Stacey Abrams – “Our Time Is Now” and Ending Voter Suppression | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Published on June 16, 2020

Fair Fight founder Stacey Abrams talks about working to make voting safe and accessible in all communities during COVID-19 and beyond, what makes a good vice president and her new book “Our Time Is Now.” #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #StaceyAbrams

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  • 1Jiub 2 years ago

    WTF is that sound at 5:19

  • Yolanda Villegas 2 years ago

    Love her – cheering her all the way!! 👏🏽👏🏽

  • erin piccolo 2 years ago

    Abrams/Porter 2024

  • Saimazing Life 2 years ago

    30 years later and it’s the same conversations SMFH

  • Stephanie Hall 2 years ago

    From your channel and others should do the same ,push for people to VOTE on all LEVELS of Government ,it’s time to Clean House,make them Earn their salary, your Vote ,Words can be bought and sold , Sharpton shows up for the big media issues ,not impressed ,Where’s Jessie Jackson ,NAACP , the music industry, actors, using their voices to push educating your self on candidates to Vote ,it will not happen instantly but it can be done !!!! Push educating children and help them find their niche

  • Coronavirus Chronicles 2 years ago THE CORONAVIRUS CHRONICLES:
    Complete Chronicles – Nov 1, 2019 thru June 1, 2020 (Ep1 and Ep2)

  • Batgirl P 2 years ago

    Have you spent the million you took from the Republican party yet stacy???

  • Odysseus Pateña 2 years ago

    This is indeed how you should be addressed, Mr. Noah. Respect to your great work.

  • Adam Kap 2 years ago

    Trevor Noah is becoming a very powerful public figure. Way to go Trevor!!!

  • jojoko64 2 years ago

    Folks stood in those lines for hours to vote. Many people sadly were unable to vote because the doors were closed in their face do to being told time to close the door in 2020. Karma!!!

  • GD Marketing 2 years ago

    She would do good, 8:06 <<<<<< Reply

  • rjcass33 2 years ago

    I hope she gets the VP slot. The first black woman president. (After Joe dies of natural causes)😜

  • Oni Valentine 2 years ago

    I think Trevor Noah got Stacey Abrams to admit what she’s been trying to hide for the last few weeks lol

  • lightshow 2 years ago

    Stacy Abrams is strong, capable, and articulate. I would love to see her as VP!

  • Edward Gonzalez 2 years ago

    A feminist Jewish producer didn’t think America had any funny blacks in America so she brought her own black on a boat from Africa. Trevor is the NUMBER ONE poster boy Affirmative Action hire. He is so embarrassingly unaware how real Americans view him.

  • Ngwatu 2007 2 years ago

    covid: I’m finally the worst thing to ever happen on earth
    racism: I’m already here

  • Geraldine Gaggia 2 years ago

    Let’s speak peace. Not man’s peace but God’s peace. He sees everything. Riots are breaking out all over the world. Jesus said that people would turn against each other, pestilence, earthquakes, wars and rumours of wars.

    Look at the American Indians, they have basically been wiped out. God spared Africa. African Americans have been spared by God. Thing is that God does not see colour, he sees the heart of every human being. I don’t quite understand what is going on in the USA because I am not from there. I don’t get the terminology. I just know that God sees everything.

    Since I can remember, I never understood racism. I grew up during apartheid and I always saw the truth.

    Us as peacemakers, just like Madiba, should celebrate our differences. He brought our country together. Of course there will always be bad apples but God is in control of everything.

    I just want peace for our own kind. The hidden ones. I want this world to change. No more discrimination between anyone. The system is broken. It’s done. Only God can fix it.

    Love you Trevor.

  • Fri Matt 2 years ago

    Sadly the electoral college makes me feel like my vote is useless/ plus the campaigning, to me feels like worst tactless reality show ever made.

  • Emily Snider 2 years ago

    Stacey Abrams is such a hero of mine. She 1000% won my respect during the midterms and I look forward to following her political career, regardless of whether she becomes VP.

  • David Eberhart ii 2 years ago

    Thank you. I know it is hard hard but non-traditional interviews help us. Keep trying, struggling, and fighting.


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