    I cannot believe this country has come to the point where Donald Trump is
    even an option.

  • J Rizo 5 years ago

    2016 all the way TRUMP

  • Just Let it go 5 years ago

    I’m starting to feel bad for America…

  • Michael W 5 years ago

    Next time you get on an airplane, request an outsider to be your pilot, see
    how it goes.

  • J Rizo 5 years ago

    he’s nothing more then a iberian irish

  • Jaym Esch 5 years ago

    If the country is destroyed by being turned into a reality show, I will be
    sticking with his actual name, Mr. Von Clownstick. At least until I have no
    time to speak to others because of the war against Russia, China and half
    the world that he’d start in five minutes of taking office.

  • Mountain Storm 5 years ago

    I would love to see this election destroy both parties so we can try
    something totally different. I mean Whigs and Tories thought they would
    last forever too…but everything has its day in the sun then fades away. I
    look forward to the day when kids don’t even know there was a Republican or
    Democrat…and something completely new and RELEVANT is on the agenda.

  • Clark 5 years ago

    Just watch all of Trump’s speeches… seriously.. watch them. By the end
    you will realize that you are watching a billionaire entrepreneur who
    literally LOVES this country and CARES about its people. Sure he has an
    ego, but it is not hidden or covered with lies..and that difference is so
    friggin important it’s impossible to emphasize enough. He is genuine folks.
    And he has more credentials and qualifications to manage a country than any
    deceitful politician who excels in bullshit rhetoric. All of those who fear
    Donald Trump are without a doubt influenced by the fearmongering and
    slander run constantly by liberal media who seek only to save their own

  • JKPancake 5 years ago

    So if i start running for president and i’m racist to both china and
    Mexicans i can beat trum?

  • Legend3zKill 5 years ago

    When I see people saying they are voting for trump

  • Dennis , Brevard NC 5 years ago

    Google Mrs Trump…

  • Matthew Langford 5 years ago

    Stephen and Ben Carson are wearing the same tie.

  • Dillon Luongo 5 years ago

    I’m moving to England if Trump becomes president

  • Iftheysayagame'sname They'llplaythatgame 5 years ago

    This People clap too much

  • Garry Chan 5 years ago

    Stephen, practising hurling with Emily Blunt a few weeks back really gives
    “President Trump HUAGGHHHH” a sense of realism.

  • Estivel Garcia 5 years ago

    If Hillary gets the nomination instead of Bernie Sanders, I would vote for
    Mitt Romney if he join the race to become president.

  • drkwrl 5 years ago

    Ok so how much of the electorate is made up of “likely republican voters”?
    People are more pissed off than ever at the Republican party nowadays. I
    really hope America is not stupid enough to vote its own fascist leader

  • Field Marshal Fry 5 years ago

    Dear Abandoned Colonies

    if you elect trump, we will be forced to nuke you, it’s for the good of the
    human race, we have to stop The Stupid from spreading somehow, it’s already
    starting to infect Europe.

    Signed, the rest of the world

  • Michael Peterson 5 years ago

    I’m excited, if either Trump or Carson wins the primary the democrats will
    wipe the floor with them. This couldn’t be going better.

  • syllpro 5 years ago

    TRUMP 2016! You can’t stump the Trump!

  • Chirrazz 5 years ago

    Unmitigated hate speech disguised in effete liberalism. Frankly I have the
    same reaction when I even think of the term “President Clinton”

  • Brian DeSoto 5 years ago

    Two things might happen, we’ll get a political revolution, or an actual

  • Deathrape2001 5 years ago

    Pathetic clown ~ & if he said the word ‘Obama’ instead of trump the action
    would B 2 bob your head in blow job fashion moaning “MMM” while ‘air
    juggling’ his ballz. What a sick group!

  • Nero Santorino 5 years ago

    Cant believe there isnt 1 decent fuckin human in the entire race

  • lanky12b 5 years ago

    what poll? no link?

