Standing Up For Racial Justice In The NFL | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • JoToTi Tinae 10 months ago

    Anyone who has the experience of being down in life at a point, will always carry the emotions and feelings,traumas and blessings into their adult lives!. So heartwarming to see the blessed ones reaching back and sharing their success financially,socially/emotionally 🤷🏻‍♀️👼

  • Lockie T 10 months ago

    We are past the point of “talking about the problems” and we need to move onto actually “addressing the problems”. People have been getting high perpetually talking about the problems over and over when it is actually acknowledged. Move on to the harder portion. The solutions. Provide ideas on how to fix it rather than just screaming “WE NEED TO ADDRESS IT!”. Well, address it. Anything that involves laws, policies or regulations. Or else you’re just stuck without giving anything of essence to move forwards. And then no1 will take you serious.

  • Matthew Murray 10 months ago

    Conservatives: Shut up and tackle

  • drock1974life 10 months ago

    Roger Goodell is just now getting it? I find that very hard to believe. He has known all along about the non-whites plight, however he has been too scared to speak out against it. He was/is a part of the problem .

  • Mark Murray 10 months ago

    Its a shame tear 2020 this is going on in the supposedly greatest country in the world

  • LadyBookWorm 10 months ago

    Congratulations JASON WRIGHT 🙏🏽

  • Crystal Tillman 10 months ago

    the Bears need Colin

  • MrIrvGotTea 10 months ago

    That’s my 28-3 qb! Sorry our team sucked that year and our defense couldn’t finish

  • SBCKI 10 months ago

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  • Plug Outlet 10 months ago


  • Osmosis Jones 10 months ago

    Did you know a guy a political activist Slytherin call for ice agents to be killed even offered to pay 500dollars a head .
    Yet the FBI says majority of political violence is right wing. Hundreds of progressives at RNC wanted to best rand Paul and his wife to death and FBI says majority of political violence is right wing. If its possible every thing Trump says is a lie .is possible every the FBI director says is a lie. Smoking his sigarettes.
    The left wing media actually doesn’t fact check they source’s check isn’t legitimate source’s and illegitimate source’s what would expect a cult to say about outside information. Except right wing platforms like Qwen Beck encourage people look stuff up. directs you to direct information. But he’s crazy according to lift wing source’s.
    Steven Crowder shoe documents videos and left wing source’s own reporting. But shows heavily edited Videos according to left wing source’s.
    Then sources that played the last 30 seconds of the 7 minute Georgia Floyd video. And crowder playing full 7_minutes turns out he wasn’t racially profiled he was twking other black people called the cops on him
    . and the cops were calming and He wasn’t saying he was gonna die before getting on the ground .and autopsy show over dose of PCP but evidence of a crushed wind pipe.
    And new millions of dollars in damage when the same unrilable source’s shut the economy because it proves trickle down economics more why data shows it does work while SOURSE’S say it doesn’t.
    .while reality shows it does.
    And more killed by Antifa BLM in months then the anti abortion in decades all based in an edited video of some tw🤢🤢ker who died of over dose not police brutality.
    How Zuck gets punished for giving none bias platform that the left doesn’t control. Causing the cult to lose an election. But CNN doesn’t face any penalties for disinformation that caused real damage.
    AndbTrickle down economics. Only hand of sales men got rich off the gold rush and the standard of living went up for entire country. Also the industrial revolution. Medical science medical technology no more famons in america those the minimum wage was already raised at least twice sense every for fast food to bus rides cost a nickel..

    And now the record fast economic recovery sense September when trump gave subsidy to the too1%of corporations proving case in point .the covid vaccine
    I don’t care what any source’s say I care more what objective reality FACTS show

  • Osmosis Jones 10 months ago

    Did you know the Director of the FBI says majority of political violence is right wing never mind Progressive activist Slytherin calling for ice agents to be killed and he’s willing to pay 500 dollars per head .
    And I don’t care about the hundreds of progressives the at RNC trying to beat up Rand Paul& his wife.

    If its crazy to assume everything the president says is a lie .is it really any more crazy to assume everything the FBI director says is a lie.

  • C H 10 months ago

    Trevor found some conditioner I see.

  • Hot Girls Video XXX 10 months ago

    Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy 10 months ago

    “People said it’s dangerous to gather in crowds and protest like that, what about the pandemic? But you know in some ways I prefer the Corona virus to the police. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the virus but at least it does not pretend it’s here to help; it does not drive around the neighborhood with Protect and Serve painted on its side before it kills you”. Samuel L. Jackson

  • Jackie Celestin-Andre 10 months ago

    What happened to the growing ‘Fro???

  • Osmosis Jones 10 months ago

    If Crowder is one plays edited video .how he only who played the full George Floyd video. While everyone else was only showing the last 30seconds of the 7minute video.
    Turns the video was edited to make it look like police brutality and racial profiling. Full video shows he was tw🤢🤢king and other people in the neighborhood called the police on him.
    And he was saying he gonna die before getting on the ground and the police were calming.
    And autopsy shows no evidence of crushed wind pipe but over dose of PCP .
    And if he couldn’t breathe because of a blocked window pipe he wouldn’t be able to say I can’t Breathe.
    How Facebook gets in hot for not being bias on platform when the left loses an election. But CNN doesn’t face any penalties for millions in Damage’s and the deaths of more in months then killed by anti fetusciders in decades.
    With there disinformation and edited video

  • Michel Dees 10 months ago

    I respect him for starting this organization. Enough hasn’t been done. We have a long way to go to reach that point of justice.

  • Nicola Ablett 10 months ago

    All people are valuab;e and listening is vital


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