“Stand Your Ground” Spooks & Trump’s Birthright Scare | The Daily Show

Published on October 31, 2018

“Stand Your Ground” laws make Halloween in Florida extra scary, and Trump makes another play to his base by signaling he’ll end birthright citizenship. But there’s one issue: He can’t.



  • Kill Me 2 years ago

    We need more people like you

  • Undertaker5712 2 years ago

    Not even funny

  • Stephanie Perry 2 years ago

    Well he was right in that we’re the only country where someone has a baby and they’re automatically US citizens. If they were Brazilian it would complicate things

  • Aymen El Kherchi 2 years ago

    Lol trump is right u know how many of my relatives had babies here and left and come back just to take advantage of the country

  • Adrian! 2 years ago

    2:34 hey that more than Battlefield did for ww2

  • anime feak 2 years ago

    So then let’s be ready to send Ivanka and Eric and Don jR out of America bc their mother was not a legal citizen when they were born either. Basically you would have to pick every human from this country bc all our parents (except natives) were immigrants. #TRUMP

  • Diana Hernandez 2 years ago

    I hope people that hate latino illegal inmigration feel the same when europeans come here illegally. I only see Drumpf worried about brown people.

  • Charles Dupree 2 years ago

    Hey Trevor wish you could run with everything I’ve seen this past 2 year anybody can be the president of these fu up states it really is a joke

  • Île-de- France 2 years ago

    *This Is How the Trump Administration Gives Big Oil the Keys to Public Lands The Bureau of Land Management is rapidly opening previously off-limits areas to oil and gas drilling.*


  • ParisPronoia 2 years ago

    Trump makes moderate republicans look bad, voted blue this year because our lives depend on it.

  • Alex Yusuf Bumali 2 years ago

    Trevor is looking dark

  • Wylona 2 years ago

    Omg at 4:30 watching the reactions of those 2 men while Trump is spewing nonsense is gold. They’re just straight up like “wtf is this shit?” and dude on the left even rolls his eyes while taking a deep breath.

  • Pearle Johnson 2 years ago

    Bro I woke up when he stated talking up Trump trying to change how citizenship is naturally gained which has only been a thing forever.

  • Bea Torres 2 years ago

    I support our President Donald Trump with birthright

  • Seith Utop 2 years ago

    The only country which gives birth citizenship?
    Ummmmm how about your neighbors? That Hockey country?

  • DMG2FUN 2 years ago

    Per the 14th amend. Illegal immigrants cannot give birth to American citizens.

  • raymond kim 2 years ago

    I was born in the US and was raised in another country… thank God I wasnt born during Trumps Rule.

  • Susan Anderson 2 years ago

    You might want to de-insult Argentina. Just sayin’

  • Warsan Artan 2 years ago

    “I guess for Halloween, he’s going as someone with balls”
    That was executed so perfectly!

  • Lucid 2 years ago

    Had to like already 30 seconds in, gotta love Trevor!


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