  • Google stop it 5 years ago

    Honestly, President Trump (*dry heave*) seems less scary than President
    Carson (*vomit*).

  • Tara Scott 5 years ago

    best campaign slogan ever. YOU’RE STUPID AND UGLY

  • AMX-014 5 years ago

    Trump already won after Paris, you idiots are kidding yourselves.

  • not2stupidguitar 5 years ago

    i lost it at that blink joke

  • t500010000 5 years ago

    Don’t worry kids it ain’t the sugar in the medicine that’s saving your life

  • Dominic p 5 years ago

    Trump for the win

  • zach crenshaw 5 years ago

    Trump is the new Andrew Jackson. Think about it. Both desperately wanted to
    get a large group of people out of the United States. Both had a beef with
    the main financial institution in the country. Both project the image that
    they are tough guys but are in fact incredibly sensitive to criticism. Both
    identity themselves with anti-intellectual populism. Both projects the
    overwhelming consensus of the scientific community. Neither of them have
    any real political experience, and their election was/would be a massive

  • Mason Brandon 5 years ago

    This is too great

  • haven1095 5 years ago

    Trump 2016

  • Futrix 5 years ago

    Don’t worry republicans, Trump will still have plenty of racism left after

  • delon a 5 years ago

    Trump 2016!

  • Chao Feng 5 years ago

    younger campaign for Bill Cliton

  • PrincessTS01 5 years ago

    i prefer president bernie sanders.

  • Livid Imp 5 years ago

    Nothing illustrates the steep downfall of the Republican party like the
    very real possibility of President Schoolyardbully, or President Valium
    being the leader of the free world. You think it was bad under Bush Jr.?
    Wait ’til one of those clowns is holding the steering wheel.

  • Cloe Jarozenski 5 years ago

    Could you imagine a presidential debate between Trump vs. Sanders? *HOLY

    • the Righteous0ne 4 years ago

      You’re gorgeous!

  • Al Heimlich 5 years ago

    HIs slogan might as well be “Trump 2016: You’re Stupid & Ugly *IF* You
    Don’t Vote For Me”

  • Charles Franks 5 years ago

    Bernie is a closet Communist and Hillary is a psychotic liar.. Vote Trump
    and make America greater, better and safer than the hair-hat liar and
    Stalins Jewish grandson!

  • lukdod73 5 years ago

    Stephen sucks Hillary’s dick

  • edgar313s 5 years ago

    Colbert has no clear punches on Trump, his attacks are weak and baseless.
    Colbert’s show is boring ? and lacks insight.

  • edgar313s 5 years ago

    Colbert has no clear punches on Trump, his attacks are weak and baseless.
    Colbert’s show is boring ? and lacks insight.

  • Rich Games 5 years ago

    I’m from Honduras

  • C.I. DeMann 5 years ago

    Love Colbert, love the show, HATE the audience breaking up the show with
    applause. Make it stop, CBS.

  • Jjames763 5 years ago

    Is… is Trump negging the GOP base?

  • Aidan Flanigan 5 years ago

    what happened to republicans, they used to be ……… different

  • Aakash Mahadevan 5 years ago

    So…how does it work in USA? If a Republican supporter hates Trump,will he
    vote for a Democrat or will he go with electing Trump? (I know one can
    choose either,but I am asking which one is statistically more probable? )

  • I.M. Hound 5 years ago

    President Trump Meets President Putin! OMG@@@

  • Ireland264 5 years ago

    See, GOP see what craziness you hath wrought??? Now you are stuck with it,
    and worse unless a democrat wins we all are going to be stuck with it. :/

  • PimpManFan 5 years ago

    #FeelTheBern :)

  • carschmn 5 years ago

    I think those two sentences will be in reverse order.

  • Jessica Schnell 5 years ago

    Why I think Trump is secretly in the race to help Democrats

  • John Colon 5 years ago

    The very last joke was hilarious! Why did no one laugh?


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